A Comprehensive Guide

How to Get a Legitimate ESA Letter with My MMJ Doctor

Our comprehensive guide on ‘How to Get a Legitimate ESA Letter with My MMJ Doctor’ walks you through the steps required to access the benefits of an ESA for emotional well-being. With the expertise of our licensed healthcare professionals, we ensure that your ESA letter is legally compliant and recognized, granting you the right to have your emotional support companion by your side.


The Legitimate Path to Obtaining Your ESA Letter: A Step-by-Step Guide

We make it easy for qualified individuals to get legitimate ESA letters. Follow these 3 easy steps to get your ESA letter online.

Submit an ESA Evaluation Form Online with My MMJ Doctor.

Complete the online evaluation form on My MMJ Doctor with your medical details and describe your emotional support animal.

Get Evaluated by a Licensed Professional.

Afterward, one of our licensed mental health professionals will review your form. Based on your answers, the doctor will decide whether you need an emotional support animal letter.

Get Your ESA Letter Instantly via Email.

Once the doctor finds you eligible, they will approve your request for an Emotional Support Animal. You will receive your ESA letter in your email.

Who Can Get An ESA Letter?

To get an emotional support animal letter, an individual must have a qualifying mental health condition diagnosed by a licensed mental health professional. Most mental health conditions are eligible for an ESA letter, including:
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Cognitive disorders
  • Depression
  • Motor skill disorders
  • Panic attacks
  • PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder)
  • Substance abuse
If your medical conditions could benefit from having an animal, you may be eligible for an ESA letter.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting An ESA Letter?

A valid ESA letter ensures your emotional support animal stays with you. With an ESA letter, you can prove that they are significant to your emotional health. If that’s not enough to get an ESA letter, here are some of the main advantages of getting an ESA letter:

Saves You Pet Related Fee.

Pet fees are required in some places when taking your pet along. With an ESA letter, you will be exempt from paying any pet fees or deposits requiring such fees. An ESA letter is a free pass that allows your pet to accompany you everywhere, free of charge.

ESA letter allows you to live anywhere.

An ESA letter allows you to live with your ESA wherever you want, regardless of pet restrictions. Under the Fair Housing Act (FHA), individuals with disabilities can live with an ESA, even if the landlord or building has a ‘no pets’ policy.

Avoid any ESA-related discrimination.

Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) provide valuable emotional support to individuals with mental health conditions. Individuals with ESAs must be able to live with their animals without facing discrimination. Unfortunately, some individuals still face discrimination while living with their ESAs. It is essential for individuals to know their rights and to advocate for themselves if they encounter discrimination. They can seek legal assistance or file a complaint to protect their rights.

Avoid breed limitation.

Unfortunately, some dog lovers face prejudices against their dog breeds. Many buildings or landlords restrict specific dog breeds, such as pit bulls and huskies, inside their premises. With an ESA letter, however, you can avoid those limitations as your pet is legally listed as an emotional support animal. Thus a building or landlord cannot deny your breed access to the premises.

Can Any Doctor Write Me My ESA Letter?

No, not every doctor can write you an ESA letter. Only licensed mental health professionals are eligible to write an ESA letter. The following licensed healthcare professionals can provide an ESA letter for you:
  • Social Worker (LCSW)
  • Counselor
  • Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)
  • Psychiatrist
  • primary care physician
  • Psychologist
  • Registered Nurse
  • Physician’s Assistant
Additionally, the mental health professional must have an active and valid license, and they must have personally evaluated you and determined that you have a qualifying mental or emotional condition that would benefit from having an ESA. The ESA prescription must be on the doctor’s official letter, which mentions the doctor’s license number, the date of the issue, the location, the doctor’s sign, and the need for the emotional support animal.

Does My Pet Need The Training To Become My ESA?

Unlike service animals or Psychiatric Service Dogs (PSDs), an Emotional Support Animal is not required to undergo training to become an ESA. If your pet can behave well with you and others, not create any disturbances, listen to the owner’s commands, and not pose a threat or danger to others, it can be considered an Emotional Support Animal (ESA).

Is Obtaining An ESA Letter Online Legit?

As you obtained your ESA Letter from a licensed healthcare professional, it’s legal, whether online or offline. Online ESA letters are legal if they meet the legal requirements and regulations of the specific jurisdiction in which they are being used. Always ensure the platform you are using is secure and respects client confidentiality. One of the oldest and leading providers of emotional support animal letters online is My MMJ Doctor. If you think an emotional support animal could improve your mental health, don’t hesitate to get the help you deserve
We understand your concern. Just trust us.

