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Medical Marijuana Card California

A Medical Marijuana Card is a state identification card that allows the patient to consume, possess, and grow Medical Marijuana in California. A medical cards california provides the following legal benefits to the patients:

  • Medical Marijuana Dispensary access: With a valid legal right, a patient will be able to access all the Medical Marijuana dispensaries to purchase the Medical Cannabis at cost-effective prices.
  • Legal protections with your medical cards California: A valid Medical Marijuana Card is easy for the patient to exhibit to law enforcement. Therefore, the patient is allowed to consume, possess, and grow Medical Marijuana.
  • Lower Taxes: With a valid MMJ card in California, give yourself a reward of paying lower taxes.
  • Get access to a greater quantity of Medical Marijuana: With a valid Medical Cannabis Card, California gets access to a higher amount of marijuana.

California Medical Marijuana Card Requirements!

You don’t need to carry the heavy files of certifications and documents to get a legal right for accessing Medical Marijuana. Just stay prepared with the soft copy of the following documents, and you are all set to go with the California Medical Marijuana Card’s application process.

To obtain a California Medical Cannabis Card, gather the following documents:

Photo ID Proof


Valid Drivers License.


State ID Card.


CA Approved Passport.

Residence Proof


Utiliy Bill.


CA DMV Registration


Rental Agreement.


Along with this, obtain a signed recommendation from a licensed medical doctor of your health condition, mentioning the need to access Medical Marijuana. A signed recommendation in PDF form will be provided through email on the evaluation’s phase approval and successful completion.

Process for Getting Medical Card California.

Getting a medical cards in california manually is undoubtedly a complicated process. My MMJ Doctor has tried it makes it easier for you in just three steps. Though you don’t need a compulsory Medical Marijuana Card in California, having a legal right can reward you with legal access to Medical Marijuana for treating your debilitating health condition.

Fill up the Online Questionnaire

Start the process of obtaining a California Medical Marijuana Card by applying online. Fill up the evaluation form, with your personal and medical details. Don’t forget to mention the need for having access to Medical Marijuana.

Get Evaluated by Professionals.

Get Evaluated by one of our licensed MMJ doctors. During the Evaluation, our professionals will review your answers, and will declare whether you will benefit from an Medical Marijuana Recommendation.

Receive your digital Recommendation

Once approved by the MMJ Doctor, receive your digital copy of the recommendation via registered email. If you have ordered for Plastic ID or Grower License you will receive it via mail in 3-5 business days.


All about california medical marijuana card!

California Marijuana History


  • California become the first state to argue for decriminalization of medical cannabis to vote on a ballot.
  • Proposition 19 have legalized the consumption, possession, and cultivation of medical cannabis but not for commercial sales.


Medical Marijuana laws came into effect with proposition 215 that refers to the Compassionate Use Act of 1996. This Law protect the patients and caregivers from any legal troubles or punishments. With this California became the first state to legalize Medical Cannabis for medical purposes.


Senate Bill 420 established the identification card system for Medical Marijuana Patients and clarified much of the language in initial bill.


Preposition 64 Referring to the Adult Use of Marijuana Act passed with 57 percent of votes legalizing the use of recreational cannabis.


Amendments passed to senate bill 34, allowing licensed dispensaries and retailers to provide Medical Marijuana for free to the qualified patients who are unable to access the marijuana product for some reason.


Governor Newson issued an executive order which extended the validity of MMICs in the face of COVID-19 and a deficient in access to some facilities.

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Health Conditions Qualify for Getting Medical Card California!

According to california medical cannabis card Laws 2021, the following debilitating conditions may qualify a patient for a Medical Marijuana Card in California:

  • AIDS
  • Anorexia
  • Arthritis
  • Cachexia
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Pain
  • Glaucoma
  • Migraine
  • Persistent Muscle Spasms
  • Seizures
  • Severe Nausea
  • Any other chronic or persistent medical symptom

The state legislation may add some additional conditions to the eligibility list, about which we will keep you updated.

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One-Stop Solution

From applying for an online medical card to getting approved, My MMJ Doctor endows with a one-stop solution so its customers don’t need to go here and there for any services.

Online Customer Centric Solutions

Don’t rush to the doctors manually when everything is available online.


The chief objective of My MMJ Doctor is to provide ease of accessibility and user-friendliness to its users.

Get Assessed

Get an approved MMID card recommended by a certified Medical Marijuana Doctor in California after scrutinizing the minute details provided by an individual.

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If you want to talk with doctor then, Meet the Best Medical Marijuana Doctors in California

California Medical Marijuana Card Laws

California legislature is the first state to realize the crucial role of Medical Marijuana in treating several health conditions and legalizing its use. A patient with a valid ID number or a Medical Marijuana Cardholder permits the patients with various rights. As medical and recreational cannabis is legal in California, several rules are passed that a patient must follow.

Medical Marijuana Possession Laws

No patient limit is specified in California, but a patient may possess the amount an MMJ doctor recommends. However, to be précised, it is necessary to note the amount of medical marijuana a patient can possess. A Cannabis patient can carry up to 8 ounces of marijuana.

Essential to note!

  • Do not take your Medical Cannabis over the state lines, and if you are moving around the state of California, then you must keep the cannabis to a reasonable amount only that includes either 1ounce or 28.5 grams or less of a dried flower or 8g of concentrates preferable in a locked form.
  • If you are carrying both flower and concentrate, and are already carrying 4 g of concentrate, you can only take a maximum of 14.25g of dried cannabis flower.
  • The rule specifically applies to recreational users. However, the Medical Patients may have some flexibility.

California Medical Marijuana Caregiver Law

A minor patient or a disabled can appoint caregivers that possess and purchase the Medical Marijuana on the patient’s behalf. Apart from possession only, caregivers can cultivate an allowable amount of marijuana reasonably associated with the medical requirements. In California, a caregiver may apply for an MMIC card but also need not do this necessarily.

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California Medical Marijuana Reciprocity

As per the reciprocity laws is concerned, the participating states recognize California medical cannabis card and recommendation as valid but whether California recognizes medical marijuana cards from other states is yet to be decided. So for now the answer is no! However, the participating states, including Arizona, Maine, Hawaii, Nevada, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Michigan, recognized California’s MMJ Card and recommendation letters.

California Medical Marijuana Growers Law

The Cannabis patients can grow cannabis at home in some private or lockable space that is not visible to visitors’ site. A patient or its caregiver can cultivate up to six mature cannabis plants or twelve immature cannabis plants at one time.


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