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Garry Stewart
Written By Steve Brandon

June 5, 2024

florida's hemp industry and marijuana legalization desantis's decision

Ron DeSantis the governor of Florida has made headlines with a decision that reportedly planned a move to initially impact the state’s hemp industry as well as the upcoming ballot that measures on aiming the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana.

How will this decision impact the economy, public health, and voters’ choices?

Potential Impacts on the Hemp Industry

If this move is executed, then the veto could impact the Florida hemp industry and could interfere with the legalization of marijuana in November. DeSantis is potentially seen using this as the chance to use the hemp industry’s financial interests to fight against legalization.

However, this move has made people doubt DeSantis’s decision because it seems to fit against the worries related to potent THC products. If he vetoes the bill, this might mean that this will let people partly run a controlled market of intoxicating hemp products without any proper health protection.

Critics’ Perspective

Critics believe that Governor DeSantis’s main motivation behind this veto is financially driven, potentially getting benefits out of the hemp industry’s position against marijuana legalization. They also argue that the governor might be motivated by the money.

Industry Optimism

On the other hand, marijuana companies like Trulieve Cannabis Corp remain positive and believe that legalization of marijuana could bring advantages to the economy.

Experts have predicted that if this bill is approved, then the state of Florida could earn between $195.6 million and $431.3 million in new yearly sales taxes. Also, they expect the state’s marijuana market to see increased growth significantly.

The Result depends on the Voters

Despite DeSantis’ opposition, the fate of the legalization initiative rests with Florida voters, who will decide in November whether to permit adult-use cannabis sales. If approved, the state legislature must develop additional regulations during its next session to govern the newly legalized market.

florida's hemp industry and marijuana legalization desantis's decision

Worries surrounding the Marijuana Smell

In the debate about legalizing cannabis, worries go beyond just laws and money to include social issues like the smell of marijuana. DeSantis is worried that if cannabis is used everywhere, it could affect how pleasant public spaces are, which he thinks would lower people’s quality of life.

Balancing Economic Interests and Public Health

As Florida prepares to weigh the merits of recreational cannabis legalization, the intersection of economic interests, public health considerations, and societal impacts promises to shape the state’s cannabis policy landscape in the months ahead.

What does our team of mymmjdoctor think of it?

Our team-members of My MMJ Doctor from Florida thinks that Governor DeSantis’s decision is not fairly good as it would impact the Florida marijuana industry and also impact the vote for legalization of recreational marijuana. This would also affect the medical use of marijuana as well in Florida. Patients relying on medical marijuana could face disruptions in supply or changes in regulations. Additionally, if legalization doesn’t move forward, it might limit the expansion of medical marijuana programs and research opportunities.

Take Away

Ron DeSantis the governor of Florida is considering a move that could directly impact Florida’s hemp industry and this might impact the upcoming vote on legalizing recreational marijuana well. If the governor approves it, the veto might hurt the hemp industry and hinder marijuana legalization in November. Critics doubt DeSantis’s decision, thinking money might be a motive behind this big move. However, companies like Trulieve Cannabis Corp remain optimistic about legalization’s economic benefits. Experts predict significant tax revenue and market growth if the bill passes. Ultimately, Florida voters will decide in November. DeSantis is concerned about marijuana’s impact on public spaces. The debate over legalization involves economic, health, and societal factors that will shape Florida’s cannabis policies.

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