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Garry Stewart
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April 11, 2023

Best Marijuana strains for beginners with low THC levels.

Cannabis has a very bad reputation due to its conflict-driven status. It is well known for generating a high feeling in the patients but has been used since ancient times. People used it to treat several debilitating health conditions, making a way to get legal status in several states.

Most people avoid taking Medical Cannabis due to its “feeling high” fact. But have you ever thought that choosing the right strain can play a crucial role in mitigating that high feel? Have you ever wondered that if marijuana doctors recommend the Medical Marijuana treatment and researchers are more likely conducting the research studying to explore the marijuana health benefits, then there must be something special and important about it? Instead of focusing on a particular high feeling, acquire the marijuana health benefits with the licensed doctor’s recommendation and a valid Medical Marijuana Card.

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Harlequin is among the topmost choice strains most-liked by the users and can be easily consumed by beginners. It is basically a Sativa Dominant strain that includes 4 to 7 percent of THC content and 8-16 percent of CBD content. Thanks to its mild psychoactive effects and higher therapeutic versatility, it is among the most popular CBD high strains. It is considered an excellent choice for patients who are new to medical cannabis treatment or are sensitive to THC.

The CBD ratio to THC in this strain is usually around 5:2, which means after consuming the strain, you will feel clear-headed, relaxed, and pleasant. The effects of this Sativa-dominant strain include:

  • Focus
  • Relaxation
  • Boosts mood and energy

The strain comes in several flavors that include sweet, herbal, mango, and earthy. Choosing this CBD dominant strain can be a worthy step for you. This can be an excellent choice for you if you are new to cannabis treatment.

If you are looking for some other CBD dominant strain alternatives, you can choose one among several different strains. This includes “ACDC,” “Cannatonic,” “Dancehall,” “Harle-Tsu,” and “Ringo’s gift.” However, it is recommended to access the doctor’s prescribed strains based on the treatment required for your debilitating health condition.

Best Balanced CBD and THC Cannabis Strain for Beginners

Best Balanced CBD and THC Cannabis Strains For Beginners


Pennywise is a well-known strain for beginners due to its balanced CBD and THC ratio. Pennywise includes 8 to 15 percent of THC content, and the CBD content is 12 percent. It is an Indica-dominant strain with an evenly balanced ratio of THC and CBD content. It is usually hard to find a balanced strain, and if you are new to Cannabis, this can be the right choice for you. However, it is recommended to choose the strain that the medical marijuana doctors prescribe. The common effects this strain include:

  • Uplifting
  • Elevated mood
  • Euphoria

Being a balanced ratio strain, Pennywise produces very mild psychoactive effects. You may feel a bit high, but the balanced CBD content keeps it mellow.

The strain comes in several flavors that the patients can choose one based on their taste. The flavors include herbal, pine, earth, and wood.

However, being the best choice for beginners, there are several alternatives to the strain that contains a balanced CBD and THC ratio. This includes “Sweet and Sour Widow,” “Stephen Hawking Kush,” and “Sour Tsunami.”

If you are a beginner to Cannabis treatment, then choosing several other strains that include high THC potent can be the primary reason for your hatred of Cannabis treatment as high THC content can generate an edgy and high feel which will be hard to cope with.

Essentials To Remember!!

Now that you have plenty of beginners’ marijuana strains that can be the right choice for you, there are several essential points to take care of before choosing a strain. Don’t forget to follow them.

  • Do not start with a THC-dominant or high-THC strain.
  • Start slow and go slow with cannabis consumption.
  • CBD can be your friend during the cannabis treatment journey.

Final Thoughts!

We hope that with this blog, we were able to introduce the best beginner strains to the patients who are new to cannabis treatment or the ones that have tried Cannabis but started hating it due to some reason. But it is still recommended to choose the strain prescribed by the cannabis doctor and consume it in the accurate proportion to treat the condition right. However, consuming Medical Marijuana legally requires legal permissions. Medical Marijuana Card is a standalone document that allows the patient to consume and possess medical Cannabis. Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card online with My MMJ Doctor and drop all your worries about the treatment, recommendations, right strain, and appropriate dosage to us. It’s time to think wisely and take a step ahead to the correct natural remedy for your debilitating health condition.

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