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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where Can I Obtain Medical Cannabis?

A Maryland Medical Marijuana Card Holder is allowed to acquire legal medical cannabis at any state-licensed dispensary.

What do I Do After I get the MMJ Card Permit?

After the approval and acquiring certification from an authorized medical marijuana doctor the individual is allowed to pick the Medical Cannabis from any licensed dispensary

What is a “Bonafide Provider-Patient Relationship”?

As per Maryland Law, a Bonafide provider-patient relationship is a counseling relationship between the authorized provider and the patient. An authorized provider is responsible for evaluating the patient’s medical condition and medical records and decides on the approval and non-approval of the certification.

How do I Get A Certification?

An individual must register online applying for the MMID card. An appropriate procedure is followed in this regard. The individual must consult a certified doctor and explain the medical condition. If the individual has a qualifying condition, the provider issues the certification with approval.

How Much Cannabis Can I Purchase Today?

As per the Maryland laws, with a certification issued by a Maryland Medical Medical Marijuana Doctors for a patient finds out the quantity of dried flower and THC that the patient may acquire in 30 days. The restriction is intended as a ROLLING 30-day limit; not by a calendar month.

I Lost My Patient ID Card, Or It Was Stolen Or Damaged.

As per the state laws, an individual who lost the patient ID card is required to login into the MMCC account and must report it. The replacement of the card will be issued by the authorities.

Can A Family Member Be A Caregiver?

A family member is allowed to be a caregiver for the patient that requires medical cannabis for relieving the symptoms.

How Many Caregivers Can One Patient Have?

A patient can have up to two persons as caregivers, based on the medical condition of the patient.

What Is The Minimum Age For A Caregiver?

As per the State laws, caregivers must be 21 years old or older.

My Child Needs Medical Cannabis. Can He or She Get It Legally?

According to Maryland’s laws, children must qualify the eligibility criteria for the treatment. Conversely, children must have a parent or guardian who can serve as a caregiver.

Can Patients And Caregiver Cultivate Cannabis For Patients?

As per the state laws, patients or caregivers are not allowed to cultivate cannabis in their property. Only state-licensed cultivators can cultivate cannabis.

Does The Patient Need To Be Registered With MMCC Before The Provider Visit To Obtain A Certification?

Before obtaining an officially authorized certification, registration with Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission is mandatory in Maryland.

Does The Provider Have To Be Registered Before Providing A Certification For The Patient?

A provider must be certified to provide medical marijuana recommendations before providing an authorized MMJ Card permit to the patient.

Is It Lawful For A Medical Cannabis Patient To Own Or Possess A Firearm?

Federal laws restrict Medical cannabis card holder from acquiring or possessing firearms. As per the Federal Gun Control Act, an individual who is addicted to any controlled substance is prohibited from transporting or acquiring firearms.

How Long Must You Wait After Registration with MMCC?

Completed and submitted applications are evaluated by MMCC and you will be given a confirmation via email regarding the application that has been approved or not. As MMCC receives ample applications for the card, patience by the applicants will be highly appreciable and asks for a maximum of 45 days since the date of submission.


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