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How to Get a Medical Card in Arkansas

Complete the process in 3 easy steps

Sign-up and schedule your next appointment with a professional.

Start by briefing your medical condition and your personal information. You’ll have to input this information into a form specially designed for Arkansas medical marijuana card seekers. Lastly, submit the appointment form.

Get in Touch With The Professional via Video Conference.

In next step, you will be connected to an Arkansas Medical Marijuana Doctor who will diagnose your medical condition. After getting evaluated, the doctor will approve your request and register you with the Arkansas board of Medicinal Marijuana.

Receive your Arkansas Medical Marijuana Card via Mail.

In the final step, you will register yourself as a patient with the Arkansas Department of Health. After 2 weeks of registration, you will receive you card in mail.

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Ivy Wilson
Ivy Wilson
“Easy Process Flow”
My MMJ Doctor made the process of getting a medical marijuana card simple. I got my appointment and recommendation the same day. Now I am waiting for my card. Hence, they are dynamic with immensely efficient services. ★★★★★
Byran Taylor
Byran Taylor
“Immediate and Experienced”
The medical experts of My MMJ Doctor are highly experienced and skilled in their work. Initially, I was tense, but they made me comfortable during the video conference while evaluating my medical concern. Hence, my experience was great. ★★★★★
Madison Evans
Madison Evans
“Constant Assistance”
The health experts took complete care and cleared all my doubts before and after the enrollment. They ensured better evaluation conditions and helped me better explain my health concerns. I genuinely recommend My MMJ Doctor. ★★★★★

What is a Arkansas Medical Marijuana Card?

An Arkansas Medical Marijuana Card, also known as a cannabis card, is an identification card used by patients to purchase marijuana to treat their corresponding health ailment. The patient must get a signed recommendation letter from a licensed healthcare professional then the medical cards are approved by the state. The recommendation letter states that patients experiencing illness and medical cannabis may alleviate the symptoms.

Cannabis legalization in Arkansas

Medical Marijuana has been legalized in Arkansas since November 2016, when measure issue 6 got 53 percent approval for ailing patients who have prescribed drugs for treating chronic pains. Since then, Arkansas has added amendments of dozens of health conditions to the list of qualifying health conditions. Any other health condition approved by the Arkansas Department of health is also included in the list of qualifying conditions. Issue 6 also endows with a scheme for the qualifying patients to possess, cultivate, and distribute medical marijuana with a written recommendation from a medical doctor. Apart from this, like many other US regions, a checkbox placed by the land of opportunity in the November 2020 election ballot seeking an opinion from citizens to vote concerning the Recreational use of medical marijuana.

Laws Concerning the Use of Cannabis in Arkansas

Arkansas has decriminalized the use of medical marijuana with some confinements. It is essential to follow the state legislature’s incarcerations for the possession and consumption of medical marijuana within the state boundaries.

Qualifying Conditions for Arkansas Medical Cannabis Card

A patient needs to meet the criteria for a few health conditions to get a valid Medical Cannabis Card in Arkansas. The list includes:

How Much Marijuana Can You Buy at a Dispensary With or Without a Arkansas Medical Card?

  1. Patients diagnosed with a qualifying health condition are permitted to acquire up to 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana every two weeks.
  2. Medical marijuana must be purchased from a state-authorized dispensary only mentioned in the list under the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act.
  3. A registered caregiver can also possess up to 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana for the patient.
  4. Caregivers cannot consume the medical marijuana prescribed for the patient only.
  5. Licensed Non-profitable Cannabis Care Centers can only distribute medical marijuana to patients.

Who Can Become a Cannabis Caregiver In Arkansas?

Becoming a caregiver in the state of Arkansas starts with requires a person to be above the age of 21 years with a valid driver’s license or state ID. For becoming a caregiver, an annual fee of $50 is required to be paid by the individual during registration.

In Arkansas, every patient can have two caregiver and every caregiver can serve two patients.

What are the Cultivation Limits for Marijuana Plants In Arkansas?

  • Patients who qualify for a hardship cultivation certificate may grow up to 10 plants.
  • Cultivation of medical cannabis at home is not allowed.
  • It is against the law to cultivate marijuana for recreational research or medical reasons.
  • As per the 2017 House Bill 1778, the Arkansas State General Assembly developed a study program to see the sights of Cannabis production and its economic and environmental potential. The Act enables State Pat Board to allow growers to get a 10-year study program of industrial cannabis.

Benefits of an Arkansas Medical Marijuana Card

Acquiring a medical marijuana card in Arkansas is no less than a boon. Following are the fantastic benefits of possessing a medical marijuana card in Arkansas:

Shield Against The Law

In Arkansas, recreational use of marijuana is not lawfully permitted. However, with a medical marijuana card, patients can safeguard themselves from legal troubles. In case they are ever questioned by legal authorities regarding the possession of cannabis, medical marijuana cards can protect them. The card represents medical use; hence, individuals will be covered.


