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Garry Stewart
Written By Garry Stewart

April 17, 2023

Medical cannabis delivery in Missouri

, If you are a marijuana user living in Missouri then you will be thrilled to know that the medical cannabis delivery is now allowed within the state.

Yes, you heard it right, medical cannabis delivery is now a legal option for Missouri’s marijuana patients. The increase in the demand of cannabis has grabbed the attention of state-licensed dispensaries, and now they are delivering marijuana products at the doorstep.

This new service is being managed by Missouris’ DHSS, and with this, the businesses can offer same-day marijuana products delivery for patients in need.

To take the benefit of this service, the patients need to upload their Missouri Medical Marijuana Card and payment to state-licensed dispensaries application.

BesaMe Wellness has become the first business to complete the home deliveries of marijuana products in Missouri of the last month. BesaMe’s Director of Transportation said that the most challenging part of this new service is all the separate moving pieces that the state requires compliant-wise.

During transportation, every item contains a unique code that must be secured and delivered only by a certified driver and tracked through the GPS, which is then relayed to the state.

However, at the time of deliveries, the customer must be at home. In addition, the companies are also instructed to not deliver the marijuana products at a different location, or hand over to anyone else except the customer.

What If The Patient Finds an Issue in Uploading The Document?

The regional manager of BesaMe, Zack Owens, said that If a patient is unable to upload the documents or cannot scan them, the company will send a team to help out the patient with the document aspect.

Even the Riverside wellness co-owner who launched the marijuana delivery service at the July end called the service Incredibly Important for homebound or disabled patients.

Bottom Line!

Though the state has permitted medical marijuana products delivery at home, this indeed calls for exceptional care and attention to several other factors, including the safe delivery of products, keeping the medicine safe and private, and several others.

And with the strict deliveries and requirements of medical marijuana, legal permissions get on the peak. So, if you are thinking of accessing medical marijuana or ordering it online, then make sure you are ready with your essential documents, especially a medical marijuana card.

A Missouri Medical Marijuana Card is essentially required to get the legal permissions, access the medical marijuana treatment, and stay protected from getting trapped into legal issues.

Till then, you enjoy this new change in Missouri!

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    From which dispensary I order for medical cannabis?

    • Ava Miller

      If you have a medical marijuana card and are willing to order medical cannabis online, check the online dispensaries list that offers you medical marijuana at home.


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