Best ESA Letter Service Providers Near Me

Fast ESA Letter

Fast ESA Letter


  • Fast online process; you will get your approval in just 24 hours.
  • 100 percent money-back guarantee
  • State-licensed health professionals.
  • Professional customer support team
  • BBB Accredited
  • 24/7 live chat support


  • Online consultation only

About the Fast ESA Letter

Fast ESA Letter is a reputable healthcare organization that aims to provide legitimate ESA letters online to people in the USA. They follow all the legal formalities the state department sets to obtain an ESA letter on their premises. Fast ESA Letter offers consultations with licensed Mental Health Professionals in every state of the United States. These professionals are not only well-known in the healthcare domain but also friendly and respectful towards the fragile condition of the patients they serve. They provide customer support after purchasing your ESA letter. It is also a great perk for the customers because it shows their dedication to ensuring you get the best help and reliable support when needed.

What sets them apart?

Their process is online and very convenient, so even beginners can obtain their ESA letter without any hassle. Additionally, their licensed healthcare professionals and extended customer support hours ensure that you receive a legitimate ESA letter and assistance if you encounter any issues related to your ESA, even late at night. They not only provide ESA letters but also offer PSD (Psychiatric Service Dog) letters and affordable pet insurance. In other words, customers can obtain all three services under a single roof, which is rare and beneficial.
My ESA Therapist

My ESA Therapist


  • Offer online evaluation
  • Provides services everywhere in the USA.
  • Best turnaround time
  • State-licensed health professionals.
  • BBB Accredited
  • 24/7 live chat support


  • They are still working on providing pet training or counseling.

About the My ESA Therapist

My ESA Therapist provides a legitimate ESA letter from licensed healthcare professionals to patients across the USA. They can provide you with an ESA letter without any complications or tests. The process to obtain your ESA letter is completed online through their website, where you can easily book an appointment and speak with a doctor for a quick evaluation. You will receive complete support throughout the process of obtaining your ESA letter from My ESA Therapist, starting with scheduling your appointment and continuing until you receive your letter. Their online process is also HIPAA-compliant, which offers their customers ease of mind, knowing that their emotional support animal letter is up to legal and current standards. A HIPAA-compliant process also ensures the privacy protection of the customer. Feel free to browse or take advantage of their service without worrying about your privacy.

What sets them apart?

My ESA Therapist offers competitive pricing for their services, making them accessible to many individuals who need emotional support animal letters. Additionally, customers can easily apply for an ESA letter online through their website without the need for any in-person appointments or consultations. My ESA Therapist provides a fast turnaround time for their services, with customers receiving their letters in as little as 24 hours. This quick turnaround time sets My ESA Therapist apart from other ESA letter providers, making it a top choice for individuals who require their emotional support animals for housing purposes.
ESA Letter New York

ESA Letter New York


  • 100% HIPAA Compliant
  • 24/7 Online Support
  • Can certify most of the animals
  • Competitive Pricing


  • Refund will take 3-4 business days.
  • No PSD letter services

About ESA Letter New York

“ESA Letter New York” is another reliable and legitimate ESA letter service provider. Their website is easy to navigate and provides all the details you need to get your ESA letter in New York. They have a team of qualified healthcare professionals who will help you know every step of the process. ESA Letter New York understands the importance of a legitimate ESA letter for individuals who require emotional support. That’s why they offer a comprehensive evaluation process that assesses your need for an ESA letter and ensures that you meet the qualifications set by the law.

What sets them apart?

ESA Letter New York offers exceptional 24/7 customer service to ensure their customers have a positive experience. Their customer support team is available to answer any queries and guide you through obtaining your ESA letter, making it a stress-free and straightforward experience. They strive to ensure every customer’s positive experience, from the evaluation process to receiving their ESA letter.

Only My MMJ Doctor offers 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If not qualified, we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. No Appointments are Required.
Our team is available 24×7 to ease your hesitation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why fear when we are here?

Can I have More Than One ESA If I live In Income-Based Housing?

According to the rules set by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), residents of income-based housing are allowed to have emotional support animals (ESAs) even if they have more than one.

Does My Landlord Have The Right To Tell Me I Can't Have An ESA?

Landlord may only reject ESA in a few situations:
  • Owner-occupied buildings with no more than 4 units
  • Single-family houses rented by the owner without the use of an agent
  • if the landlord has evidence, the emotional support animal will pose a direct threat to the health or safety of others.

Can The Landlord Charge Me A Pet or Security Deposit For My Emotional Support Animal?

No, a landlord cannot charge a pet or security deposit for an emotional support animal if the tenant has an ESA letter. The Fair Housing Act exempts individuals with ESA letters from paying fees or deposits typically applied to regular pets.

How Do I Know If I Qualify For An Emotional Support Animal?

The only qualification for ESAs is that you have a mental disability, and the animal helps with your symptoms. The Fair Housing Act lists several mental health disorders that qualify as a disability, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and many others. Only a licensed mental health professional can determine if you meet the criteria. Through Fast ESA Letter, you speak directly with a qualified mental health professional where you reside.

My Landlord Says I Can Only Keep My Pet If I Have A Legitimate ESA Letter For Dog. What Should I Do?

If you believe your rights have been violated, you may consider speaking with an attorney familiar with your area’s fair housing laws. They can advise you on your legal rights, such as filing a complaint with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) or filing a lawsuit in court.

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