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January 17, 2024

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The medicinal use of marijuana is well-recognized in Nevada. Although, the drug is highly intoxicating and mind-altering. Therefore, the state has drafted specific guidelines for the safe consumption, possession, and purchase of medical cannabis. Thus, the state has made medical marijuana cards mandatory. Other than this, other essential aspects primarily govern the possession, consumption, and purchase of medical cannabis. Let us walk through some essential aspects of getting a medical marijuana card in Nevada.

Requisites for acquiring a medical marijuana card in Nevada

Nevada primarily recognizes both the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana. Although, for access to medical marijuana, individuals need a prescription or recommendation from a state-authorized medical professional. Furthermore, the state also accounts for telemedicine; individuals can optimally access medical marijuana.

Below are some significant obligations that must be thoroughly followed while applying for a medical marijuana card in Nevada:

  • Eligible residents

The residents or citizens of Nevada can only apply for medical marijuana cards in Nevada. A non-resident is not eligible for a medical marijuana card in Nevada.

  • Follow the minimum age.

Typically, individuals need to be a minimum of 18 to access medical marijuana. Patients below 18 cannot enroll for a medical marijuana card. However, less than 18 need caregivers who enroll on their behalf.

  • Devastating medical condition

Nevada has listed certain medical conditions, also called qualifying medical conditions. Individuals who suffer from the listed medical concerns, can effectively enroll for a medical marijuana card.

  • Caregivers

Caregivers can ideally enroll for a medical marijuana card in Nevada on behalf of minors. Once an individual registers as a caregiver, they must abide by all the guidelines issued by the regulatory authorities.

How to obtain a medical marijuana card in Nevada?

Individuals need to follow a specific step-by-step process to acquire a medical marijuana card in Nevada. My MMJ Doctor is a well-recognized platform for obtaining medical marijuana. The whole process is hassle-free right from the beginning till the end. Here are the critical three steps that one must follow to get a medical marijuana card:

Step 1: Register and fix an appointment

The foremost step is to sign-up with a state-authorized medical healthcare expert in Nevada. For this, individuals need to fill out an online evaluation form. Once the form is filled, submit it online.

Step 2: Medical Evaluation

Once the form is uploaded, a video conferencing session between the patient and the healthcare expert is held. In this phase, the doctor examines the medical condition of the patient. They ask questions regarding the condition. Besides, the medical records are also evaluated by the doctor. If the medical practitioner is satisfied, they fill out a recommendation form.

Step 3: Acquiring medical marijuana card

Once the recommendation is received, individuals need to register with the state. Once the state approves, a notification will be sent to your registered email. With the approval, individuals also get a temporary medical marijuana card within 48 hours. Individuals can effectively use it until they receive a permanent medical marijuana card.

Instructions Before the Appointment with Doctor

  • Please ensure that you are a NV resident and have a current NV ID.
  • Please Upload Your driver’s license or state ID .
  • Please ensure that your date of birth, email, and phone number is correct.
Only residents of Nevada are eligible for the medicinal marijuana card programme. Outside of this, non-residents are ineligible.

Qualifying medical conditions for obtaining a medical marijuana card in Nevada!

Nevada has narrowed down certain medical conditions that ideally qualify for a medical marijuana card. If an individual suffers from the below-mentioned medical concern, they effectively qualify for a medical marijuana card:
Nevada Registration Process

State Registration Process

Once individuals receive their recommendation from a state-licensed physician, they must register with the state to acquire a Nevada Registry ID Card. Following are the significant steps that one must follow to get registered with the state: Step 1: Online registry The foremost step is registering or enrolling in the medical marijuana program via the State online registry. Step 2: Application form Once the individual has enrolled in the program, they must fill out the application form. The form includes personal information that one must fill out correctly. Step 3: Caregiver This is an optional step and only needs to be completed if a minor requires medical marijuana. If a minor demands medical marijuana, they need to assign a caregiver who will purchase and possess medical cannabis on behalf of the patient. Step 4: Healthcare expert’s signature Individuals must get a signature from their medical professional on the application that specifies the medical condition. The signature highlights the relevance and reliability of the health concern mentioned. Step 5: Valid details and documents Individuals are required to show their valid documents like residency proof or driver’s license. Besides, they can also scan a copy of the Nevada state identification card. Furthermore, individuals also need to pay a $50 registration (non-refundable) fee. Vital note: Once the process mentioned above is completed, the state authorities will review your documents and application. If they are satisfied with the available details, a grant will be awarded, and a temporary medical marijuana card will be issued. Individuals can use the temporary card until the state authority issues the permanent medical marijuana card.


A caregiver is generally assigned to minor patients. Typically, for becoming a caregiver, individuals need to qualify for specific conditions. A caregiver is primarily added once the patient has registered with the state. Patients need to fill in the details of the appointed caregiver. Following are the conditions mentioned below that the caregivers must follow:
  • Caregivers first need to verify themselves as residents of Nevada. They need to submit their identification card or driver’s license.
  • An age barrier is also imposed on caregivers. The minimum age of being appointed as a caregiver must be at least 21. Below 21 does not qualify and, therefore, will be rejected.
  • Besides, the caregivers also need to follow the production, possession, and purchase laws. The state has issued specific guidelines regarding the same that every caregiver must follow.
Medical cannabis possession Although the state effectively recognizes medical marijuana, specific limitations are imposed on its possession. The possession of medical cannabis is limited to 2.5 ounces (every two weeks). Other than this, individuals can also possess 1 ounce of cannabis concentrate. Patients who need more than the specified limit must request the state authorities. Medical cannabis cultivation The Nevada state authorities approve cannabis cultivation. Following are the significant aspects one must consider when growing cannabis:
  • The law permits the cultivation of 12 cannabis plants. The plantation can be effectively done by medical marijuana cardholders only if they live 25 miles away from the nearest medical dispensary.
  • The cultivation can only be done in enclosed areas. A penalty will be imposed if the cultivation is done in an open area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the possession limits for medical marijuana cardholders?

Medical marijuana cardholders can effectively possess 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana and 1 ounce of other concentrates. If rare patients need more marijuana, they must request state authorities to increase the limits.

What are the cultivation conditions in Nevada?

Individuals can effectively grow marijuana in Nevada. However, they can grow 12 cannabis plants only if they reside 25 miles from the nearest medical dispensary.

How can individuals obtain a medical marijuana card in Nevada?

For obtaining a medical marijuana card, individuals need to follow three basic steps. These are as follows:

  • Registering with the state and fixing an appointment.
  • The medical expert carries out an evaluation via video conferencing.
  • Once the doctor grants a recommendation, individuals must register with the state.
  • Once the state approval is received, medical marijuana cards will be sent via email.

What are the basic caregiver requirements in Nevada?

While appointing a caregiver, individuals must ensure that the caregiver must be:

  • Above 21 years of age
  • Is a resident of Nevada.
  • Does not consume cannabis or related products.
  • Does not serve multiple patients.

What is the cost of a Registry Identification Card?

Individuals need to pay $50 as a non-refundable registration fee.

Do I need to be a Nevada resident to apply for a medical marijuana card in Nevada?
In Nevada, only residents can qualify for the medical marijuana card program. Other than this, non-residents do not qualify.

3 Easy Steps To Apply For Medical Marijuana Card

Our Simple 3 Step Process For Medical Marijuana Card

1. Fill up your details in an easy 420 Evaluations form.

2. Get Evaluated by a Local MMJ doctor After Online Submission.

3. Get Approved and Receive your Recommendation In Your Email.

Looking To Apply For A Medical Marijuana Card?

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