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Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Medical Cannabis

Publish Date: December 11th, 2020; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.
Attention-deficit_hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Medical Cannabis

Attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder is a chronic health condition that has affected millions of individuals worldwide. A person is considered suffering from ADHD if they encompass controlling compulsive behavior or face issues staying focused. This issue is commonly seen in children and is categorized as a severe health condition. ADHD is comprised of an amalgamation of persistent issues like difficulty sustaining concentration, reckless behavior, and hyperactivity. 
The exact cause of this health condition is unknown, but Medical Cannabis has proven to be an effective remedy for treating it. With age, the symptoms might lessen, but this health condition requires attention as with time, these might give birth to several other severe health conditions.

The doctors prescribe several medications to treat this condition but might leave some long term side effects with which the person keeps on coping up.

Adderall and Ritalin are the two well-known drugs that are used to treat this health condition. But people are more skeptical about the use of these drugs due to their side effects, including sleep issues or decreased appetite. With the proven side-effects of other medications, the herb treatment for treating this condition that includes no side-effects or negligible is Medical Cannabis. Cannabis is a plant that facilitates treating several health conditions, and by exploring the health benefits of medical cannabis, a new wave of hope is generated in the people. Medical Marijuana is proven as a sufficient remedy to mitigate ADHD symptoms. 

ADHD Causes

 ADHD is caused due to the lack of dopamine level that affects the functioning of the brain. There exist five criteria that diagnose the ADHD condition under the DSM-5. Dopamine is a substance or a chemical that conveys signals between the nerve cells present in the brain. It affects the processes that include attention and memory.

Several causes for ADHD that must be taken into consideration are:

  • Smoking
  • High sugar intake
  • Brain trauma
  • Lead exposure

There is no existence of environmental factors being a cause of ADHD, but few environmental factors may aggravate the health condition and make the symptoms worsen. 

ADHD and Medical Cannabis

ADHD is treatable with the amphetamine and methylphenidate stimulants that are present in Ritalin and Adderall. These stimulants facilitate enhancing cognitive functioning and augment focus and concentration. Several cannabiologists believe that medical cannabis is significantly responsible for enhancing the lives of people who have ADHD. Constituents present in the Marijuana helps in the production and development of dopamine level, which aids as a reward of a brain functioning. This endows an individual with a pleasant sensation that helps increasing dopamine levels. Research and studies are still in the early stages.

The behaviors of males or females may be different, but the males tend to have more chances of suffering from it. As per the research and study, Tetrahydrocannabidiol, a primary constituent of Marijuana, helps in the dopamine-releasing action, which generates a pleasure sensation. The consumption of medical cannabis effects in men and women are diverse. Cannabis may help treat the ADHD health condition, but it must be administered in an exact dosage. When used appropriately, medical cannabis facilitates concentration and makes the routine tasks manageable by the patients acquiring benefits from Medical Cannabis. 

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There are three subtypes of ADHD: 

Predominantly Inattentive: People possessing this health condition are having inattentive behavior. For example, a child suffering from this condition fails to pay attention to the studies—the majority of symptoms of ADHD fall under this type.

Various symptoms of Inattention:

  • Trouble maintaining attention
  • Careless errors during routine activities
  • Fail to finish home tasks or workplace tasks
  • Difficulties organizing materials or activities
  • Avoiding tasks require mental efforts

Predominantly impulsive: People possessing this health condition show hyperactive behavior. For example, a person suffering from this health condition keeps on tapping the feet, hands or having difficulty staying seated on a chair. 

Various symptoms of Impulsive:

  • Fidgeting the seats
  • Nonstop talking
  • Being in motion constantly
  • Interrupting others
  • Difficulty waiting for the turn
  • Inability to engage quietly in hobbies

Combined: This type is a mixture of Inattentive and impulsive type that includes the symptoms of both. 

People often self-medicate the use of Marijuana as a treatment for ADHD. People claim that medical cannabis helped them in focusing more, sleeping, or slowing down the pace of their thoughts. As per the internet analysis, it is found that around 25 percent of the posts say that cannabis has therapeutic effects in treating ADHD. However, some posts have shown that it has short-term effects.

Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder treatable by Medical Cannabis 

  1. Enhances sleep quality
  2. Stimulates appetite
  3. Relaxes the body
  4. Keeps you calm
  5. Diminishes nausea

How to Get Medical Cannabis for treating ADHD? 

The individual suffering from ADHD and taking benefits from Medical Cannabis must ensure that the consumption and possession of cannabis are legal within the state boundary limits. If the use of cannabis is permitted, the individual must connect with the licensed medical professional who endows you with the essential diagnosis. Beneath the care of a certified cannabis doctor, things get easier to manage. Usually, individuals prefer online mediums to acquire the medical marijuana card to get the benefits endowed by the state legislature. This Medical Marijuana Card is a state identification card that permits the individual to consume, acquire, and cultivate cannabis within the state boundaries. 

How to intake Medical Cannabis for ADHD? 

Tinctures and Sub-Lingual Sprays: With the help of sublingual sprays, you can easily squirt the dose beneath the tongue and get absorbed through the mouth tissues.

Edibles: Medical cannabis can be ingested in the edibles like cookies, nut mixes, gummy bears, etc. The effect of edibles injected with medical Marijuana is long-lasting and easy to take. 

Suppositories: With the help of suppositories, medical cannabis can be extracted within a small cone-shaped mass into the rectum. 

It is crucial to find an appropriate intake method to have a long-lasting effect on the body. Use the intake methods mentioned above, with the essential precautionary measures to mitigate the symptoms with no or little adverse effects. 

With the ample advantages and positive effects of medical cannabis in treating several health conditions, there might be a few side effects of overdosage of it. To treat the health condition appropriately, it must be consumed appropriately to treat the health conditions accurately. It is recommended to take Medical Cannabis under a licensed health care professional so that it facilitates improving the health condition instead of worsening some other symptoms with overdosage. 


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