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Garry Stewart
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November 9, 2023

Guide to Joints and Blunts

The debate between blunts and joints stands as a classic conversation among cannabis enthusiasts. The choice between these two popular methods of smoking marijuana depends on many factors, including your preferences and health conditions.

Blunts are made of blunt wraps or cigars and offer a flavorful blend of tobacco and marijuana. Their thicker, slower-burning nature provides a distinct cannabis experience.

On the other hand, joints rolled with various thin papers, offer a pure cannabis experience. Joints are much smaller and burn much faster than blunts. The paper is actual paper and not a tobacco or cannabis leaf.

Beyond personal preference, health considerations are crucial in selecting between blunts or joints. The addition of tobacco in blunts introduces nicotine-related health risks, while joints, devoid of tobacco, present a potentially safer smoking experience.

Let’s delve into the difference between a joint and a blunt to understand their unique roles within the cannabis culture.

What are Blunts?

Blunts are cigars but with tobacco removed and replaced with marijuana. They can also be rolled using tobacco leaf wrappers. It often includes nicotine, as tobacco is part of the wrap.

Blunts are larger and thicker than typical joints due to the cigar shell, which can contain a significant amount of marijuana. One blunt can hold almost one to two grams of weed.

The cigar wrap, made from tobacco leaves or processed tobacco products, adds a distinct flavor to weed in blunt. It is one of the major differences between a blunt and a joint

What are Joints?

A joint refers to a hand-rolled cigarette filled with marijuana without the inclusion of tobacco. The term “joint” generally refers to a rolled cannabis cigarette made using rolling papers. The standard joint is not that large; most contain only a third of a gram of weed but can be a little more depending on the size of the paper.

Rolling papers used for joints can be made from various materials, including hemp or rice. These papers are thinner and more breathable than the thicker wraps used in blunts. They provide a cleaner taste and aroma that is purely from the cannabis strain.

What’s The Difference Between a Blunt And a Joint


  • Blunt: Due to the use of tobacco leaves for the wrap, blunts usually have a darker color than joints.
  • Joints: Rolling papers come in many shades and can be transparent or opaque. Therefore, the appearance of joints can vary based on the type of paper used.

How to Roll

  • Blunts: Blunts are created by emptying the tobacco from a cigar and replacing it with marijuana. The cigar wrap is made from tobacco leaf or a processed tobacco product.
  • Joints: You can roll the joints using rolling papers without tobacco. The joints papers used for joints are typically made of hemp or rice.

Tobacco Content

  • Blunts: They contain tobacco from the cigar wrap, which adds nicotine to the cannabis experience.
  • Joints: They contain only cannabis and do not include tobacco. This makes joints a preferred choice for individuals seeking a pure cannabis experience without the presence of other substances.

Flavor and Aroma

  • Blunts: The tobacco leaf wrap can impart cannabis aroma and flavor. Its combination is a blend of cannabis and tobacco flavors. It is one of the differences of joint vs blunt.
  • Joints: There is no special paper used in joints, allowing the full flavor profile of the cannabis strains used to come through. This absence of added flavors lets users experience the pure cannabis taste.

Intensity of the Paper

  • Blunts: The outer leaf in blunts is usually thicker and less porous than standard rolling papers used for joints.
  • Joints: Rolling papers for joints are thinner and more breathable to enhance the smoking experience.

Size and Burn Time

  • Blunts: Generally larger and thicker due to the tobacco leaf wrap, resulting in a slower burn. Slower burn provides a longer-lasting smoking experience compared to joints.
  • Joints: Smaller and slimmer in size, burning more quickly compared to blunts. The slender profile of joints makes them convenient for individual use or social settings where discretion is preferred.

Health Considerations

  • Blunts: Because they contain tobacco, blunts have health risks associated with tobacco consumption. Blunts with weed are more prone to cardiovascular and lung disease. It may also make your habit of nicotine.
  • Joints: Smoking cannabis in any form can have wrong effects on the respiratory system and joints without eliminating the additional risks associated with nicotine.

Cost Estimate

  • Blunts: The cost of a blunt may vary significantly depending on the brand of the cigar wrap and the local pricing. It’s not uncommon for a blunt to cost more than a joint due to the cost of the cigar wrap.
  • Joints: The cost of a joint is generally less than a blunt due to the lower price of rolling papers compared to cigar wraps.

Smoking Experience

  • Blunts: Some users report feeling a different high when smoking blunts due to the combination of cannabis and tobacco. The effects might be a blend of marijuana’s psychoactive impact and the stimulating properties of cigars. This combined experience can be appealing to some but might not suit others.
  • Joints: The effects of joints are often more closely tied to the characteristics of the strain, providing a pure and unadulterated cannabis experience. Users can better discern the specific effects of the cannabis strain without the influence of additional substances.
Difference Between Joints and Blunts

Which Are More Health-Friendly, Blunt Or Joints?

In considering the health implications, joints are more health-friendly than blunts. Blunts, being a combination of cannabis and tobacco, introduce additional health risks associated with tobacco use.

The presence of tobacco in blunts means exposure to nicotine. It can lead to nicotine addiction and various health risks, such as cardiovascular issues and respiratory complications.

In contrast, joints consist solely of cannabis without the added risks associated with tobacco. It reduces the additional nicotine effects.

While neither blunts nor joints are entirely risk-free, joints are generally considered a healthier option due to the absence of tobacco. If you are concerned about the potential health risks associated with tobacco, opting for joints over blunts might be a more prudent choice.

How To Choose Between Joints And Blunts?

The choice between joints and blunts depends on many factors, such as personal preferences, health considerations, and social factors. Here are some points to consider when making this decision:

Harm Reduction

Due to tobacco in blunts, they are more prone to health complications than the joints. If you smoke tobacco, you might face cardiovascular or lung-related issues. If you use medical marijuana in joints, it may be a safer option for your health.


Blunts are often used for its stimulant effects, while cannabis is known for its psychoactive properties. Understanding how each affects you personally is crucial.

Social Factors

Social factors can significantly influence the decision between using joints or blunts. If you’re in a location where one or the other is more accepted, this might impact your decision.

Health Conditions

If you suffer from lung-related disease, you should avoid both joints and blunts. Inhaling smoke from either joints or blunts can irritate the lungs, leading to coughing, wheezing, and potentially triggering more severe symptoms for those with preexisting lung problems.


The difference between joint and blunt is in composition, size, burn time, and even the flavors. Some prefer the rich and nuanced fusion of cannabis and tobacco in blunts, while others savor the clean taste of cannabis that joints provide. Blunt vs joint totally depends on your health conditions and preferences.

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