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Medical Marijuana Card in California

A Medical Marijuana Card is a legalized identification card provided to the patient under the recommendation of a licensed physician or a doctor to obtain, possess, or grow cannabis for medicinal use.

A California Medical Marijuana Cardholder is allowed to use and consume more marijuana as compared to recreational use. An individual can consume up to 8 ounces of marijuana with an MMJ Card Permit in California where the limit is 1 ounce for a recreational user. Moreover, With an MMJ Card Permit in California, You can have access to high potency marijuana products which is only available at a few dispensaries in California. In addition, according to Proposition 215, a medical marijuana card also protects you from marijuana offenses related to transportation, possession, and distribution.

How to Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in California.

My MMJ doctor is a secure online portal to get a medical marijuana card. You can follow our secure process for obtaining your medical marijuana card from licensed professionals.

Apply Online To Get An Approval

Fill up the required details in an online evaluation form.

You will require your State-ID (DMV, Passport, etc.) to get started.

Get Evaluated by Professionals.

Choose Your Desired Package, and submit the form for Evaluation.

  1. Online Recommendation: $49.
  2. Online + Plastic ID: $79.
  3. Digital + Plastic ID+ Grower: $199

Afterwards, a doctor will evaluate your form.

Get Your Approval in Minutes!

Once you got approved, you will receive your card.

It will be delivered to your email in just 30 minutes.


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Why Choose My MMJ Doctor?

To buy weed from a dispensary as a medical patient, you first need to get a medical marijuana card form a state-licensed professional. We at My MMJ Doctor as a legitimate HIPAA Compliant online portal connect you with the licensed therapists, who are compassionate to assist you whenever you need it.

As an Online Medical Card Provider in California, My MMJ Doctor has accommodated over 5000 happy patients who have experienced an improvement in their health after the use of medical marijuana.

Get Evaluated Online


One-Stop Solution

From applying for an online medical card to getting approved, My MMJ Doctor endows with a one-stop solution so its customers don’t need to go here and there for any services.

Online Customer Centric Solutions

Don’t rush to the doctors manually when everything is available online.


The chief objective of My MMJ Doctor is to provide ease of accessibility and user-friendliness to its users.

Get Assessed

Get an approved MMID card recommended by a certified Medical Marijuana Doctor in California after scrutinizing the minute details provided by an individual.

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Marijuana: an Effectual Remedy for ample Health Condition

Marijuana can be found in diverse forms. As the health benefits of Marijuana are ever-increasing the demand for Marijuana is also escalating. Marijuana generally refers to an unprocessed plant that facilitates treating the symptoms of illness and other medical conditions. Marijuana gained a lot of attention in the past few years as the study states its ample health benefits.

Do you know that a marijuana plant comprises of chemicals that may heal several ailments & their symptoms? Keeping in mind, the Health benefits of marijuana, many states have already legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes.

A medical marijuana plant comprises of more than 100 Cannabinoid chemicals (marijuana’s main mind-altering constituent). Each one has a diverse effect on the body. Presently, 2 main forms of Cannabinoids that are a point of interest in the medical world are THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol).

Tetrahydrocannabinol can make you High by escalating your Heart Rate. THC triggers the mind cells to release an immense quantity of dopamine, a commonly produced feel better chemical. THC may help to lessen pain, swelling, and muscle control difficulties, and it also may help you reduce nausea.

CBD is not a popular drug among the recreational ones as it does not cause exhilaration like THC. A CBD product may be beneficial to Alleviate the Cancer-Related Symptoms, Could Reduce Anxiety and Depression, etc. According to studies, CBD could be used for the treatment of neurological disorders like epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.

Marijuana is a combination of desiccated leaves, stems, flowers, and seeds of the hemp plant when sold that are usually green, brown, or grey colored.

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Medical Cannabis in California

Since cannabis, another name of Marijuana has become legal for recreational use. California marijuana laws altered significantly with the legalization and decriminalization of medical marijuana in 1996. As per the voter approval of Proposition 215, Medical Marijuana was made legal. This approval is well known by the name of California’s Compassionate Use Act (CUA) of 1996 that legalizes the use of cannabis with some restrictions. An individual is allowed to use and consume medical Marijuana with an MMJ Card Permit from a medical marijuana doctor in California.

California state’s marijuana laws were significantly unperturbed once again in 2016 after voters accepted Proposition 64, which is comprised of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. As per the approved CUA, a few rules and regulations are required to be followed for recreational use.


Get Certified Today


An individual must be 21 years or older to have access to Marijuana.


One can possess 8 grams of concentrated cannabis and 28.5 grams of Marijuana plant material equivalent to an ounce, if he/she doesn’t have a Medical Cannabis Card.


Cannabis is permitted to minors that are less than 21 years but only with the consent of their parents and a medical marijuana Card from a doctor.


A minor is allowed to have a caregiver who is acquiring Medical Marijuana.


The doctor gives amended to use marijuana as much as required for reliving the symptoms.


Driving under the influence of cannabis is restricted.


Consumption of cannabis in communal is prohibited.


Consumption of cannabis is permissible in the private property only, if the property owners haven’t banned the consumption.


Any commercial activities devoid of a license are subject to the civil penalties of up to three times.

Cannabis laws are significantly changing and may differ based on geographical locations. With the rise in the number of states that have legalized the use and cultivation of Cannabis, there are few amendments made in the rules and regulations for cultivation purposes as well. The primary requirement for becoming a legal authority for the cultivation of cannabis is Grower’s license.

Am I Eligible to Possess Medical Marijuana?

If you are over 21, and you don’t have a qualifying medical condition, you can still buy weed, but for recreational purposes in states where recreational use is legalized. However, if you have a qualifying condition, and you have been recommended by a state-licensed therapist, you can legally obtain, possess marijuana for medical purposes.


Acquiring a Medical Marijuana Growers License

Cultivation of cannabis and its recreational uses have become the trending topic as it offers a variety of medical benefits. With the increase in the medical benefits of Marijuana, the need for the cultivation of Marijuana also increases. For the legal cultivation of Marijuana, Grower’s license is essential that allows the individual to grow cannabis at their residence.

Benefits of owning a Grower’s license


Medical Marijuana cardholders are permitted to grow up to 99 plants.


You are permissible for owning 1 ounce of weed.


An individual can also grow cannabis as per the personal requirement.


It provides you the legal rights to grow cannabis at your space.


In case of inquiries, Grower’s card will be helpful.


Cultivating Cannabis offers several health benefits.

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