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Health Qualifying Conditions For New York Medical Cannabis Card

In New York there is no particular list that limit patients to get an MMJ card. Still, a patient may be eligible for medical marijuana in New York if they have been diagnosed with at least one among the below mentioned severe debilitating or conditions:

You must also have one of these associated or complicating conditions:

  • Cachexia or wasting syndrome
  • Severe or chronic pain
  • Severe nausea
  • Seizures
  • Severe or persistent muscle spasms
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Opioid use disorder
New York State Qualifying Conditions approved by health.ny.gov

The Requirements To Qualify For New York Medical Marijuana Card

Even if the person qualifies for one of the aforementioned health conditions, the patient must fulfill the following requirements for an NY Medical Marijuana Card:

  • Be a resident of the N.Y. state during the time of the application
  • The residency proof can be a driving license or NYS Id card.
  • Need to have a medical situation as per the state guidelines.
  • Have a valid certification written and signed by a licensed doctor on their letterhead. However, if you are a veteran receiving medical care at a V.A. facility, you will need not have a recommendation. Click here to apply for the MMJ certification!