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Get the vitamin IV drip at home and take your health to the next level. Our Mobile IV therapy professionals will come to you, wherever you are in East Bay, and administer a customized IV treatment to help you fulfill your health goals!

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IV Drips We Offer

Myers' Cocktail IV drip

Myers’ Cocktail IV Drip

A popular IV therapy, Myers’ cocktail contains a unique blend of minerals, amino acids, vitamins, and enzymes for treating various symptoms. Whether you feel dehydrated or need a relaxing body, It can increase the hydration level and serelax your brain and body.

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Hangover IV Drip

Hangover IV Drip

Alcohol can cause significant dehydration, nausea, and headache. Allow the My MMJ Doctor to assist you in regaining power with our Hangover IV Drip. This IV infusion can cure even the most difficult hangovers, providing quick, efficient relief.

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Bio Beauty IV Drip

Bio-Beauty IV Drip

Enhance your inner glow with our bio beauty IV drip. This IV drip will help you fight acne, reduce wrinkles, prevent facial lines, and give your face a fresh inside-out glow. Bio beauty IV drip contains beauty-boosting essentials, such as ascorbic acid and biotin.

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Super Immune IV Drip

Super Immune IV Drip

Boost your immunity and feel better with our super immune IV drip. We formulated the super immune IV drip with immune-essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. This will easily help your body to quickly fight colds, viruses, and other illnesses.

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Best Self IV Drip

Best Self IV Drip

Best self IV drip is also well known as the one in all drip because it tackles most illnesses and promotes overall health and wellness. It’s a perfect blend of high-quality vitamins and minerals and increases the body’s endurance and strength.

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Athletic Recovery IV Drip

Athletic Recovery IV Drip

The recovery IV drip is recommended for athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking to decrease their recovery times while enhancing their fitness. Athletic recovery IV drip contains B vitamins, glutamine, magnesium, zinc, manganese, and selenium.

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Venus IV Drip

Venus IV Drip

We designed venus IV Drip to help minimize irritability, bloating, stomach discomfort, and lower back pain related to premenstrual syndrome (PMS). It is rich in vitamins and B vitamins that address other health concerns, such as muscle cramps.

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NAD+ IV Drip 500 mg

NAD + IV Drip

Low NAD+ levels are one reason you feel the effects of aging, and as the year passes, you become more prone to age-related illnesses. We specially curated NAD+ IV drip that helps you feel young, hydrated, and energetic and enhances overall wellness.

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NAD ++ IV 1,000 mg


NAD+ levels decrease as we age and are associated with many illnesses, such as decreased energy levels, diminished brain function, and reduced muscle performance. Goodbye to all these conditions with our NAD++ IV drip, and live a healthy life.

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Customized IV Drip

Create Your Own IV

My MMJ doctor allows you to make or customize your IV drip to achieve your health goals. Whether you want to enhance your beauty or your illness requires a unique blend of vitamins and minerals, our personalized IV drip is a safe and effective solution.

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Benefits of Vitamin IV

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Faster Achieve Your Health Goals

IV drip directly hits the bloodstream, meaning you will get your vitamins and nutrition faster than any other medication. Getting vitamins and nutrition faster means you will achieve your health goals more quickly.
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Intense Nutrient Absorption

If you need a high concentration of medication, then IV therapy might be the best for you. IV therapy allows you to absorb vitamins and minerals more intensely. Healthcare professionals use IV therapy when patients need more amounts of medication quickly.
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Avoid Medication Contraindications

Oral medications may contradict other medications. At the same time, IV drips generally have a low risk of interactions or adverse effects with other drugs. That’s why they are considered a safe option for enhancing overall wellness.
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Avoid Swallow Pills

You can avoid stomach disturbance by bypassing the digestive system with IV therapy. Some patients may experience issues such as nausea when taking medication orally, which is entirely avoided by IV therapy.
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Internal Hydration Boost

IV therapy for hydration boost is an effective and efficient way to replenish your body’s fluid levels and achieve optimal hydration. IV hydration therapy can quickly restore your body’s balance, whether you’re dehydrated due to illness or inadequate fluid intake.

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Personalized Treatment Option

By collaborating with a healthcare professional, you can discuss your unique IV requirements and goals. This personalized approach ensures that the vitamin IV drip aligns with your needs and preferences, maximizing the potential benefits.
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We Are Here “For You”

My MMJ Doctor offers the best IV therapy in East Bay to boost your well-being. Our highly skilled and certified healthcare professionals provide personalized treatments for your health goals. Since our inception, we have been committed to helping you achieve optimal health with specially formatted vitamin infusions. Refresh your body and mind from the comfort of your home through our mobile IV therapy services in East Bay. Whether it be your home, office, or hotel, we will come to you to deliver your IV treatment. Experience safe and reliable treatment while achieving optimal health.

What Is The Process Of IV Therapy in East Bay?

Choose the IV Treatment Select from any of our IV drips that best fit you or your health goals. We have a range of vitamin IV therapy to cater to your specific requirements, such as hydration, immunity, or recovery. Book Appointment Book a preferred day, time, and location, for your vitamin therapy. One of our licensed healthcare professionals will contact you to confirm the consultation time and determine if you meet the necessary medical requirements. Get Your IV Treatment One of our healthcare professionals will come to your location and administer your selected IV therapy. They will ensure you receive the utmost care and attention during the process. Feel Better Quickly After the IV sessions, the healthcare professional will remove the IV bag and may recommend post-care treatment, such as avoiding physically demanding activities or drinking water.

