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Garry Stewart
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April 11, 2023

How To Get A Marijuana Growers License In California

Grow your own Cannabis at home!

Do you know what is a Medical Marijuana Growers License in California? And what value it adheres to? We are sure that you must not have an appropriate idea about it. Let us put some shine on it and get to know about the Grower’s card importance.

A Grower’s license is like a green card that allows the patient to grow their weed or, say, cultivate their medicine at home. The permitted limit of 6 mature and 12 immature marijuana plants in California is not enough for some patients to manage the health condition right. That is where a California marijuana growing license comes into the picture. A grower’s license allows the patient to grow around 99 plants for personal use.

Isn’t it a great thing? Indeed it is!

Several states have come up with legislation that permits patients to grow marijuana for personal use. However, California is an exception, and the laws there are pretty extensive, along with a separate section catering to the home cultivation of marijuana.

But why do you even need to grow your Cannabis when you can buy a wide range of marijuana products from dispensaries? To answer this, let us move to the following query, and you will get your answers straight away.

Medical Marijuana is a natural remedy that several patients are counting on. Patients with a debilitating health condition can access medical marijuana treatment with a valid Medical Marijuana Card.

Why do you need to grow your own Cannabis?

To answer it straight away, for a medical marijuana patient, Cannabis is an everyday need. And for that, they undoubtedly need regular restocks and good quality cannabis to get better treatment.

Getting everything as per the choice and requirement is undoubtedly a constant effort that requires a reasonable amount of time and money. A grower’s license is the savior in such a case. It takes all these hassles away from you and assures you that you will get your medications every day. You can check on the quality of the herb you are growing and can also have an unlimited supply to treat the health condition right. So, we can conclude that a grower’s license allows a patient to grow Cannabis at home.

Let us take a closer look at how Medical Marijuana works in treating seizures or epilepsy.

Why should you get one?

The question has a highly advantageous and straightforward answer. Let us start with a few facts!

  • It can save money
  • It can save other resources
  • Save on Cultivation Tax
  • The startup costs can significantly drop with the time
  • It endows with a few health advantages

As Cannabis is becoming an accepted form of alternate medication and more people are gravitating towards it. Depending upon the marijuana strain you choose, the cost may lie between $100 to $400. But if you decide to grow your Cannabis, it will be a cost-effective way to cut down the overall cost. So if you are a Medical Cannabis patient, then this can be a great way as it will provide some financial relief. As per the current scenario, no medical insurance covers medical Cannabis as a form of medicine.

Benefits of getting a Cannabis Cultivation License in California!

A grower’s license is not just a document that permits a patient to grow Cannabis but also provides the patients with the following benefits.

Cost-effective: Save your money by getting the legal right to cultivate Cannabis for an unlimited supply of the herb.
Higher Growing Limits: Increase your limit of growing plants at home up to 99 marijuana plants.
Convenient: Your medication will be available at your convenience, so no more worrying about visiting the state-dispensaries to restock the medication.
Quality control: With the Cannabis grown in your space, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the medication. You will be the controller of the type, and product, and quality you desire for.
Easy Experimentation: You can quickly grow any marijuana strain and modify it to attain the effects you need.
Legal Security: A grower’s license saves you from getting into legal troubles and allows growing your weed.

Now that you have got to know about the importance of a grower’s license, it is the right time to get familiar with the procedure of getting a Grower’s license in California. Are you excited to know more about it? Let us take a closer look at it!

Grower licence in California

What are the qualifying conditions to get a Medical Marijuana Growers license?

The qualifying condition for a grower’s license in California is a Medical Marijuana Card. You need to obtain a recommendation from licensed medical doctors; the doctor will evaluate the health condition and need to access medical marijuana treatment. Once the doctor-approved the health condition and got a written recommendation, you will get a Medical Marijuana Card. After obtaining the recommendation, you can possess and grow Cannabis in California.

If you are ready to grow your weed at your home, you must start applying for a grower’s license. Follow a step-by-step procedure and grow your medication at home only.

Register Online: Visit the My MMJ Doctor’s site and register by filling up a pre-qualification form.
Complete the consultation: You will then receive a call from our licensed doctors for the online consultation and evaluation. The licensed doctor will determine if you qualify for having a grower’s license or not.
Receive your Grower’s license at your doorstep: If the doctor qualifies you, you will receive your medicinal marijuana growers license through email on the same day and a plastic card at your doorstep.

What additional benefits will you get after acquiring a grower’s license from My MMJ Doctor?

