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Medical Marijuana Card Bakersfield

A medical marijuana card, Bakersfield, is also called an MMJ card. This card is an identification card that allows patients to purchase medicinal marijuana from the local dispensaries in Bakersfield legally. However, patients need to have an ailment that can be cured or healed using medicinal marijuana Bakersfield.

Ailments that Qualify for an MMJ card, Bakersfield

The following ailments qualify an MMJ cardholder to purchase weed from Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Bakersfield:
  • Chronic pain
  • Glaucoma
  • Migraine
  • Chronic pain
  • Glaucoma
  • Migraine
  • Anorexia
  • Arthritis
  • Cachexia (Wasting Syndrome)
  • Cancer
  • Persistent muscle spasms
  • Seizures
  • Severe nausea
  • Chronic or other medical symptoms that are in ADA.

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How To Apply For A Medical Marijuana Card In Bakersfield, CA?

My MMJ Doctor is a safe and legal platform that provides medical marijuana card online. We put customer comfort first, that is the reason why we made an easy and comfortable process to get an MMJ card. Follow the below steps to get your card:
420 Evaluations

Schedule Your Appointment

To submit your application, give your basic medical details by answering a few questions. In case you have your medical history records, remember to upload them too. Your appointment with a certified doctor will be booked after submitting your application. If you find any problem or doubt, feel free to contact our customer care team, which is available 24*7.

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Connect with Certified Doctors

Once you submit your details, medical health care professional will contact you via video call. In just 10 to 15 minutes, the doctor will ask you general questions and carry 420 evaluations, Bakersfield, CA, to find out if you are suitable to hold an MMJ card or not.

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Get Approved

If the doctor approves your form, after 420 Evaluations, they will fill your recommendation. We will send your MMJ card soon after approval via email. You will get a plastic card within 3 to 5 days.

“We at My MMJ Doctor will inform you a few days before your card will about to expire so that you can renew it on time.”

Importance of Medical Cannabis Card Bakersfield

Having an MMJ card is essential for marijuana patients due to the following:
  • Allowance for 18 and above: If you are 18 years or above, you can get legal access to purchase medical marijuana from any local medical marijuana dispensary in Bakersfield. In case you are a juvenile patient, you can apply for an MMJ card with the support of a caregiver.
  • Higher Possession Limits: If you have a weed card, California state allows you to possess more quantities of medicinal marijuana than a recreational user. To be more precise, the possession quantity is almost eight times more for an MMJ patient.
  • Lower Tax: With an MMJ card, you can purchase weed at a lower price. California state charges a low tax on the cannabis used for medicinal purposes in Bakersfield.
  • Legal Security An MMJ cardholder can purchase, grow and carry a higher quantity of weed legally. Without worrying about police arrest, you can have weed inside Bakersfield. On top of that, you can travel with weed if you are carrying it in a sealed container with an MMJ card (Within the state boundaries). A medical cannabis card also provides legal protection while driving if you carry cannabis in a sealed container with a legal MMJ card recommendation.

Medicinal Marijuana Bakersfield Laws

The Compassionate Act Of 1996 is also called Proposition 215. It came into action in the U.S. to provide protection to medical marijuana patients. Other than patients, this law also provides security to doctors and patients’ caregivers. Further with SB 420, legalization developed MMICP. The Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program created an online verification system for cannabis cards. The weed card verification became more manageable with the help of this online web system. With this New amendment, SB 798, few changes are done regarding the approval of qualification by MMJ doctors.

Possession Laws

You can carry up to eight ounces of marijuana in Bakersfield if you have an MMJ card. The California state hasn’t mentioned possession limits with more precession. However, California state is strict when it comes to traveling with marijuana. It is mainly regarding traveling with weed outside the state. Following are the main traveling rules as per the state: Avoid traveling with weed outside the state. Inside the state, you can carry up to one ounce or less dried flower or eight grams of concentrate. You can carry a mixture of up to 4 grams of concentrate and 14.25 grams of dried cannabis flower( if you want to take both).

