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How To Get Medical Marijuana In New York?

Do you know, “How do I get a medical marijuana card in New York?” The process to acquire medical marijuana in New York is simple. You only need to follow these simple steps:

1. Apply online by scheduling an appointment:
Firstly, you need to apply online for your medical marijuana card by filling in your details on a medical evaluation form. After that, schedule your appointment with the physicians.

2. Connect with the doctor and get approved:
Next, you need to connect with the licensed physicians online by video conference for about 15-20 minutes. After that, they will evaluate you based on your details and provide your Medical Marijuana Card online by email.

3. Register with the state and receive your ID card:
After that, you need to register with the NY DOH and complete your application online with the state.
They will evaluate your application request, and you’ll have to wait for your New York medical marijuana card to come in the mail in 1-2 weeks.

What Is The Cost Of A New York Medical Marijuana Card?

The cost of a New York Medical Marijuana Card is $149. 

What Are The Qualifying Conditions For New York Medical Marijuana Cards Online?

A person may be eligible for medical marijuana in New York if they have been diagnosed with one or more of the following severe debilitating or conditions:
• Cancer,
• HIV infection or AIDS,
• Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS),
• Parkinson’s disease,
• Multiple sclerosis,
• Spinal cord injury with spasticity,
• Epilepsy,
• Inflammatory bowel disease,
• Neuropathy,
• Huntington’s disease,
• Post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic pain

Can I Get A NY State License Renewal?

Yes, you can get a NY state license renewal online. 
You only need to request a med card application for your renewal, and the process is the same as your initial application. The recommendation of MMJ card in NY Is one year. So, you can renew your medical marijuana card every year.

Can A Person Grow Medical Marijuana With An MMJ Card In NY?

Well, cultivation of cannabis is completely prohibited in New York State even if a person holds a medical marijuana card in the state. It is considered a punishable crime.

Can I Use My Medical Marijuana Card In NY State?

No, New York does not allow reciprocity in their state.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal In New York?

Yes, the use of medical marijuana is legal in New York, but the recreational use of marijuana is illegal in New York. In 2014, legislation permitted the use of cannabis for medical purposes.

What Types Of Cannabis Can I Purchase From The Medical Marijuanas Dispensary In NY?

You can buy marijuana in different forms. Such as:
• Capsules
• Oils
• Sprays
• Vaporizer products
• Liquids
You are not allowed to buy edibles from a licensed dispensary and also can’t smoke cannabis flowers.

How Much Quantity Of Cannabis Can I Buy & Possess In NY?

A person is qualified to possess only up to 2 ounces of cannabis in various forms in 30 days.

What Are The Penalties For Possessing Marijuana Without A NY MMJ Card?

Possessing marijuana without a medical marijuana card is a crime. Anyone holding marijuana without a card will subject to a $200 fine as per state law. If anyone takes hold over 2 oz. of marijuana, you may get a penalty of $1000 and a sentence for one year.
Passing the defined limits for possession is considered a felony, subjecting you to a jail time of up to four years on the cards.

What Documents I Require To Upload For My Medical Marijuana Card Evaluation?

A person who is looking to get their medical marijuana recommendation will need to provide their medical records, proof of identity, and a valid proof of residency. The proof can be in the form of a driver’s license or ID. If you don’t have a driver’s license, you can provide a current utility bill, mail from the government addressed to you at your current address to show residence.

What Should I Do After Receiving A Certification From My Registered Practitioner?

Once you receive a certification from the registered practitioner, you need to register with the new york state medical marijuana program. 

Can I Sign Up For A Minor Or An Individual Who Is Otherwise Not Able To Consent To Medical Treatment?

Yes. In case a practitioner is under the age of eighteen (18), or if a person is not capable of consenting to medical treatment, the application must be submitted by a relevant person over twenty-one (21) years of age. 

An applicant must designate at least one and up to two caregivers who must be among the following:
(i) a parent or legal guardian of the certified patient;
(ii) a person must be designated by a parent or legal guardian; or 
(iii) an appropriate person approved by the Department.

A designated caregiver must register with the DOH to receive a registry ID card that the caregiver can then use to obtain medical marijuana on the behalf of the patient.

How Do I Register As A Caregiver With The NYS Medical Marijuana Program?

If you want to register as a caregiver, the patient whom you are going to assist will designate himself a caregiver with the program. Once the patient application is approved, the caregiver(s) must register with the Department. The Condition for that is:
• You must be a current resident of New York State.
• You must possess a state driving license.

Do I Need To Pay To Register As A Patient Or As A Caregiver?

A caregiver is supposed to pay a non-refundable application fee of $50 that the Department is currently reserving for all patients and their designated caregivers.

In How Many Days Can I Expect My Registry Identification Card To Arrive?

Once your registration is approved, you will be issued with a temporary registry identification card. 
That you can use along with your state-issued photo id until the state delivers your registry id card via mail. It will take around seven business days to receive your Patient or Caregiver Registry ID Card.

Can A Patient Still Register If A Physician Will Not Provide A Certification?

No, a patient may not register without a certification from a registered doctor.

What Can I Do If I Require Assistance In Getting Medical Marijuana From A Dispensary Due To My Medical Condition?

A patient can assign two caregivers for himself to buy medical marijuana on their behalf or to help them for making a purchase. 
Once the recommendation is approved by the state, the assigned caregiver must register with the department in order to assist the patient.

Can I Use My Out-Of-State Medical Marijuana Identification Card To Purchase Medical Marijuana In New York State?

No. Only certified patients with a New York State registry identification card may purchase approved medical marijuana products in New York State.

Do New York State Provide A Discounted Program For Certified Patients Who Cannot Afford Medical Marijuana?

No, NY state does not provide any discounted programs for certified patients but allows registered organizations to provide discounted products.

Do A Caregiver Also Receive Temporary Registry ID Cards?

Yes, designated caregivers can also receive a temporary registry ID card after completing their caregiver registration and being approved. They also need to follow the same steps as a patient to retrieve and print the temporary registry ID card.

What In Case My Government-Issued Photo ID Get Expired?

In case your government-issued photo ID got expired, your identity may still be verified with an expired government-issued photo ID.

Where Can I find My Temporary Registry ID card?

To locate your temporary registry ID card, firstly sign in to your account on your medical marijuana card NYC government portal dashboard.
• After that, choose the option health application.
• Hover over to Medical Marijuana Data Management System.
• Press on the three white lines on the top-left side of the screen.
• Choose the option “My Temporary Card” from the drop-down.
• Click on the blue link to open and print your temporary ID.

Does Possessing A Temporary Registry ID Card Limit The Number Of Products That I Can Purchase?

No, you can still buy up to a thirty-day supply of medical cannabis products corresponding to the physician recommendations on your certification.

How Long Does The Online Video Consultation Usually Take?

An online video consultation hardly takes 10-15 minutes of yours.


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