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What Happens If The Patient Loses The Medical Marijuana Card In Florida?

In case the patient lost the Medical Marijuana Card in Florida, the person needs to fill up the “Change, Replacement or Surrender” request form and then email the same to OMMU for submission purposes. Make sure that you add your residential details and other information accurately. The mandatory administrative processing charges of $15 are required to be submitting with the email.

How Do I Renew The Medical Marijuana Card?

A patient must renew the Medical Marijuana Card annually to maintain an active card status. Submit a renewal application with the department and all the essential documents 45 days before the expiration date.

How Often Do I Need To See The Medical Doctor?

As per the Florida legislature, every patient taking health benefits from medical marijuana must be evaluated by a medical doctor every 210 days.

If My Application Is Approved, Can I Immediately Buy Medical Marijuana?

It would be best to wait until you receive your medical marijuana card through email or a plastic medical marijuana card. Wait for a minimum of five days.

Can I Grow My Marijuana In Florida?

Nope. Florida legislature doesn’t allow the patients to grow medical marijuana at their private place.

Where Can I Consume Medical Marijuana In Florida?

Patients can consume Medical Marijuana in their private places only. However, the patient must not consume medical marijuana in public places.

How Do I Get My Florida Medical Marijuana ID Card?

Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida is a complicated process, but My MMJ Doctor has tried making it easier for you by providing legitimate services online. Getting a Medical Marijuana Card with My MMJ Doctor is a four-step process that includes the beginning of the application process by scheduling an appointment. Fill up the online evaluation form, and get connected to a Medical Doctor to evaluate the need of having access to Marijuana. Once approved, register as a patient with the Florida Department of Health with a valid recommendation, get scrutinized, and receive your card within five to seven business days at your doorstep.

What Are The Qualifying Medical Conditions In Florida?

Florida legislature has realized the crucial role of Medical Marijuana in treating a debilitating health condition and has passed a list of qualifying medical conditions to have legal access to Medical Marijuana. This includes:

  • ALS
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Glaucoma
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • PTSD
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis

I Am Worried About My Privacy. Are My Records Kept Confidential If I Apply For A Medical Marijuana Card?

You don’t need to worry about data confidentiality and privacy. My MMJ Doctor is HIPAA compliant, assuring that the patient’s data and information will be kept confidential.

How Much Does A Medical Marijuana Card In Florida Cost?

Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card with My MMJ Doctor in Florida is just $89 with a mandatory registration fee with OMMU of $75.

Can I Apply For My Medical Marijuana Card Online? Will It Acquire The Same Importance?

Yes. Telemedicine services are legal in Florida, and whether you acquire a card online or manually, both have equal importance. There are ample online service providers that will help you get a Medical Marijuana Card from the comfort of your home. My MMJ Doctor is well-known for serving the same purpose to the patients in need of online legal services.

How Do I Buy Medical Marijuana In Florida?

To purchase Medical Marijuana in Florida from state-licensed dispensaries, a patient requires a valid Medical Marijuana Card. A Medical Marijuana Card is a state-identification card that allows a patient to consume and possess Medical Marijuana in Florida.

What Are Acceptable Forms Of Florida Residency Proof?

While applying for a Medical Marijuana patient ID card in Florida, the legislature requires some mandatory documents to be submitted by the patients. One of the essential documents is a residential proof document. The legislature accepts the following forms of residential proof:

  • Utility bill that must be no more than two months old
  • State ID Card
  • Driving License
  • Copy of a lease agreement or a house deed
  • Passport

Can I Grow Medical Marijuana If I Have A Valid Card And A Legal Recommendation From Medical Doctor?

Unfortunately, no. Currently, there are no provisions for the personal growth of Marijuana plants. Even if you have a legal recommendation, you also don’t have the legal right to grow cannabis in your personal space.

Do I Have To Be A Resident Of Florida To Receive The Marijuana Treatment?

The Florida state has a specific residency requirement, but the Florida legislature allows the seasonal residents to have legal access to Medical Marijuana treatment for treating their debilitating health condition. As long as you reside within the state for at least 31 consecutive days each year, you will be able to qualify for the program.

