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My MMJ Doctor is available to offer you IV therapy at your home, office, or hotel in Palm Springs. With our expert medical team, we bring the benefits of intravenous therapy directly to you, saving you time and effort.

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IV Drips We Offer

Myers' Cocktail IV drip

Myers’ Cocktail IV Drip

A Myers cocktail is an increasingly popular IV therapy. It’s a perfect alternative for various health conditions because of its high dose of antioxidants, nutrients, and other immune-boosting factors.

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Hangover IV Drip

Hangover IV Drip

Don’t let last night’s fun end on a bad note. My MMJ Doctor’s Hangover IV drip is a blend of electrolytes, vitamins, and medications to restore hydration in your body and help you overcome your hangover symptoms quickly.

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Bio Beauty IV Drip

Bio-Beauty IV Drip

We designed our bio beauty drip to deliver ingredients that help promote glowing skin, healthy hair, and nail growth while combating oxidative stress caused by free radicals to give your skin a fresh glow.

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Super Immune IV Drip

Super Immune IV Drip

Our Super Immune IV Drip is a specially formulated IV therapy to boost and support the immune system. It combines a powerful blend of nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that synergize to enhance your body’s natural immunity and promote overall wellness.

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Best Self IV Drip

Best Self IV Drip

A perfect blend of high-quality vitamins and minerals that help you to achieve optimal health and wellness. The Best Self IV is one in all IV drip that enables you to deal with various health conditions, such as stress, weak immunity, etc.

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Athletic Recovery IV Drip

Athletic Recovery IV Drip

Whether training for a match or finishing a hardcore workout, getting the right nutrients and hydration are crucial to proper recovery. Our Athletic Recovery IV offers a speed-up muscle repair to train your body for crucial matches.

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Venus IV Drip

Venus IV Drip

Our specially formulated Venus IV Drip bag blends magnesium, toradol, and vita complex. Venus IV Drip addresses banish cramps and the root causes of muscle cramps and provides optimal health results.

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NAD+ IV Drip 500 mg

NAD + IV Drip

Take our 500 mg NAD + drip to help your body to improve your energy and vitality. NAD+ (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme that activates healthy genes to enhance concentration, metabolism.

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NAD ++ IV 1,000 mg


With a high concentration of NAD+, you can improve energy production and overall brain health. This boost in cellular energy helps combat brain fog and enhances mental clarity and focus. It also plays a critical role in DNA repair mechanisms.

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Customized IV Drip

Create Your Own IV

Make your IV drip with My MMJ Doctor and experience the convenience of personalized wellness in the comfort of your home. Whether you want to optimize your health or have personal beauty goals, our customized IV drip provides a safe and effective solution.

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Benefits of Vitamin IV

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Detoxification Support

Vitamin IV therapies are known for their detoxifying properties. It can help neutralize free radicals, eliminate toxins, and support liver health.
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Improved Nutrient Absorption

Vitamin IV therapy delivers essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream by bypassing the digestive system, ensuring optimal nutrient absorption.
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Enhanced Hydration

Many Vitamin IV therapies can help improve hydration levels. This can be particularly beneficial for dehydrated persons due to intense physical activity or illness.
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Faster Recovery and Healing

The fluids delivered through IV therapy can aid in tissue repair and regeneration. It promotes faster recovery from intense workouts or surgeries and enhances overall healing.
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Avoid Swallow Pills

IV therapy offers valuable advantages as a treatment option for individuals experiencing digestive issues. By bypassing the digestive system, you can avoid stomach disturbance.
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Overall Wellness and Vitality

Regular Vitamin IV therapy can contribute to overall well-being and vitality. It ensures optimal nutrient levels and enhances cellular health, promoting improved quality of life.
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We Are Here “For You”

My MMJ Doctor has developed and fostered relationships with the best medical professionals throughout the USA in the field of IV treatment. Through My MMJ Doctor, patients can easily access the IV professional at their fingertips. Each of our medical professionals is licensed by the state licensing Board. We will meet you at your house, office, or other location where you’re comfortable receiving IV treatment. Patient care and comfort are our top priorities, so we do everything to accommodate your needs.

Who Can Benefit From IV Therapy?

IV therapy is an increasingly popular way to combat various medical conditions and help to achieve optimal health. Almost everyone can benefit from IV therapies, but here are some specific types of people who can especially benefit from IV therapy. Sick and recovering patients: Those sick and recovering patients who want to speed up recovery from a medical condition such as a cold, the flu, fatigue, low immune system, etc. While IV is not a medicine, it can help speed up your body’s natural recovery process. Seniors citizens: Many senior citizens struggle with daily activities where they could use the extra boost of IV therapy. IV therapy can help them to feel more active and rejuvenate them! People with low energy or fatigue: Due to the busy or modern lifestyle, many people constantly suffer from chronically low energy levels and tiredness. They may experience fatigue far too easily and quickly. IV therapy can give them high energy and stamina to achieve their goals. Athletes & workout enthusiasts They may feel exhausted after an intense workout or unable to hit their desired goals during workouts. Either way, IV therapy can help. It can give them the strength and endurance to achieve their fitness goals. People with chronically dry skin People concerned about their skin, hair, and nails can use IV therapy as a beauty enhancement procedure. IV therapy can make your skin look and feel better and improve the health of your hair and nails! People with frequent headaches or migraines IV therapy can do wonders for people with frequent severe headaches or migraines. It may be used as an instant relief procedure from these conditions. To learn who can use IV therapy, contact My MMJ Doctor today!