Marijuana is subjected to certain taxes. Once the taxes are imposed, the overall costs increase significantly. However, possessing a medical marijuana card can turn the tables. The taxation limit is drastically reduced; thus, the costs reduce. It ultimately leads to speedy recovery without spending much.

No Age Restriction

Generally, to possess marijuana, individuals need to be over 18. However, with a medical marijuana card, the age barrier is removed, and patients whose health concerns qualify for the eligibility criteria can possess and consume medical marijuana. Although, for individuals less than 18, a legitimate guardian or parent is needed. They act as caregivers and can effectively purchase cannabis on behalf of patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Arkansas?

An Arkansas Medical Marijuana Card is an essential and standalone document that lets the patients have legal access to Medical Marijuana within the state boundaries. With a Card, a patient can Buy, Possess and Consume Medical Marijuana legally within the state boundaries.

What Is The Cost Of A Medical Marijuana Card In Arkansas?

To get a medical marijuana card, you need to register yourself as a patient. It requires a recommendation from a medical marijuana doctor and state registry.

The cost of a doctor’s recommendation varies between $89 – $149, and the state registry costs $50.

How Much Time Does It Take To Process My Application In Arkansas?

The processing time, including evaluating the application form and scrutinizing the details, takes around 10 to 14 days. So, don’t hit the dispensaries immediately as you need to wait for 10 to 15 days.

When Does The Medical Doctor’s Recommendation Expire?

The recommendation is valid for 30 days and must be submitted with ADH within 30 days only. If the patient fails to submit within 30 days, then the patient requires obtaining a new recommendation.

Can I Use Medical Marijuana Anywhere In Arkansas?

Nope! Utilizing Medical cannabis is not allowed in public places. It is strictly prohibited in school buses, on the grounds of primary or secondary school, in any motor vehicle, in areas where smoking is not permitted, or any public place where the others observe the individual. A patient must consume Medical Marijuana in Arkansas in a private location or a personal residence only.

Do I Need A Caregiver Card To Purchase Medical Marijuana From State Dispensaries For My Child?

Yes, qualified minor patients cannot purchase Medical Marijuana from state dispensaries. Their legal guardian or parent must register and obtain a caregiver ID card to purchase Medical Marijuana for the minor patient.

Can A Caregiver Also Be A Registered Patient?

Yes! A caregiver can also be registered as a qualifying patient.

What Documents, Forms, And Information Are Required When A Patient Applies For A Medical Marijuana Card In Arkansas?

The Arkansas state has passed a list that is counted as essential while applying for a Medical Marijuana Card. The documents include:
  • An application with complete and accurate details
  • A recommendation obtained from a state-licensed Medical Doctor
  • A valid state ID proof
  • Residential proof
  • A mandatory application fee of $50

How Long Is My Medical Marijuana Card Valid in Arkansas?

A valid Medical Marijuana Card is valid for one year from the date of issue. The patient must apply for the renewal of the card before the expiration date.

Can A Caregiver Have More Than One Patient?

Yes. A caregiver can serve more than one patient. The caregiver must apply for a registry card for each patient and pay a mandatory fee of $50 for each card.

I Live In Another State, But I Have A Debilitating Qualifying Condition. Can I Consume Medical Marijuana Legally In Arkansas?

You may apply as a visiting patient in Arkansas; you will need to show your home state Medical Marijuana Card to apply for one. A visiting patient application fee is just $50 only keeps you safe from getting into legal trouble for consuming Medical Marijuana in Arkansas. If the patient receives approval as a visiting patient, the patient may purchase Medical Marijuana from a state-licensed dispensary for 30 days per application.

My Details Will Remain Confidential If I Apply For Medical Marijuana And Get Approved For The Use Of Medical Marijuana In Arkansas?

Yes. The information and records are kept confidential by the Arkansas Department of Health and are subject to all the applicable federal privacy laws. As far as the records with My MMJ Doctor is concerned, being a HIPAA compliant, My MMJ Doctor keeps the information secure and confidential.

Can I Obtain A Qualified Patient Or Designated Caregiver Registry Card If I Am A Member Of The United States Military Or Arkansas National Guard?

As per the legislation passed in 2017, the state legislature prohibits the United States military and Arkansas National Guard from obtaining a qualified patient card or designated caregiver card.

Will I Be Given A Temporary ID Card Until My Medical Card Is Received?

The Arkansas Department of Health does not issue temporary ID Cards until the application card is processed completely.

Can Other Medical Conditions Be Added To The List?

Patients suffering from debilitating health conditions that remain unaffected after consuming strong medications as well, then patients can request the department for the consideration of the illness. The department shall deny or approve the request within 120 days of submission of the request.

How Much Medical Marijuana May I Possess As A Qualified Registered Patient?

The qualified registered patients can possess and purchase up to 2.5 ounces from a state-licensed dispensary every 14 days.

Can I Grow My Own Medical Marijuana?

Nope! The qualifying patients and their designated caregivers cannot cultivate their Medical Marijuana. The must purchase Medical Marijuana from state-licensed dispensaries only.
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