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What is Adderall?

Adderall is a medication used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Narcolepsy. The base of Adderall is dextroamphetamine and amphetamine both drug belongs to a class of stimulants.

The medication alters certain chemicals in the brain by enhancing the effects of neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. Which can help increase your ability to pay attention, improve listening skills, stay focused on an activity, and control behaviour problems. These drugs are also best for treating certain sleeping disorders.

Adderall comes in both forms an immediate-release tablet and an extended-release capsule (Adderall XR). If you’re prescribed Adderall, a doctor will start your treatment with a low dose to ensure your body can handle it. Then, the dose can be slowly increased.

Adderall medication requires a prescription from licensed mental healthcare professionals. Using Adderall without a prescription can increase the chances of dependence or misuse.

How Does Adderall Work?

For individuals with ADHD, stimulant medicines are the primary line of treatment. Dextro- and levoamphetamine make up 75% and 25%, respectively, of Adderall. It is available in formulations with Immediate Release (IR) and Extended Release (XR).

  • Adderall® (IR)
  • Adderall XR®

Neurologically, Adderall binds to the brain’s dopamine and norepinephrine receptors. It also engages the adrenal gland’s epinephrine receptors. As a result, the brain’s “feel-good” chemical levels rise, which enhances a person’s ability to concentrate.

Which Ailments Can Qualify you For Adderall’s Recommendation?

Narcolepsy icon


Patient with Narcolepsy can treat their condition with Adderall, which helps them to stay awake during the day. Adderall should not be used to treat hold-off sleep in people who are not experiencing a sleep disorder.
ADHD icon


Adderall helps people diagnosed with ADHD by improving their focus since it is a direct stimulant of the central nervous system. It works by increasing the amount of norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain.
Bipolar Disorder icon

Bipolar Disorder

Adderall can use to treat depressive symptoms of bipolar disorder. However, Adderall isn’t a standard treatment method for bipolar disorder, but doctors still use it as an off-label drug for bipolar disorder.
Depression icon


Adderall is not usually prescribed to treat depression, but it is still often used to help people struggling with depression. Many depression patients believe Adderall significantly improve energy, mood, and psychomotor activity.
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Is “Adderall” legal in Oklahoma?

Adderall, are FDA-approved medication for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Narcolepsy. Adderall is a Schedule II drug, meaning it has a high potential for misuse or abuse, leading to severe psychological or physical dependence. Schedule II drug treatment always requires a prescription from a licensed mental healthcare professional. In a nutshell, It is illegal to use Adderall without a prescription.

Why is Ritalin Less Effective Than Adderall?

Like all stimulants, Adderall and Ritalin both function by regulating the neurotransmitters in the brain. However, two key factors distinguish these ADHD meds:

  • the time it takes for each to work.
  • the longevity of their effects.

Ritalin takes less time than Adderall to start working (1 hour vs. 3 hours), but it also wears off more quickly. Ritalin stops functioning after 2 to 3 hours, whereas Adderall continues to operate for 4 to 6 hours.
Even though Adderall is now the drug of choice for ADHD, each person is unique. Therefore, do not hesitate to consider alternatives with your doctor before choosing a course of action.

Can Someone Get Addicted To Adderall??

By binding the adrenal gland’s epinephrine receptors, Adderall can cause the release of neurotransmitters. Dopamine, adrenaline, and norepinephrine are neurotransmitters that secrete more during Adderall medication. When these are present at an accurate level, it gives the person a “feel-good” feeling. But when the secretion levels are higher, one can sense euphoria.

Unsurprisingly, Adderall has the potential for addiction. Due to this, Adderall is in Schedule II of the Restricted Substances Act’s list of controlled substances. Methamphetamine, opium, cocaine, and oxycodone are some of the other substances that fall under this group, to give you some background.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where Can I Find Adderall Doctors Near Me In Oklahoma?

My MMJ Doctor is here to connect you with Oklahoma-licensed doctors from the comfort of your home. We have state-licensed health professionals who help you whenever you want.

Can I Take Alcohol During My Adderall Medication?

Patients with ongoing Adderall treatment should not drink Alcohol. Because these not only cause hazardous effects on your body, but they may also make your ADHD worse. Adderall is a class of stimulants, while Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant, so don’t mix both.

What Is The Appropriate Dosage Of Adderall?

Adderall is taken one to three times daily to treat ADHD or Narcolepsy. There is no fixed amount of dose. Instead, the goal is to find the lowest possible effective dose. Doses will be based on a person’s mental condition.

The standard dosage for adults: 5-60 mg (ADHD) or 5-60 mg (Narcolepsy), taken as one dose or split into two doses given every 4 to 6 to six hours

The standard dosage for 3-5 years old: 2.5–40 mg (ADHD) divided into 1-3 daily doses taken by mouth every 4-6 hours.

The standard dosage for 6-11 years old: 5–40 mg (ADHD) divided into 1-3 daily doses taken by mouth every 4-6 hours

Should I Tell My Doctor About My Other Medications?

Yes, telling your doctor about your health record and history is essential for the doctor to determine whether the Adderall recommendation will pose any risk to you. Some interactions between different medicines can cause serious side effects that may even be fatal.

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