Cultivation Laws

SB 420, and S.B. 94, amended the compassionate act of 1996 by introducing some provisions. These amendments allowed caregivers and patients to cultivate up to six mature and twelve immature marijuana plants at once. However, these cultivators are not allowed to sell the plants in any case. California state understands and acknowledges that some patients might require more quantities of medical marijuana to heal their medical ailments. In that case, allowed cultivation limits won’t be enough for them. That is why the MMJ cardholders can apply for a medicinal marijuana grower’s license to grow more weed plants. 99 plant permit Bakersfield 2021 allows patients to cultivate up to 99 plants at once. Although, just like recreational cultivators, patients are obliged to grow plants in their homes in that area that is not visible to visitors.
There is no hard and fast medical marijuana possession limit for medical marijuana patients. However, California state allows patients to carry not more than 8 ounces of cannabis. While traveling, avoid carrying weed with you. If you are traveling in-state lines, you can bring a moderate amount of marijuana. You can take one ounce of dried flower or 0.28 ounces of concentrate with you while driving. Keep your weed in closed and locked form so that it is not visible to local people.


Bakersfield laws allow caregivers to purchase medicinal marijuana Bakersfield with a weed card. A caregiver should be at least 21 years old and have Bakersfield residency proof. A guardian or a parent can purchase weed for a minor patient with a legitimate doctor’s recommendation. A caregiver can grow weed for the patient with the help of a license to grow 99 plants in Bakersfield 2021.

Documents Required For Bakersfield, CA Medical Marijuana Card

If you are looking to get a medical marijuana card in Bakersfield while applying, you must carry the following documents:
  • Resident proof of Bakersfield: Either; Utility Bill, CA DMV Registration, or a rental agreement.
  • Valid Photo ID Proof: Drivers License, State ID Card, or aCA Approved Passport.
  • Doctor’s recommendation: An MMJ recommendation is required from a licensed health practitioner.

Places in Bakersfield, California to Visit While 420 Medicated

Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace

Buck Ownes’ Crystal is one of the most visited tourist places in Bakersfield. It is a music museum with a restaurant in it. The palace administration arranges contemporary and classic country music concerts every week featuring great performers. The museum takes the restaurant’s responsibility very seriously, so it offers a wide variety of appetizers and different cuisines on its menu.

Fox Theater

Fox heather is a historic site started on 25 December 1930. The interior of this theatre is mesmerizing with an excellent sound system. This cinema hall performed great in 1980 by showcasing the “premiere screening” of top movies of that time. The Fox Theater Foundation was formed in 1994 to re-invent this place. These days, this theatre arranges live music performances to attract the audience to listen to music and enjoy the captivating interior of this place.

Kern River Parkway Trail

It is a perfect place to visit on a fine weather day. Kern River Parkway Trail is a pedestrian-friendly runaway with a strict ban on any vehicles. It is a linking route for other tourist spots in Bakersfield like Hart Memorial Park and Riverwalk Park. It’s the best place for morning strolls, running, or even cycling. This trail is 20 miles long, crossing the heart of the city.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get a cultivation license in Bakersfield?
The license to Grow 99 Marijuana Plants in California is known as a cultivation license. The 99 plant grow license Bakersfield price is just $199.
How to get a medical marijuanas card in Bakersfield, CA?
To get an MMJ card, you can apply to My MMJ doctor. Our process starts with filling up the questionnaire form. Once you fill-up the form, we will connect you with a health professional who will evaluate your application. After the health professional’s approval, you will receive your card via email on the same day.
What is a California grower's license?
A California grower’s license is a document that allows marijuana patients to grow up to 99 plants, all at once in any city of California, including Bakersfield.
My son is 14 years old. Can I purchase Medical Cannabis in California for him?
Yes, as a parent, you apply for an MMJ card for your child if he is below 18. With residency proof of Bakersfield, you can get a doctor’s recommendation to purchase medicinal marijuana for your son.
What is an MMIC card, Bakersfield?
MMIC Card, Bakersfield is also known as Medical marijuana card, Bakersfield. It is an identification card used by marijuana patients to purchase cannabis to heal and recover from their health ailment.
What is the cost of MMJ's recommendation of a Bakersfield medical marijuana card online?
The soft copy of the MMJ recommendation costs $55, while a plastic card for the same is $99.
What is the process to renew my MMJ card?
The process to renew the MMJ card is the same as applying for the first time. Fill up the application form to connect with MMJ doctors, who will carry 420 evaluations, Bakersfield. If the doctor approves your application to renew your card, you will receive a card via email on the same day.

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