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Garry Stewart
Written By Shasta Wilson

April 20, 2023

Medical Condition: Causalgia - symptoms, causes and treatment

Causalgia is technically referred to as complex regional pain syndrome type II with an abbreviation CRPS II.

It is a neurological disorder that develops long-lasting and intense pain. It generally arises after a trauma or an injury to the peripheral nerve. Peripheral nerves run typically from the brain and spine to extremities, and the most common site of pain is in the brachial plexus.

The brachial plexus is a nerves bunch that runs from a person’s neck to the arm. Though the health condition is rare, that affects one out of one lakh persons but still requires the health condition to be addressed.

Let us get acquainted with everything you need to know about your health condition

Causalgia Symptoms

The health conditions pain is usually localized to the area in the region of an injured nerve. For instance, If the injury occurs in your nerve’s leg, then the pain settles in the leg.

CRPS II is generally found in

  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Feet
  • Hand

And regardless of which peripheral nerve is injured, the CRPS II symptoms include:

  • Needles and pins sensation
  • Aching, burning, excruciating pain lasting six months or longer
  • Stiffness or swelling of the affected limb
  • Hypersensitivity around the injury area
  • Abnormal sweating around the injured area
  • Temperature or skin color changes around the injured area
Symptoms differ from person to person and change over time

Causalgia Causes!

As the root cause of the disease is the peripheral nerve injury, the other causes of the health issue include:

  • Crushing injury like slamming a finger in the cars door
  • Soft tissue trauma
  • Amputation

How is it diagnosed?

Not a single test can diagnose the health condition, but the medical doctor will perform a physical examination, record the medical history, and several other tests. However, the standard tests to diagnose the health condition may include:

  • An MRI to check the soft tissues
  • An X-ray for bone minerals loss and broken bones
  • Thermography to check skin temperature and blood flow among the non-injured and injured limbs.

Causalgia Treatment

The health condition treatment generally comprises medications and specific types of nerve stimulating and physical therapies. If the common drugs or pain relievers are not providing relief, the doctor may prescribe stronger medications. This includes:

  • Specific anticonvulsants and antidepressants
  • Steroids to diminish inflammation
  • Pumps and opioids that inject drugs directly to the spine to block pain signals from nerves
  • Nerve blocks that include injecting anesthetic directly to the nerve

Bottom Line!

Whenever a person experiences prolonged pain that even interferes with life and even the pain is not addressed by the over-the-counter medicines, you need to see a doctor.

CRPS II is a complex health condition that requires a variety of specialists to treat. And the specialists may include medical experts in pain management, psychiatry, orthopedics to check the health.

It’s a severe health condition, and several medications or treatments are found effective to treat the health condition. Still, yes, based on the symptoms, people are often counting on natural remedies.

So, if the medications are not so effective or hard to deal with, you must talk to your doctor concerning the natural treatments.

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