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Can Medical Marijuana Treatment Take Away My Child Under CPS?

Publish Date: July 16th, 2021; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.
Can medical marijuana treatment take away my child under CPS

It is not uncommon to worry about medical marijuana treatment and its associated laws. Medical marijuana legalization has changed a lot; it related regulations, consumption methods, and whatnot but did the therapy can also take away the child under CPS?

There has been a significant discussion on this, and people have searched for the answer to the same. But is it really true? Can medical marijuana treatment take away the child? If so, then how are people counting on the treatment? Are they not worried about getting away from their child?

If you are also searching for the answers to the same, you have come to the right place. Here is all you need to know about it.

The role of CPS

Medical Marijuana has been completely legalized in several states, and using cannabis can lead to the CPS that is Child Protective Services. Yes, under CPS, medical marijuana consumption can take your child away but wait, there is nothing like you will get the treatment recommendation, and CPS will take away your child from you.

Although states are legalizing cannabis on a state level, but the federal level, it is still considered as a Schedule 1 drug. And just like the legal prescription medications, marijuana can also have some severe impact on children in case they are exposed to secondhand smoke.

Passive smoking adheres to the same adverse effects that active smoking does, so this can take your child away. So, you need to be extra careful if you are a marijuana patient and have a child at home.

Legal Cannabis and CPS

In several states like Washington, Colorado, marijuana is legal for adult use, but CPS can still treat the marijuana the same as before legalization. Even when the parents have obtained a medical recommendation within the state by a state-licensed medical doctor, parents are still pressured to keep their medical use of cannabis hidden from their children.

It may be difficult to sympathize with the child’s parents taken into custody due to the marijuana treatment; this highlights the issue with the state agencies using the federal scheduling guidelines.

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What are the changing trends about it?

Talking particularly about Los Angeles, the local child protective service agency is on the foreform of the problem. Their guidelines for handling minors and investigating parents that use medical marijuana take into account the environmental factors instead of the actual dose of marijuana.

The official guide considers marijuana to be treated just like the other abuse-able substances. Still, it also explains that marijuana is valid for medical use and explains the factors that can be harmful to the child.

The main focus is on the environmental factors that can affect the child and take them away under CPS. The environmental factors and the mishandling of marijuana can actually take away the child from you. So, the state legislature has generated a complete guide over making a progressive approach and being more responsible while taking the drug is an essential part of the medicine.

What safety measures are essential?

For saving yourself from staying away from your child due to the marijuana treatment, you must take care of a few things. Here are a few of them:

  • Keep the medicine away from your child
  • Use the marijuana responsibly
  • Use the medicine in an appropriate dosage only so that getting high won’t affect children.
  • Get medical marijuana recommendation from a medical doctor.
  • Obtain legal access to the treatment

Bottom Lines!

The medical marijuana treatment is indeed beneficial in many ways but has a conflict-ridden status due to its counting in the list of Schedule I drugs. So, it is essential to take medicine with attentive behaviour and care. Mishandling the marijuana medicine can even take your child away from you and put you in legal trouble in law-breaking behaviour.

While considering the medicine, it is essential to take it with the doctor’s recommendation and appropriate dosage only, so you are never negatively impacted by the treatment and stay calm and relaxed in front of the children. Also, if you are a marijuana patient, it is probably the correct choice to get familiar with the CPS rules and guidelines before consumption.

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