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How To Get A Ketamine Prescription In Oklahoma?

With My MMJ Doctor, getting a ketamine prescription is as simple as creating a Facebook account. Contact one of our qualified healthcare experts in Oklahoma today to discuss your ketamine treatment. Here’s how to get going:

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What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a dissociative injected anesthetic available in the U.S. since the 1970s. Doctors use Ketamine to induce general anesthesia for medical procedures that don’t need muscle relaxation. Sometimes doctors also prescribe Ketamine for treating depression, anxiety, status epilepticus or pain as an off-label drug.

Esketamine, a kind of ketamine, is an FDA-approved antidepressant drug. Ketamine has off-label use as an alternative therapy for depression and anxiety. It’s become a recognized mainstream medicine with fast-acting antidepressant properties that many mental health practitioners suggest for patients suffering from several problems after more than 20 years of study.

How is Ketamine Available?

In addition to the support for Ketamine as an anesthetic, a few years ago, the FDA approved the use of Ketamine S(+) enantiomer Esketamine nasal spray (Spravato®) for depression.

Ketamine is commonly available in the market in the following forms:

  • 60 to 250 mg: Insufflation (intranasal or “snorting”)
  • 75 to 125 mg: Intramuscular or subcutaneous injection
  • 50 to 100 mg: Intravenous injection
  • 200 to 300 mg: Orally

Patients can consume it orally or snort it in contrast to the more popular injectable form of Ketamine. Ketamine is often used recreationally with nicotine or cannabis because of its dissociative effects.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) only permits the use of Ketamine if the user has obtained written authorization from a medical practitioner and has documentation of that authorization. This reason is why My MMJ Doctor advises OK patients to get a prescription.

Ketamine Treatment for Depression

If you are considering a different form of help for depression, Ketamine may be your finding. Ketamine treatment involves using the medication in a properly regulated dose to cater to depression and other mental health issues. While there are various medications and therapies used to treat depression, ketamine treatment has proven to be effective and is quickly becoming a mainstay treatment.

Ketamine encourages robust neural activity, which helps the brain to function more normally. It can also create neuroplasticity, allowing your neural activity to overcome unhealthy recursive patterns. Its effectiveness could be the reason why Ketamine is more successful at treating depression than most other regular antidepressants.

When Can I Use Ketamine?

Anxiety icon

Ketamine for Anxiety

People who use Ketamine experience a decrease in negative thoughts. A notable reduction in their nervous tendencies also shows up. As a result, most medical practitioners prescribe Ketamine to individuals suffering from anxiety.
Anesthetic Use

Ketamine for Anaesthesia

When doing medical and surgical operations, doctors frequently utilize it. It helps patients of all ages because of its efficacy and safety. Thus, Ketamine is an on-label anesthetic drug.
Depression icon

Ketamine for Depression

While there are various drugs, therapies, and medications for treating depression and other related issues, ketamine treatment has proven its effectiveness and is quickly becoming a mainstay treatment.
Acute Pain

Ketamine for Pain Relief

Ketamine is a drug that medical practitioners recommend to patients to treat acute and chronic pain since it can disguise discomfort. Ketamine is a superior pain reliever to other medications on the market. Due to the way it works, off-label Ketamine is recommended by medical practitioners when the condition is ineffective with other first-line medicines.
PTSD icon

Ketamine for PTSD

If you have PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder), may experience nightmares, flashbacks, heightened reactivity to stimuli, anxiety or depressed mood. During the administration of Ketamine, particularly 24 hours after the first dose, these lost synaptic connections begin to grow again. The combination of the regrowing synapses with glutamate activity makes it possible for the brain’s actions to change.
Status Epilepticus icon

Ketamine for Other Treatments

Ketamine has the potential to provide rapid symptom relief to people struggling with OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder). A study shows alleviation from obsessions within 10 minutes of ketamine and a full stop to obsessions 30 minutes after infusing ketamine. The obsessions start to come back after 40 to 220 minutes post-infusion but do not return to the base level of obsessions until seven days from the post-infusion.

Medication Illustration png

How Does “Ketamine” Help My Mental Health?

Over time, sustained stress causes the brain’s neuronal connections to deteriorate. The number of synapses in the brain declines with depression.

Direct action from ketamine helps to repair these connections. When it attaches to the NMDA receptor, a glutamate surge is released. As a result of this surge, secretion of growth factors like BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) occurs, which aid in the formation of new synapses and better cognitive processes in the brain. Ketamine differs from other prescribed antidepressants, which work via the serotonin or dopamine receptors.

Ketamine is known to have hallucinatory effects due to its dissociation activity. Ketamine withdrawal distances the consumer from pain and their surroundings. As a result, it promotes drowsiness, tranquility, and pain alleviation.

Is Ketamine Safe?

It is, indeed, only if you are taking Ketamine on the advice of a medical professional.
It is encouraged that you use it just during that timeframe. You can customize your experience for improved treatment outcomes over time by experiencing many ketamine therapy sessions.

Does Oklahoma Approve of Ketamine?

Ketamine therapy is currently only legal to administer in the United States, including Oklahoma and a handful of other countries. In the USA, there are still certain restrictions on the use of Ketamine.

According to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Ketamine is approved for monitored and prescribed use in clinics because it has some medical value. Outside of this, any ketamine use without a prescription is considered illegal. The FDA approved Ketamine as an anesthetic and analgesic drug for use in clinics during surgery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Ketamine Prescribing Doctor Near Me In Oklahoma?

Do you have a good Internet connection and a smartphone? Then, don’t worry about going to an actual clinic. My MMJ Doctor has an online process just for you to consult a doctor in Oklahoma.

What If I Get Addicted To Ketamine?

Ketamine addiction is not possible if supervised by a practised mental health professional. However, consuming higher dosages of Ketamine can lead to psychological dependence. Even then, there will not be any severe withdrawal symptoms.

What Is The Cost Of Ketamine In Oklahoma?

Typically, only the FDA-approved ketamine nasal spray is a ketamine treatment for depression that insurance will pay for (Spravato). Most insurance plans do not cover IV ketamine since the FDA has not authorized it as a treatment for depression. The price of an infusion without insurance is roughly $450. This amount comes to around $3,000 to $4,000 for the six injections based on studies spread over three weeks. That excludes supplements for when symptoms come back.

Is It Dangerous To Take Ketamine And Alcohol Together?

Danger! Ketamine combined with alcohol is a NO. Doctors say it is unsafe. You may be aware that alcohol is a CNS depressant. Ketamine has the same effect. As a result, the brain will feel twice the quantity of impact.

What Are The Advantages Of Ketamine?

  • Ketamine is a non-traditional psychedelic.
  • It is a shorter-acting drug, lasting about 2 hours on average.
  • Ketamine offers a sense of floating and weightlessness.
  • It also can create vibrant imagery, valuable insights, and spiritual experiences.
  • More predictable than LSD, psilocybin, or ayahuasca.

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