Can I Become A Caregiver In Florida?

To become a caregiver, an individual must be at least 21 years of age. As per the law, a caregiver can serve one patient at once. A caregiver must be registered with the Medical Marijuana Use Registry and must be mentioned on the patient’s form as a caregiver. The caregiver must show legal identity and residential proof.

How Can I Assign A Caregiver In Florida?

A minor patient or a patient with some disability can assign a caregiver to purchase Medical Marijuana on the patient’s behalf.

I Already Have A Medical Marijuana Card Of Another State; Can’t I Get One In Florida?

Unfortunately, it’s no. Florida State doesn’t allow the reciprocity between states Medical Marijuana Program.

Am I Allowed To Smoke Medical Marijuana In Florida?

Smoking Medical Marijuana in Florida is prohibited. Florida legislature allows the patients to access “whole flower” Medicine that can smoke medical Marijuana. The Florida state has added some requirements that include informed consent and a discussion with the Medical Doctor regarding the hazard of smoking.

If I Can’t Smoke Cannabis, How Can I Get My Medicine?

Though smoking is strictly prohibited in Florida, the state allows whole-plant cannabis in oil forms, including oil suspensions, topical, sublingual tinctures, vapor juices, suppositories, and encapsulations. According to the law, the Marijuana I edibles form will be available soon.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal In Florida?

Yes. Florida legislature has given Medical Marijuana a legal status to treat debilitating health conditions. In November 2016, the voters approved the passage of a ballot initiative that allows residents with the debilitating condition to consume and possess Medical Marijuana legally.

What Can Cause Me To Lose My Medical Marijuana Recommendation?

The state has passed a few conditions that may cause the patient to lose their medical recommendations. This includes:

  • Providing misleading, false, or incorrect information to the department
  • Obtains a supply of a greater amount of medical Marijuana than the authorized one
  • Violates the requirements
  • Fails to notify the department of any changes timely
  • Falsifies or modifies the identification card.
  • Violation of any rules.

Do I Have To Be 18 Or Older To Qualify For A Medical Marijuana Card In Florida?

No. A minor can enroll in a Medical Marijuana Program in Florida as long as they have written consent from their parents and must obtain two recommendation letters instead of one.

What Is The Medical Marijuana Use Registry?

A Medical Marijuana Use Registry is a secure online database maintained by the Florida Department of Health’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use.

Where Can I Buy Medical Marijuana In Florida?

A patient with a diagnosed debilitating condition with a legal recommendation and a valid Medical Marijuana Card can purchase Medical Marijuana from the state-licensed dispensaries.

What Is The Processing Time For My Medical Marijuana Card?

The Florida legislature takes around 14 to 21 days to scrutinize the documents and the application form. However, you may receive it earlier than that and don’t hit the dispensaries immediately after applying for a Medical Marijuana Card. Wait for a few days to receive the card at your doorstep.

How Much Time Does It Take For The Evaluation Process?

A licensed medical doctor’s evaluation process is hardly a matter of 15-20 minutes with My MMJ Doctor.

My Florida Medical Marijuana Card Has Expired. How Do I Get A Renewal?

A patient must annually submit a renewal application. A patient must renew their medical cards before the expiration date mentioned on the card. A patient can acquire the card renewal services from My MMJ Doctor and access all the Florida legislature’s legal protections. Don’t forget to include the accompanying documents to the department 45 days before the expiration date.

Can I Take My Marijuana Medicines To A Different State?

No. As per the state’s current laws, you can use Marijuana in Florida only with a valid medical marijuana card. If the visiting state allows the reciprocity laws, then a patient may take the cannabis along but may face federal and local charges of transporting Medical Marijuana.

Can I Use Medical Marijuana Anywhere In Florida?

No. The consumption of Medical Marijuana is strictly prohibited in public places. A patient must consume Medical Marijuana in a private space only.

How Much Medical Cannabis Should I Consume?

The quantity to be consumed by a Medical Marijuana patient is always recommended by the Medical Doctor only. A medical doctor diagnosis the medical condition of the patient and based on the medical requirement of the debilitating condition recommends the quantity to be consumed by the patient.


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