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Why do I need a medical marijuana card in Georgia?

Having a medical marijuana card in Georgia allows you to access the medical marijuana treatment and possess up to 20 ounces of low THC medical cannabis oil.  Do you think it’s done? No, the list is huge. It not only allows legal access but also enables you to access additional privileges, including the lower taxes, high-quality strains, and many others. 

Am I guaranteed to get the approval for a medical marijuana card after getting evaluated by the state-licensed medical doctor?

No! The approval of medical marijuana treatment is completely based on the evaluation and health condition of the patient. The patient will get permission only if the medical doctors approve it. It is not guaranteed that every visited patient will get a medical marijuana card or approval for the treatment. 

Will my Medicaid or insurance pay for my marijuana?

Well, to get the correct answer for these questions, you are suggested to contact the Medicaid official or insurance provider. They will provide you with the appropriate information concerning this. 

Can a caregiver have more than one marijuana patient?

Yes! A caregiver can serve more than a patient, but the caregiver must apply for a registry card individually for each patient. Also, a caregiver must pay a mandatory fee of $25 for each card.

What is the total cost of obtaining a medical marijuana card in Georgia?

The cost to obtain a medical marijuana card in Georgia with My MMJ Doctor is cost-effective and easily affordable. The price is $149 only and an additional fee of $25 to obtain the card from the state. There will be no additional hidden costs. 

How long will the evaluation procedure take?

The medical evaluation of the patient seeking marijuana treatment is only a matter of 15-20 minutes. The entire evaluation session will take 15-20 minutes only, where the doctor will discuss the need for having access to the treatment.

Is marijuana legal in Georgia?

Ample people are still worried about the query “is weed legal in Georgia”. Well to answer it straightforwardly, you will be happy to know that weed is legal in Georgia with valid permissions and for medical purposes only. 

How do I qualify for medical cannabis treatment in Georgia?

The Georgia Department of Public Health has approved a list of qualifying health conditions that allow a patient to access medical marijuana treatment. Patients diagnosed with a qualifying health condition can access medical marijuana treatment but only after getting a recommendation from a state-licensed medical doctor. 

Can I grow my own marijuana?

Unfortunately No! Currently, Georgia state authorities don’t allow the cultivation of cannabis at your own place. Marijuana patients are suggested to purchase low-THC cannabis oil from state-licensed medical dispensaries only.

How to get medical marijuana in Georgia?

Medical Marijuana in Georgia can easily be purchased from the nearby medical dispensaries but with a valid ga medical card only. Georgia marijuana patients can purchase medical marijuana products from the nearby state-licensed dispensaries. Hit the dispensaries in Georgia to access high-quality marijuana products. 

Does Georgia have reciprocity laws?

Luckily it’s a yes! Georgia allows the reciprocity law, meaning marijuana patients with valid medical recommendations from other states can access medical marijuana. After filling out a visiting patient form, and must provide an out-of-state registration proof. 

How do I set up an appointment with a licensed medical marijuana doctors near me in Georgia?

Setting up an appointment online with a state-licensed medical marijuana doctor in Georgia is quick and easy. All you need to do is visit the My MMJ Doctor’s online platform and fill up the online evaluation form with accurate medical and personal details.  Rest leave on them; you just need to sit back and wait. As at your scheduled timings, the medical doctor will connect with you and evaluate your health condition. 

Can any doctor provide me with the medical marijuana recommendations in Georgia?

Nope! Only the state-licensed medical doctors that are registered with the state can provide the medical recommendations for the marijuana treatments. Do not count on every doctor to get valid recommendations for the treatment. 

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