Celebrate Independence Day: Enhancing Veterans’ Health Post-Service with the Role of Medical Marijuana

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Garry Stewart
Written By Steve Brandon

July 4, 2024

independence day special: improving veterans' health with medical marijuana
Happy Independence Day! We are proud of the heroes who sacrificed their time for our country but it is essential to know the suffering of veterans after the war. Many a time, veterans experience health complications such as PTSD after their service. There are many types of treatment offered, however, they might not be sufficient to help them. That is where medical marijuana comes into the picture. Medical Marijuana has turned out to be one of the best means of treatment for the management of health complications. Along with its therapeutic benefits cannabis has emerged as a promising alternative, especially for veterans managing their health issues. In this blog, you will explore how cannabis has been an ally to those who have fought for our country.

Why do Veterans need Medical Marijuana?

While in civilian life, different ranges of health problems are seen related to veterans, which include PTSD, Anxiety, chronic pain, and depression. This is due to the physical and psychological requirements needed in their military projects.

The risk here is taken in dangerous situations and the veterans are exposed to traumatic incidents, and stressful events that result in post-service issues. Although treatments are available to them, they are sometimes incapable and inadequate. Hence, they look for a better and more convenient way of treating themselves.

An alternative and natural treatment that may help these patients is the use of medical marijuana, which can aid in the management of their conditions and is often reported to have minimal side effects.

How Medical Marijuana Helps Veterans

most common medical conditions faced by veterans
  1. Managing PTSD:– PTSD causes nightmares and anxiety directly linked to the traumatic experiences faced during their service. These symptoms can be alleviated with medical marijuana because the substance works on the endocannabinoid system located in the brain.
    Cannabinoids present in cannabis, such as CBD and THC, connect with the ECS and offer a relaxing sensation by influencing the mind to be calm and relieve stress.
  2. Relief from Chronic Pain:- Chronic Pain is another major symptom, which is long-term and results from injuries sustained during warfare by the veterans. In such circumstances, they receive recommendations to use opioids which under no circumstances can be healthy for them in the long run. However, medical cannabis could be of a lot of help to them because it has both inflammatory and pain-reducing effects. This makes it safer and more efficient for them and lessens the chances of having any type of addiction as it is with opioids.
  3. Managing Anxiety and Depression:- All of the tasks that a veteran does could be very rigorous and demanding, potentially causing PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Some people are unable to take antidepressants; that is why medical marijuana may actually help them here. As chemicals like CBD and THC are found in cannabis, they also work on enhancing the mood and have antidepressant properties. Thus, even medical marijuana is very beneficial for patients with PTSD as the research suggests.
  4. Improving Sleep Quality:- An occupational consequence of a veteran is Insomnia, a factor that may affect a veteran’s general well-being. Medical cannabis could be suitable for them since it helps soothe the mind, resulting in better sleep.

Success Stories

This story is about a veteran who had numerous health problems, including PTSD, after returning home from the service. This includes Stephen Mandle, who, after returning from his service in Iraq, suffered from spinal cord injury and PTSD.

As a result, these difficulties made him an aggressive person; besides he started to be depressed, and he also developed chronic pain as well. The regular medicines did not work for him, so his wife advised him to try medical marijuana.

At first, he was hesitant to do that, but then he thought of trying it. And after researching how cannabis can help him manage both his physical pain as well as mental stress. This helped him to be able to live his everyday life again, and this made him lobby for other veterans who were seeking alternative treatment options.

cannabis recommendation needs proper diagnosing done by medical cannabis specialist consultant

Legal Considerations and Accessibility

One must not underestimate the legal situation concerning medical marijuana. It is also advised that veterans consult their state laws to determine the legal use of the products and consult healthcare practitioners for their safe and suitable application. You can even consult a specialist at MyMMJ Doctor just by following these 3 steps.


  • Sign-Up and Schedule Your Appointment: In this part, give a brief medical history of your health and disease, and basic personal information. There may be a need to enter your state ID so be ready to do so if it is necessary. Submit the appointment form.
  • Consult via Video Conference: The driver’s appointment details will be sent to the email provided and therefore, you will be informed. When the time comes for your checkup, talk to the doctor about your disease and inquire about how marijuana treatment can enhance your health and eligibility for specific strains.
  • Receive Your Approval: Again the duration taken to approve the medical marijuana card depends from one state to another. It normally takes a day or a few days to obtain the recommendation letter depending on the laws of the state.


On this grand, joyous occasion of the 4th of July, we wish you all a delighted Independence Day; we also would like to salute the fine and the brave. Besides, it’s important to point out that they work hard and have to suffer from various mental as well as physical problems after receiving their post-service. whereas, Medical Marijuana assists them cope with all the unwanted challenges in life, for instance, PTSD and chronic pain, among others. Thus, the role of a veteran in medical cannabis as a treatment increases the quality of their existence as chronic illness is prevalent among them. If maybe you are a veteran or you know someone, a veteran who could stand to benefit from medical marijuana, he or she should see a healthcare provider to learn more about it.

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