Acquiring a Medical Marijuana Grower’s license from My MMJ Doctor is a cost-effective way to grow your own weed at your home. You will get hold of the several benefits along with a license at just @ $199. The California Growers license is valid for a year and can also be termed as Annual California Cannabis Cultivation License. Apply one to get the following benefits!

  • 24 X 7 verification and supportv
  • Instant Cannabis access
  • Secure payments
  • Legal protections
  • Instant PDF copy via email
  • Hard copy at your doorstep
  • Grow up to 99 plants

Why should you choose an online service provider for your Grower’s license?

By choosing the legitimate online services by My MMJ Doctor, you lay your trust with the service providers who have been working for years to provide you the legitimate services from the comfort of your home. However, choosing the services from My MMJ Doctor provides you with the following additional benefits.

Additional Benefits!

Quick Process: You will get your growers to license quickly and in just three steps. So, no need to hassle with the manual procedures.
HIPAA Compliant: The online platform is designed to comply with all the HIPAA guidelines, so drop worries about your personal information.
Certified Medical Doctors: It is hard to find medical doctors that can provide recommendations. We have a team of board-certified medical doctors that can endow with medical marijuana evaluations and recommendations.

Growing Cannabis: Recreational vs. Medical!

Recreational Cannabis in California has been legal since 2016. It is common to ask why, when recreational Cannabis is legal in the state, why do you need a medical card and growers license. To answer the query, a recreational user can grow up to 5 recreational cannabis plants, whereas a medical user can grow up to 12. So you can clearly see the difference.

But what essentially calls for the need to have a growers license is that you can cultivate up to 99 cannabis plants. And without consent, if you surpass the growing limits, you may end up in jail as it is considered a criminal offense. So that is why it is essentially important to know the cultivating rules within the state.

Essentials to note!!

  • Violating the rules will put you in legal issues that may end up imprisonment in jail.
  • It is a license to grow marijuana but not to sell Cannabis to other patients.
  • The Cannabis patients can grow Cannabis at home in some private or lockable space that is not visible to visitors’ site.

Bottom Line!!

Medical Marijuana is a natural remedy that several patients are counting on. Patients with a debilitating health condition can access medical marijuana treatment with a valid Medical Marijuana Card in California. But still, it is hard to find the quality strain to treat the medical condition right.

But with a valid Medical Cannabis Cultivation license, you can cultivate Cannabis as much as you need. A Medical Marijuana Growers license is a license to grow up to 99 cannabis plants for personal use but doesn’t allow the permissions to sell the same. It is a license for cannabis cultivation for personal use and offers access to several other benefits. Drop the limitations worries by acquiring a California growers license and treat the medical condition the right way.

Acquire a hassle-free cannabis grower’s license with My MMJ Doctor from the comfort of your home.

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3 Easy Steps To Apply For Medical Marijuana Card

Our Simple 3 Step Process For Medical Marijuana Card

1. Fill up your details in an easy 420 Evaluations form.

2. Get Evaluated by a Local MMJ doctor After Online Submission.

3. Get Approved and Receive your Recommendation In Your Email.

Looking To Apply For A Medical Marijuana Card?

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  1. Daniel Carter

    I have a medical marijuana card, Can I grow weed in my personal property?

    • Ava Miller

      If you are a resident of California and you have a medical marijuana card, you can possess and use medical cannabis but can not grow on your personal property. However, you can grow 12 plants for recreational use, including six mature and six unmatured plants. If you want to grow more medical marijuana for treatment purposes, you can apply for a grower license that allows the person to cultivate 99 cannabis plants on his/her personal property. Click here to apply for a grower license.

  2. Shira Richards

    How much I have to pay to get a marijuana growers license in California?

    • Ava Miller

      If you are willing to apply for a medical marijuana grower license, you will need to pay only $199. In this package, you will get your grower license in digital format and a hard copy that will be sent to your address in 3-5 business days. For detailed information, check out our Cannabis Growers License Page.

  3. Brianna Marchal

    Do I need city approval or county approval?

    • Patricia Samuelson

      You don’t need any city or county approval if you have a grower license. But keep in mind that every county has its own rules and regulations regarding marijuana growing. Some counties allow indoor marijuana cultivations with a couple of restrictions like:

      • The plant should not be visible to other people.
      • If you have any public property like a park, school, library, youth center or daycare center within your 600 feet home area, you can not grow marijuana in your outdoor space.
      • Your outdoor plant should not be more than 6 feet.
      • Your outdoor area should be properly fenced (minimum 6 feet solid fence) if you are growing marijuana in your outdoor area.
      • And more.

      Check out with us if you have any other questions or are willing to apply for a grower license.


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