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Garry Stewart
Written By Steve Brandon

April 17, 2023

Best Cannabis Strain for Migraine

Headache is the most common condition that most people suffer from. But when we talk about the migraine headache, things are different as the game is entirely diverse from a common headache.

Apart from Nausea, throbbing pain, vomiting, one of the most significant issues concerning Migraines is like it may feel as if you have gone head-on with a semi stuck. This throbbing pain and other symptoms can completely spoil your day and can become debilitating.

Do you know what migraine sufferers say? They often say that Migraine has a life of its own. The only difference can be that it takes your life for a ride.

What is a Migraine?

Migraine is a painful and severe type of headache that can be accompanied by severe sensory signs, including blind spots, light flashes, tingling in the legs, arms, vomiting, nausea, and augmented sensitivity to sound and light.

Are all migraines alike?

Not really! Since all the migraine patients won’t experience the same symptoms and everyone’s pain span will also differ, not all migraines are alike.

If we talk mainly about the US, it has been estimated that almost 37 million people suffer from Migraine and out of which around 13% of them includes adults. Migraines are considered more common in women as compared to men, and a migraine attack can last up to 72 hours.

However, unfortunately, some people suffer from chronic migraine attacks or pains during which the symptoms can last more than 15 days a month. Such a huge and terrible number.

The research studies suggest that migraine treatment can be a great alternative to handle migraine symptoms. It has been used for years but has come to light now. Available in several strains and diverse compositions, each one can affect differently.

Essential to note!

Every individual suffering from Migraines will experience the health condition entirely differently. A migraine you experience can be completely different from how others suffer from them. But people who suffer from migraines often experience specific triggers.

What Type of Migraine Triggers do People Experience?

  • Stress: Migraines can include any type of stress, including work-related tension, depression, or physical anxiety.
  • Allergies:Migraine patients often experience allergic reactions or seasonal allergies.
  • Sleep: Irregular sleep, jet lag, or tiredness can lead to migraines
  • Diet changes: Several migraine patients often say that when they skip meals, eat too little or too much, it triggers a Migraine’s start. However, specific food items like figs, smoked fish, beans, bacon, and salami are well known to trigger the pain.
  • Irregular environments: Irregular environments include loud noises, bright lights, or some strong smells that can lead to migraines.

Migraine’s Conventional Treatment

The conventional treatment of migraines includes potent medications like anti-inflammatory drugs, ergotism triptans, and narcotics. However, these medications are hard to consume due to the fact that they are powerful. So with this, let us explore some alternative solutions to handle migraine pains.

The research studies suggest that migraine treatment can be a great alternative to handle migraine symptoms. It has been used for years but has come to light now. Available in several strains and diverse compositions, each one can affect differently.

And so, not every strain will leave the same positive effect on the brain. However, we can at least discuss the best marijuana strains that can be beneficial to treat migraines and relieve the symptoms.

Best Medical Marijuana strains for Migraines

  • OG Kush Medical Marijuana Strain

OG Kush is a common strain that is found easily in every dispensary. It has powerful sedative effects that take the edge off and aids in combating the symptoms related to migraine pains. It is a hybrid strain that includes 20% of THC and can help to deal with pain.

Because of its high THC levels provide immediate relief and support, reducing the pain for a longer-term.

  • ACDC Marijuana Strain

ACDC is an excellent choice for individuals seeking lower psychoactive effects. It is a Sativa dominant strain that contains 1:20 of THC with CBD ratio respectively. Here in this strain, the CBD levels are 19 times high, making it a CBD-rich marijuana strain.

It is well known for reducing inflammation. It is also a fantastic choice for combating depression and anxiety. It is considered a good strain because it has a delightful, sweet, and earthy scent. It also endows a very calm and happy feeling, perfect for treating chronic pains, including migraines.

  • Harlequin Marijuana Strain

Harlequin is a Sativa dominant strain that contains a 5:2 ratio composition of CBD with THC, respectively. It usually has around 4-7 percent of THC and 8-16 percent of CBD. It is beneficial for people who experience higher pain levels related to their migraines.

This strain has a perfect THC and CBD balance that enables good pain relief devoid of creating an intense high. The best time to use this marijuana strain is before the Migraine becomes full-blown to maximize the impact of CBD and THC.

  • Purple Kush Marijuana Strain

Purple kush marijuana strain helps induce a numbing sensation which promotes sleep. It is a pure Indica strain that emerged from Oakland and contains 17 to 22 percent of THC and 0.07-0.1 percent of CBD.

This strain’s power relies on the THC content that soothes the intensity of the Migraine. Due to its high THC, it is best to use before bed.

  • Remedy Marijuana Strain

Remedy marijuana strain is an Indica strain that is considered a powerful remedy for migraines. It has 15 percent of CBD content and barely contains any THC. It is well known for producing the mellow and relaxing feeling that is essential to combat painful migraines.

The best time to take the strain is before the migraine starts, and this strain will help instantly combating the pain devoid of putting you out of action.

Bottom Line!

Medical Marijuana is an effective remedy to treat migraines and handle their symptoms, but at the same time, it is crucial to consume it responsibly. Just because you have read it here doesn’t mean that you can directly purchase and consume it.

It is recommended to consume medical marijuana with doctor’s recommendations and legal permissions. The appropriate dosage is vital to consume it responsibly, so you must obtain a medical marijuana card that provides the legal permissions and also covers the evaluation processes.

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