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How To Get A Ketamine Prescription In Kentucky?

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Begin your treatment session online with a ketamine doctor. The doctor will evaluate your medical conditions and determine whether your symptoms can be treatable with the ketamine treatment.

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What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is an anesthetic medication approved by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1970. It started as an anesthetic medication, but later on, researchers found it helpful for many mental illnesses, including depression and anxiety. At lower doses, Ketamine produces pain relief and sedation, while it produces hallucinatory and dissociation effects at higher dosages.

Types of Ketamine Therapy in Kentucky

There are two types of ketamine therapy,i.e., intravenous or IV infusion and nasal spray. The most popular and well-known ketamine treatment option is IV therapy. The IV infusion is administered intravenously into the patient’s bloodstream. IV therapy takes effect right away and lasts from days to weeks. Ketamine IV therapy is mainly used to treat depression and bipolar disorder.

Spravato (ketamine) nasal spray is a form of ketamine therapy Kentucky that got FDA approval recently. The nasal spray form reacts differently to neurotransmitter receptor sites in the brain, alleviating the effectiveness and increasing the effects of the Ketamine.

Ketamine Treatment for Depression

Ketamine is also a powerful antidepressant. When all other antidepressants have failed, Ketamine is prescribed to manage depression. It works through mechanisms not offered by any other traditional antidepressant. The effects of Ketamine are fast-acting and improve mood in as little as four hours after administration. Moreover, Ketamine has the potential to relieve feelings of helplessness, sadness, and even thoughts of suicide. The effects of Ketamine regard last about seven days before another dose is required.

When Can I Use Ketamine?

Anxiety icon

Ketamine for Anxiety

Ketamine therapy is an effective treatment for managing and addressing anxiety symptoms. Anxiety is often associated with a frequent or chronic sense of fear and urgency in response to actions or people. Ketamine therapy provides some ‘breathing room’ for the individuals to anxiety, gain new perspectives, and take the following steps necessary to address their anxiety in the long term.
Anesthetic Use

Ketamine for OCD

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a common neuropsychiatric condition affecting most US people. Ketamine has proven an effective treatment for OCD. With ketamine treatment, people with OCD can alleviate their symptoms faster than with any other medicine. It is safe and reliable as well.
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Ketamine for PTSD

Ketamine for PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) can relieve many PTSD symptoms, including loneliness and loss of interest in pleasurable activities. It has a short half, and the drug leaves the body quickly, but there are significant changes in chemicals of the brain and patient perspective during that time. This makes it an ideal treatment for people with PTSD.
Acute Pain

Ketamine for Bipolar

Bipolar disorder is common, affecting nearly 3% of adults in the United States, and is also incredibly complex. Diagnosing bipolar disorder is the first hurdle while treating mental illness poses further challenges as it’s more resistant than depression. One of the effective treatments for this bipolar disorder is Ketamine, which acts quickly and effectively in many patients.
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Ketamine for Chronic pain

The use of Ketamine as a low-dose pain management treatment is growing quickly, indicating its effectiveness in clinical use. It’s proving a safe and reliable way to relieve chronic pain without withdrawal symptoms. Ketamine gives robust and rapid relief to people with chronic pain. It is a third-line adjuvant drug for opioid-resistant pain in palliative care and intractable chronic pain.
Status Epilepticus icon

Ketamine for Status Epilepticus

Status epilepticus is a life-threatening neurological emergency associated with high morbidity. Treatment should be aimed at stopping seizures and avoiding cerebral damage. Ketamine is prescribed when a person gets more than one seizure in just 5 minutes. When traditional seizure drugs are not of any use, Ketamine may turn out to be highly effective.
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Benefits of Ketamine

Ketamine is helping people worldwide who have tried many other treatments but failed to alleviate their symptoms of major depression. While alleviating symptoms of depression is an excellent benefit of ketamine therapy, it is not the only one. Here are a few more.

  • The use of Ketamine can replace thoughts of suicide with thoughts of hope.
  • It revs neurons by interacting with NMDA (N-Methyl-D-aspartic acid) receptors for new cell growth.
  • It calms your mind and reduces severe or chronic pain.
  • It decreases the need for narcotic painkillers.
  • It works quickly, within hours, and continues to work even after being metabolized.
  • It also improves symptoms of other mental health conditions, including PTSD, anxiety, bipolar, and OCD.
  • You are not at risk for developing an addiction because your psychiatrist prescribed only small doses.

Moreover, It has a high success rate in improving the mental health of those with treatment-resistant depression.

Is Ketamine Safe?

Since its inception, Ketamine has been used safely in millions of patients. It is also one of only two anesthetics listed as an “essential drug” by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Medical studies have also shown that ketamine treatment has improved symptoms of depression, PTSD, OCD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and chronic pain safely, with approximately 70–80% of patients responding to ketamine treatment.

Is Ketamine Therapy In Kentucky Legal?

The federal government approved Ketamine in 1970. The FDA approved Ketamine as an anesthetic. It was first used to treat injured soldiers in the Vietnam war.

When a physician in Kentucky prescribes ketamine use for off-label treatments is legal. The doctor completes a thorough health evaluation before prescribing the Ketamine in a tablet or injection for the patient.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Insurance Cover Ketamine Therapy Kentucky?

Ketamine therapy Kentucky may not be covered by insurance because of its off-label use. It’s better to check with your insurance provider before starting the treatment. You also need to check with your Ketamine Kentucky clinic.

Is The Consultation Free?

No, but it’s affordable. The prices are much lower, so you don’t have to choose between your health and your pocket.

How Long Does A Session Take?

Your ketamine treatments generally last 20-30 minutes for depression, bipolar, and other mood disorders. The ketamine treatment experience is a pleasurable one. You will relax during your treatment, and for the next 20-30 minutes, most patients will feel a sense of warmth and comfort. During your treatment, you will not lose consciousness. Instead, you will experience a mild euphoric feeling. However, your mind will be aware and engaged.

How Is The Ketamine Therapy Administered In Kentucky?

Ketamine infusion therapy is administered via a needle and IV bag. Your doctor closely monitors your infusion and makes a report of it so that they can monitor the progress and side effects of the ketamine infusion.

Does Ketamine Work When Given Orally Or Nasally?

Ketamine is absorbed by the body very differently when taken orally or nasally and is not as effective for depression. But in both cases, Ketamine is effective whether you take it nasally or orally. The effect time will vary on a minor scale, but all forms are reliable.

What Is The Process For A Ketamine Kentucky Treatment?

The process of Ketamine is simple. Most patients report significant improvement by the third infusion, and more than 70-80% report remission at the fourth infusion. In addition, some patients initially become aware of the improvement in mood after only one infusion.

What Is Involved In A Ketamine Infusion?

Patients will usually receive ketamine infusion therapy in a private room with medical equipment for monitoring heart rate, pulse, blood pressure, and many others. A doctor can monitor a patient’s vital signs. Most patients report a peaceful and relaxing experience. Patients, on average, should expect to spend 60 to 80 minutes in the clinic, allowing for the check-in procedure, the active phase of infusion, and recovery time.

Is Ketamine Safe Or Ineffective?

Ketamine is a safe treatment but may be ineffective in patients with uncontrolled blood pressure, unstable heart disease, active substance abuse, or active psychotic (hallucinations or delusions) symptoms.

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