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Garry Stewart
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April 11, 2023

3 Top Alternatives to Smoking & Vaping Medical Marijuana

If you are a Medical Cannabis patient, you must be wondering about the various consumption methods, as the most famous consumption method is smoking. Undoubtedly people are more afraid about smoking as it may lead to the generation of some adverse effects. The patients new to medical marijuana must be worried about the medical marijuana treatment due to smoking and how it affects several parts of the body.

“Smoking is injurious to health,” and the same goes with marijuana smoking which is why some locations have already banned the smoking of Medical Marijuana. The recent studies state that smoking and vaping can also increase the chances of contracting COVID-19- the primary point of concern these days. Based on the gauge dosage uncertainty, a patient may experience a burning throat, coughing, or some lung issues. This is the reason why smoking marijuana can be a significant point of concern for you.

A lung diseases expert, Panagis Galiatsatos at John Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, says about smoking concerning coronavirus. He mentioned that “We are encountering worst cases of COVID-19 in smokers. Your lungs that are at the forefront of your immune system interact with the surrounding with every breath. Whenever a person inhales cigarette smoke, your lungs can get irritated, and that irritation allows the immune system to run free and fight with that irritation. A coronavirus infection on to that indicated that your system response is going to be amplified. Luckily, there are several other ways to reap the benefits of natural remedial treatment of Medical Cannabis in Florida without smoking or vaping it.

If you are a new medical marijuana patient and don’t have an appropriate piece of knowledge, then this blog can be a savior for you. This blog will introduce some of the best alternatives to your natural remedial treatment that will help to treat your debilitating condition with fewer or no side-effects.

Let us take a closer look at it.

Your lungs that are at the forefront of your immune system interact with the surrounding with every breath.

Marijuana Edibles

Recently Florida Department of Health passed a few new rules that officially make the Medical Marijuana edibles available to patients with a valid Medical Marijuana Card in Florida. If you have some respiratory issues or suffer from some lung problems, you must strictly avoid smoking or vaping Medical Cannabis. Medical Marijuana edibles can be an effective and adequate alternative for you to relieve your debilitating health condition symptoms.

The state-licensed Medical dispensaries are now offering the patients to consume marijuana in edibles form over smokables. But it is essential to note that the consumption of edibles must start with a low dose only and give your body some time to adapt to the changes. Edibles usually take a longer time to take effect. Still, at the same time, the results generated by edibles last for a much longer time as compared to the other inhalation methods.

Ingestible medical cannabis oils

Ingestible Medical Cannabis Oils

The next alternative to smoking or vaping is Ingestible cannabis oils. Ingestible cannabis oils are medical cannabis concentrates that are usually taken orally in tablets or by adding a few drops in beverages or food items. The ingestible medical cannabis oils can be purely CBD or purely THC or a combination of both. You can choose it based on your preference or a Medical doctor’s recommendation; Cannabis oils will kick in and lasts for the same amount of time as edibles.

Medical Marijuana Topical

The topical is a cannabis-infused product that a patient can apply directly to the body. Topicals are available in the form of pain creams, salves, soaps, or lotions. If you don’t want to consume Medical Marijuana another way, then using the marijuana topical externally can be an excellent option for you. Topicals are considered a fantastic choice for patients suffering from inflammation or any pains. One of the most significant advantages of choosing this consumption method is that you don’t need any prior experience of any psychoactive effects.

Based on the medical requirement or preference, a patient can choose any alternatives to treat your debilitating health condition. However, it is necessary to take the dosages in an appropriate amount only. Don’t forget to consult a Medical Doctor to get the accurate dosage and the best form of Medical Cannabis to treat your health condition.

Final Thoughts

Florida has marked a remarkable presence in protecting marijuana patients and has passed some strict measures for the ones considering illegal consumption of Medical Marijuana. Hence, it is highly recommended to choose Medical Marijuana as a treatment option for your debilitating condition with a Medical Doctor’s advice only. Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida to consume and possess Medical Marijuana within the state boundaries and stay protected from getting into legal trouble. Do not settle for anything less and obtain a Medical Marijuana Card online with My MMJ Doctor from the comfort of your home.

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