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Garry Stewart
Written By Garry Stewart

April 12, 2023

Future of Medical Cannabis Legalization in Oklahoma

Since Cannabis has been legalized in Oklahoma, it is obvious to think about its future now!

However, one of Oklahoma’s most significant challenges with MMP in 2021 was enforcement.

It was an issue because OMMA had limits on enforcing the rules and regulations. Even if it had all the rights to establish the laws, it didn’t have enough inspectors to check every marijuana business.

However, the OMMA is closer to realizing its staffing goals in 2022.

Presently there are three ballot initiatives, and several cannabis-related bills are pending in Oklahoma.

However, a group, namely, Oklahomans for Responsible Cannabis Action, that was responsible for drafting the successful medical initiative in 2018 is seeking to place two different initiates on the ballot this fall.

One is SQ 818, known as the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Enforcement and Anti-Corruption Act.

This Act seeks to inflate and revise the state’s Medical Marijuana Program. However, the Oklahoma State Cannabis Commission was established, which is a new state agency formed to replace the OMMA and oversee the responsibilities specific to Cannabis.

The establishment of this new agency also replaces the current excise taxes on medical marijuana products with a 7% retail tax, revenue supporting cannabis research, agriculture development, rural impact, urban waste remediation, substance misuse treatment, mental health response programs, and many more.

As per the current scenario, it is housed in the State Health Department but the lawmakers have discussed that the OMMA has the ability to do it stand alone.

Another is SQ 819, known as the Oklahoma Marijuana Regulation and Right to Use Act.

This Act legalizes acquiring up to 8 ounces of Cannabis for people aged 21 years or older.

The adults may either buy Cannabis from state-licensed dispensaries or perform the home cultivation of up to 12 marijuana plants.

The retail cannabis products would be subjected to 15 percent of the excise taxes. This initiative outlines several state programs that receive partial revenue from the taxes, including law enforcement training, substance misuse treatment, cannabis research, etc.

Additionally, the measure crafts a pathway for expungements and resentencing for individuals with marijuana convictions.

Both the above-mentioned measures are constitutional amendments, meaning the activists will require a minimum of 177958 valid signatures from the group of registered voters for each initiative to qualify them for the ballot.

Moreover, the group New Approach PAC has filed a separate initiative that also seeks to decriminalize Cannabis.

SQ820 permits adults above 21 or more to acquire and buy up to one ounce of Cannabis. It also allows the cultivation of up to six mature marijuana plants for personal use.
The present OMMA is responsible for regulating the entire MMP and issuing the cannabis business license.

An excise tax of 15 percent will be imposed on the adult use of medical marijuana produced, with its entire revenue going to the “Oklahoma Marijuana Revenue Trust Fund.”

This fund amount will cover the cost of administering the MMP, and the rest will be segregated between separate municipalities, including,

  • 10 percent for the sales occurred
  • 30 percent for the general fund
  • 10 percent for the State Judicial Revolving Fund
  • 30 percent for the public education grants
  • 20 percent for the grants involved in substance misuse treatment and prevention

Since the proposal is statutory instead of just being constitutional, fewer signatures will be required to qualify it for the ballot.

Presently all three efforts are responsible for legitimate challenges, and the signature collection is paused until the issuance of the court’s decision.

Marijuana Businesses Grew Out of Control.

As per the current scenario of cannabis businesses, no one truly knows the number of cannabis businesses in Oklahoma.

However, the growing cannabis businesses in Oklahoma indicate how quickly the marijuana industry has grown.

Along with this, it also puts up the light on the hurdles that OMMA has in regulating the entire industry.

Nevertheless, the entire Oklahoma cannabis industry might notice fewer marijuana business licenses in 2022 as the large chunk will be the businesses that do not even comply with the new laws.

Modifications within Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority

In the coming year, a big change for Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority could be that it gets to be its own agency.

As per the current scenario, it is housed in the State Health Department but the lawmakers have discussed that the OMMA has the ability to do it stand alone.

Fetgatter, in a statement, said that “OMMA is big enough that they can fund themselves through the excise tax and licensing fees. They require it to be a standalone agency, which can make the decisions it needs to make because it pertains to public safety and health, devoid of having to go through the bureaucratic tape.

However, when asked about the capitol discussions to develop a standalone agency, Berry said she is glad that OMMA has a seat at the table.

What Do Authorities Have to Say About it?

The NORML’s State Policy Manager, Jax James, said that “we are hopeful that Oklahoma residents will have an opportunity to decide in favor of ending this marijuana criminalization failed policy.” If so, and we are all confident about it, he further added that we would decide in favor of cannabis legalization.

In addition to the initiatives, there are dozens of marijuana-associated bills in the legislature, and ample of these placeholder bills have details filled in as the session progresses.

Bottom Line!

Since the cannabis industry is growing and the cannabis businesses are also blooming.
Oklahoma has one of the most robust access Medical Marijuana programs in the nation. But the adult use of Cannabis remains subject to strict penalties.

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Whatever the changes come in the marijuana industry in Oklahoma, we will keep you updated about it!

Stay tuned for more!!

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