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What Do I Need To Qualify For A Medical Marijuana Card In California?

While applying for a Medical Marijuana Card in California, a patient must be ready with the following:

  • A valid state-produced ID Card
  • California’s residential proof
  • Personal health records (Not Mandatory)

How Much Does A Medical Marijuana Card Costs In California?

A Medical Marijuana Card with My MMJ Doctor in California is for $55 only. You will receive your valid Medical Marijuana Card at your doorstep.

Do I Need To Worry About Privacy And Security?

My MMJ Doctor is 100% secure and HIPAA compliant; My MMJ doctor takes care of the privacy and confidentiality of records. 

Where Can I Use My Medical Marijuana Card?

A Medical Marijuana Card is a state identification card that indicates that a patient is taking health benefits from Medical Marijuana to treat a debilitating health condition. The Medical Card is applicable at any state-licensed dispensary to purchase Medical Marijuana legally.

Can I Use My California Medical Marijuana Card In Other States?

Well, this entirely depends on the state you are visiting. Few states have some reciprocity laws that allow the patient to purchase Medical Cannabis from the state dispensaries being a visiting patient. A few locations like Arizona, Maine, Delaware, Michigan, Nevada, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire have reciprocity laws that mean they accept out of state cards. 

Can I Use My Out Of State Medical Marijuana Card In California?

As of now, it’s a NO. Only California’s residential patients can purchase and legally access Medical Marijuana in California. California doesn’t have any reciprocity laws.

What Are The Qualifying Conditions For A Medical Marijuana Card In California?

California has approved a list of qualifying conditions to have legal access to Medical Marijuana and obtain a Medical Marijuana Card. This includes:

  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Chemotherapy side-effects
  • Chronic Pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Depression
  • Glaucoma
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Any other persistent or chronic condition may also qualify for Medical Marijuana treatment.

Can I Apply On Someone Else’s Behalf If The Patient Is Disabled Or Minor?

Yes. You can apply on someone else’s behalf if you are the patient’s official caregiver. You must fill up a caregiver form and choose a Caregivers’ package.

What Is A Medical Marijuana Doctors Recommendation?

A Medical Marijuana recommendation is a document that indicates that the patient has debilitating medical conditions that adhere to the qualifying conditions mentioned in California’s Proposition 215. The document states that Medical Marijuana is essential for the patient to treat their debilitating medical condition. 

What Is Proposition 215?

Proposition 215 is also known as the California Compassionate Use Act enacted by the voters and came into effect in Nov 1996 as California Health and Safety Code. As per the law, it is legal for patients and their caregivers to acquire, consume and cultivate Medical Marijuana for their personal Medical use. The law is broadened further to cover transportation and other offenses in certain circumstances.  

If I Lose My Recommendation Document, Can I Get A Replacement?

You can request or an up to date copy of your account anytime online. Login to your account and go to the services to get a copy of your recommendation letter. 

Can I Apply Without A Californian ID?

Unfortunately, No. We do not accept applications without valid Californian residential proof.  

What Documents Are Acceptable As Residential Proofs In California?

California’s legislature has approved a list of documents considered valid residential proofs to apply for a Medical Marijuana Card. This includes:

  • DNV Printout
  • California’s voter registration card
  • California tax returns giving California as the home address
  • California’s utility bill
  • Pay-cheque or letter of employment verification on company letterhead
  • California Medi-Cal ID
  • Union Membership in California
  • Military discharge papers
  • Any valid Californian ID.

Can I cultivate Medical Marijuana In California?

Yes. The patients or designated caregivers are allowed to cultivate cannabis plants in their personal space only. The growing area must be either hidden or out of the other’s reach.

How Much Medical Marijuana Can I Cultivate?

Currently, Bill SB420 indicates that a standard Medical Marijuana patient can cultivate up to 6 mature cannabis plants or 12 immature marijuana clones in their personal space in California. 

Can I Make The Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Through Your Service?

Yes, you can renew your Medical Marijuana Card with us. My MMJ Doctor provides the card renewal services as well. 

Will I Be Put On The Government list If I Register As A Medical Marijuana Patient?

Some people worry that they will be on the government list or their information will be shared, or any other negative aspects of obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card. Well, It’s time to drop your worries concerning this as there is no such list, and the records maintained by the California legislature are purely confidential. Further, as per the law, doctor-patient confidentiality prohibits the DMV, police, and employers from accessing the medical records devoid of any written permissions. 

Where Can I Consume Medical Marijuana In California?

A patient can consume Medical Marijuana on private property or out of sight from the public view. Medical Marijuana in public places is strictly prohibited, and medical marijuana consumption in public areas can put the patient in legal trouble. The consumption of Medical Cannabis is strictly forbidden in the locations where smoking or tobacco is banned. 

Can I Smoke Medical Cannabis In Public In California?

No. Smoking or consuming medical cannabis in public is illegal and a punishable offense.

Can I Get A DUI If I Drive While I Am High?

Yes! If you are driving under the influence of medical cannabis while operating a vehicle, the law enforcement officer can pull you over and conduct a sobriety test. 

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Recommendation?

If the medical doctor approves you, you will get the recommendation 20 minutes after the recommendation.


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