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How to Register as a Caregiver?

After creating a New York account on a minor patient’s behalf and activating it, you will require the below-mentioned steps to register for the medical marijuana card New York Online:


After signing in to the official portal of DOH, click on the Health Applications icon and then select Medical Marijuana Data Management System (MMDMS).

Note: The proxy applicant can use their username and password to complete the registration as a caregiver. Check out here to learn more about how to register as a proxy applicant. If another caregiver is willing to add, they have to create their own My.NY.gov account.


Now, select the caregiver option that will land you on the Medical Marijuana Program for registration.


Enter the following information and click on the Next button:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth (In MM/DD/YYYY format)
  • Zipcode

Note: The caregiver should add the NYS DMV ID with the New York State Non- Driver ID number or the Driver’s License number.




After clicking on the button, the My Patients page will be displayed, where you will check out all patients connected with the intended caregiver. You will need to incorporate the patients who have finished the medical marijuana card registration procedure.

Note: If you are not willing to accept the role of caregiver for a listed patient, you will need to highlight the patient’s name in the table and exit by clicking on the “Decline Designation” button.


You will need to fill in the caregiver information on the same page, such as a valid phone number and email address.


Once the application is complete, check out the acknowledgment statement. Then, answer the question regarding Driver’s Licenses and Non-Driver ID Cards.

Note: If the photo shown on the ID card no longer resembles you, you need to upload a recent photo.


You need to select the “Submit Registration” and then the “Save & Exit” button for the final submission of your application.

Registration Status

After submitting your registration, you will see a pop-up message on the screen that shows your registration status within a few minutes.

  • Pending Review: Your enrollment will have pending status if you upload certificates or a photo. The Department will evaluate your application to verify. You can log back into your account to check the status of your enrollment at any time.
  • Approved: If the status is shown as approved, it means you can download your temporary registry ID card that can be used to buy medical marijuana from a registered organization’s dispensing facility until you get your valid marijuana card in New York online. Click here to learn more about temporary registry ID cards. You should receive a registry ID card within 7 to 10 business days in the mail.

Essential Point For Caregivers

Before starting the registration process of a caregiver, make sure your patient’s registration is already activated. To learn more about the registration procedure of minor patients, click here at the registration process of proxy applicants.