What Is The Process Of IV Therapy in Palm Springs?

From start to finish, getting IV therapy is easy in Palm Springs. Follow the steps below to get your IV. Consultation: First, visit My MMJ Doctor online and consult with one of our licensed healthcare professionals in Palm Springs, who will examine your medical conditions and need for IV treatment. Select IV therapy: Based on the consultation, healthcare professionals will recommend a specific IV therapy. You can also add vitamins or nutrients to your health goals. Preparation for the IV: After locking the specific IV therapy, the doctor will prepare the IV bag by adding the necessary vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients according to your need. Administration: Now, a healthcare provider will clean the selected needle area, insert a needle into the vein in your arm or hand, and attach the IV bag to a tubing system. Healthcare providers will adjust the dripping speed based on your health. Monitoring: During the session, the healthcare provider will closely monitor your vital signs, such as cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and heart rate, to ensure you respond well to the IV therapy. End of the process: After emptying the attached IV bag, the healthcare provider will remove the needles and put cotton on the injected side for a few minutes. In the end, the doctor may provide post-care instructions on maintaining the benefits of the IV therapy.

Some Essential Points To Consider While Planning for IV Therapy

Consult with licensed healthcare professionals only: IV therapy should always be completed under the supervision of a licensed medical professional. Contraindications: IV therapy may contradict other medications, and some may have an allergy to the specific ingredient of the IV. It’s always good to talk with your doctor before taking IV therapy. Alternatives of IV therapy: In some cases, oral or other medication forms are sufficient for your health needs. While consulting for IV therapy, it’s also a good idea to consult alternative treatment options. Monitoring: During the IV infusion process, it is essential to monitor any signs of complications, such as fever, pain, or nausea. If you feel any complication, contact your doctor as soon as possible. Cost of IV therapy: IV therapy may be expensive compared to oral medication, especially if not covered by insurance. So choose the therapy wisely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Are The Rules For IV Therapy In Palm Springs?

There are no specific rules for taking IV therapy in Palm Springs. However, it’s always recommended to consult with licensed healthcare professionals. You can contact My MMJ Doctor anytime for any query or questions.

What Happens If You Give IV Fluids Too Fast?

It can be beneficial in some rare cases. However, most of the time, you may experience headaches, high blood pressure, and trouble breathing. Trusting your doctor and following all the security measurements for an effective and secure IV therapy session is recommended.

How Long Do IV Drip Treatments Take?

On average, an IV treatment takes 45 minutes to an hour. However, the procedure may be quicker or longer, depending on your age and weight, the chosen IV type, health status, or goals.

How Long Do IV Vitamins Stay In The Body?

IV vitamins generally remain in your body for days or weeks. It significantly depends on your body’s needs and the type of IV infusion you receive. However, it’s essential to note that each person has a separate physicality. One patient may enjoy more immediate effects than another patient, but IV sessions supply wellness advantages no matter what.

How Do I Book an IV Session Appointment in Palm Springs?

Visit My MMJ Doctor online and fill out complete questionnaires to book your IV therapy appointment in Palm Springs. We have licensed healthcare professionals with expertise in delivering IV therapy in your home.

Is IV Treatment Safe?

Generally, IV treatment is safe. However, consulting with a professional IV doctor before finalizing any IV treatment is always recommended.

How Often Should I Receive IV Therapy?

The frequency of IV therapy sessions depends on your goal of IV treatment. Some individuals may benefit from weekly or two therapy in a week, while others only require monthly treatment.

Can I Get IV Therapy At Home In Palm Springs?

With our mobile IV therapy in Palm Springs, you can get your IV therapy in your home. Our healthcare professionals are reputable and licensed to administer IV therapy at home. We designed our mobile IV therapy in Palm Springs that is personalized to your needs. If you are interested in mobile IV therapy In Palm Springs, contact My MMJ Doctor to start your process.

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I was feeling dehydrated and called My MMJ Doctor for a last minute appointment, and they were so accommodating and could take me in right away! I felt completely rejuvenated after my IV. Angela
They never fail to make me feel safe under their care and have always been wonderful and accommodating. I highly recommend My MMJ Doctor to anyone seeking mobile IV therapy in Palm Springs. Aaliyah

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