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What is a Temporary Registry Identification Card?

A temporary registry identification card is a provisional document that allows patients to purchase and possess medical marijuana and other cannabis products until the New York State Department Of Health issues a valid medical marijuana registry card.

The patient can download this identification card via the My.NY.gov account after registering and approving the medical marijuana card by the Department Of Health. The patient will require a government-issued photo ID card along with the temporary medical marijuana card to acquire authorized medical marijuana and medical cannabis products.

How To Get a Temporary Registry Identification Card?

To obtain your temporary registry ID card, you will need to follow the below-mentioned steps:


Sign in to your My.NY.gov account on the official portal of DOH.


Click on the “Health Applications” button.


Click the three white lines on the top-left side of the screen after clicking on the “Medical Marijuana Data Management System.”


After clicking on the three white lines, a drop-down menu will open where you will need to choose the “My Temporary Card.”


After choosing the My Temporary card option, you will see a blue link. Now click on the link where you can open and print your temporary ID card.

Note: If you are unable to see the link for your temporary registry ID card, check out your current registration status, whether it is approved or pending.