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Essential Tips About Medical Marijuanas Card

If you have successfully registered for the New York Medical Cannabis Card and have received the temporary or permanent registry card, you will need to follow the below-mentioned tips to avoid any legal trouble:

1. Carry Your MMJ Card

The certified patients and designated caregivers should always carry their registry ID card whenever they purchase medical marijuana from the licensed dispensary or take their approved medical cannabis products from one place to another.

2. Don’t Take Medical Marijuana Outside New York

Even if you have a valid MMJ card in New York, you can still not transport medical marijuana products outside New York State. But you can take your approved quantity of medical marijuana and other cannabis products within New York.

3. No Reciprocity Policy

New York does not accept recommendations or medical marijuana cards from another state. So, you can get the benefits of a medical marijuana card in New York State if you are a permanent resident of New York and you have a valid identity document. Click here for the document information about adults, minor patients, or caregivers.

4. Update Information

If a certified patient or designated caregiver changes his/her name, address, or if the patient no longer has a severe health condition noted on the card, the cardholder should mention such change to the Department Of Health within ten (10) business days. If the patient neglects this, the card will be null and void, and the cardholder should have to face a penalty.