Who Can Benefit From IV Therapy?

People with dehydration We routinely lose water when we sweat, urinate, or physically push our limits. Getting an IV for dehydration is the fastest way to replace bodily fluids. Healthcare providers use IV therapy to treat patients with severe dehydration who needs fluids replaced immediately, like patients who are fainting or experiencing symptoms of heat stroke. IV Therapy for Malnutrition IV Therapy for Malnutrition can help patients who cannot meet their nutritional requirements through oral intake. This includes patients without a properly functioning gastrointestinal tract and who suffer from dysphagia or difficulty swallowing. IV Therapy for Emergency Medication IV therapy is necessary in emergencies to combat the patient’s critical medical conditions. Some emergencies where a patient may receive medication, blood, or fluids through IV include Heart Attack, Stroke, Excessive bleeding or loss of fluids, and Poisoning. Having an IV During Surgery Healthcare providers use IV therapy during the surgery to administer anesthesia, pain medications, antibiotics, and other vital fluids. During surgical procedures, IV therapy helps maintain a patient’s hydration, electrolyte, and blood sugar levels. Medication Administration Through IV Therapy Generally, medications can be taken by mouth. In some situations, the best route is through the vein. IV therapy would be the preferred route for many medical procedures such as blood transfusions, antifungal therapy requiring more potent agents than can be given orally, etc.

Some Essential Points To Consider

Before considering IV therapy, you should look at these points for an effective IV therapy session. Find licensed healthcare professionals: For effective, smooth, and hassle-free IV therapy sessions, always consult with licensed health professionals. They will be aware of IV therapy’s potential effects and side effects. Alternatives: In some rare cases, IV therapy may not be a good option for you. Discussing all treatment options with your doctor is essential. They will guide you to the best treatment possible. Monitoring: During the IV therapy session, it is essential to monitor for any signs of adverse effects such as high blood pressure, fever, swelling, or pain at the injection site. Benefits and Risks: Understand the benefits and risks of IV therapy. While it can provide quick and efficient relief from many health conditions, there can be potential risks, such as infection, allergic reactions, or adverse effects from the administered substances. Suitability: IV therapy is typically used for specific situations, including dehydration, nutrient deficiencies, hangovers, or beauty enhancement. Discuss with your doctor if IV therapy suits your particular condition. Quality and Safety: Ensure the IV therapy provider follows strict cleanliness, sterility, and safety protocols. This includes using sterile equipment, properly trained medical staff, and adhering to established guidelines and regulations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who Should Get IV Drip Therapy?

IV therapy can treat various medical conditions, including severe dehydration, chronic pain, or malnutrition. It can also effectively relieve the hangover and enhance overall health and wellness. Doctors use IV therapy as a fast-acting way to feed essential fluids into the body’s system.

Who Can Administer The IV Drip Treatment In East Bay?

Healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, or trained medical practitioners administer IV drip treatment in East Bay. These medical professionals have the knowledge and expertise to properly complete the IV infusion therapy in Easy Bay. You can contact My MMJ Doctor for licensed healthcare professionals in the East Bay. We have expertise in administering IV therapy in your Easy Bay home, hotel, and offices.

How Long Do IV Drip Treatments Take?

Generally, IV therapy takes 45 to 60 mins but widely depends on many factors, such as your current health status, your purpose of taking IV therapy, and the type of IV therapy you choose. Choose My MMJ Doctor for efficiency and hassle-free IV therapy in Easy Bay.

How Much Does IV Therapy Cost in Easy Bay?

The cost of IV treatments in Easy Bay can vary depending on several factors, including the location, the specific treatment being administered, and additional services or add-ons. Contact My MMJ Doctor about the IV treatment cost in East Bay, CA.

Do You Provide IV Services In Easy Bay For Events Or Private Parties?

Yes, we offer IV therapy for any size of event or party in East Bay. Our mobile IV will come to your place to administer the IV, and we will only leave you if you get an efficient and effective IV therapy.

Are There Any Risks to IV drip therapy?

Like any medical procedure, IV drip therapy carries certain risks. However, they are generally considered low and will disappear as treatment progresses. Overall, IV therapy considers a safe treatment option.

What Are Commonly Used Ingredients in IV Therapy?

Although you can customize your IV treatment, here are some common IV ingredients used in IV therapy.
  • B complex
  • B12 shot
  • Glutathione
  • Ringer’s Solution
  • Dextrose
  • Zofran
  • Toradol
  • Magnesium
  • Biotin
  • Vitamin C

Who Benefits from NAD+ IV Drip Therapy?

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme that plays an important role in various cellular processes, including energy metabolism and DNA repair. It is believed that NAD+ offers potential benefits to aging caused by the body’s decline in NAD. Moreover, IV therapy is also an effective treatment for neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, or multiple sclerosis.

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The medical professionals at My MMJ Doctor were highly skilled and made sure I felt comfortable throughout the process. The IV therapy session was nothing short of amazing. Salina
They took the time to explain the benefits of IV therapy and tailored the treatment to my specific needs. I highly recommend My MMJ Doctor’s IV therapy services to anyone seeking a natural and effective way to enhance their well-being. Ashlyn
Their Vitamin IV therapy immediately boosts energy, improves my hydration levels, and enhances my overall health. The infusion of essential vitamins and minerals left me feeling rejuvenated and revitalized. Thanks! Shawn Reo

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