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Get an online medical marijuana card in San Jose If you want to consume cannabis legally. Contacting an MMJ doctor in San Jose will help you quickly determine if you qualify for a marijuana card.
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We made the process simple and secure for everyone so that you can quickly receive your 420 evaluations in San Jose, California, by talking with our MMJ doctors online. Complete the process by following these three easy steps.

Make your next appointment

Describe your medical history and essential details first. Please fill out the form below with the information provided. Additionally, the appointment form needs to be completed and submitted.

Video conferencing with the specialist

The next step will be to see a doctor for advice. You will get an email confirmation once your appointment is scheduled. The doctor will arrive at the time you specify. Ask your doctor as many questions as possible about marijuana treatment, health issues, and the best strains. The 420 medical doctors in San Jose provide a professional and secure medical facility.

Get your medical marijuana card

Every state has regulations and processes to guarantee that patients acquire medical marijuana cards. You may or may not receive your letter of reference, depending on your circumstances.

Experts Recommend My MMJ Doctor as a Secured, Streamlined Way to Access to MMJ Card.

Our team values the privacy of customers. We make sure your information will be secured with our HIPAA-compliant platform.

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Customer Reviews



“Fantastic Customer Service”
They are professional and provide you with all the information you need. My questions were all answered, and they helped me through the entire process.




“A Proven Strategy”
They were professional throughout the entire process! The qualified doctor and their team are well-informed and ready to help you to get the medical card.


Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter

“Simple and quick online application process”
The online medical marijuana card application process is quick and simple. Throughout our video consultation, the therapist was professional and polite. Medical experts advised me to consume marijuana every day to relieve my anxiety. I recommend everyone to do it.


Why Do I Need to Visit My MMJ Doctor?

A medical professional who examines patients for the use of medicinal marijuana is termed my medicinal marijuana doctor. With regard to medical marijuana services and treatments, we want to continue providing excellent experiences.

Every day, we assist many people in getting recommendations online. If someone is not permitted, we will refund their money. We give the highest quality products and services for 420 medical evaluations in San Jose. Our skilled medical staff members provide quick and professional counseling to patients.

No complications

We simplify the online application as much as we can. You won’t have to travel far if you have a medical cannabis card. We have a three-step process for obtaining a medical marijuana card, and once you complete one, you will be moved on to the next.

Online Solutions

Look for a service provider that can solve all of your online issues. We carry out this activity every day. Our online solutions will govern everything, from finding an MMJ doctor to getting recommended.

SSL Checkouts

If the website is not secure, your information may be exposed while making an online purchase. However, My MMJ Doctor uses SSL encryption for all your online transactions to ensure that only you have access to the information you provide on our website.

Refund if not approved

As a result, if our medical expert disapproves of you, we will refund your money. My MMJ Doctor is concerned about your financial situation, but your health requires immediate treatment.

Guaranteed Assurance

We guarantee that dealing with us will completely satisfy you. We have experts on staff who will work with you to develop a customized wellness plan.

My MMJ Doctor v/s Other Services

My MMJ Doctor

24-48 Hours Maximum.

Between $55 – $199.

Covers 100% Moneyback.

Other Services

May take over a week.

Between $500 – $1000.

No Moneyback involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a San Jose medical marijuana card?
  • You must reside in San Jose regularly or temporarily.
  • A qualifying medical condition needs to be determined by a trained doctor.
  • Join the list of patients who use cannabis cards in San Jose for medical purposes.
  • A registered identification card is required to purchase medical marijuana.
How long is the validity of my medical marijuana card in San Jose?
An MMJ card is valid for 12 months, and you must renew your medical marijuana card in San Jose to continue using medical marijuana for your medical condition.
Can children use medical marijuana?
Generally, if a child has a qualifying condition, the parent or guardian can register as the child’s carer and provide medicinal marijuana. Keep in mind that some states only permit minors under 18 to purchase medical marijuana in particular situations.
Can a non-resident apply for a medical marijuana card in San Jose?
You must reside in California to be issued a medical cannabis card in San Jose. A driver’s license, state-issued ID, passport, or other forms of picture identification must be presented as proof of residency.
What is San Jose's monthly medical marijuana limit?
The changes implemented a state law that set a limit on purchases of smokable flowers to 2.5 ounces every 35 days and created a process for doctors to request an exemption for patients who need more medication than the cap.
Is it legal to deliver marijuana in San Jose, California?
Although medical marijuana is now legal in San Jose, recreational marijuana remains illegal and is still subject to severe penalties if found.
Is it possible to obtain a medical marijuana card in San Jose on the same day?
Your San Jose medical marijuana card may be issued on the same day as your doctor’s appointment! Technically, the card is mailed to you as soon as you receive email approval. But you can order marijuana online from a store in San Jose.
Is my MMJ doctor in touch with other medical professionals in the area?
Yes! We know how crucial a local doctor’s recommendation is for people with medical conditions requiring MMJ medication. As a result, our professional team works with knowledgeable local doctors.
Do you need a MMJ card to use marijuana legally in San Jose?
You might already be aware of that if you use medical marijuana recreationally in San Jose. To use an MMJ card for medical needs, you must obtain a valid card.
If I don't fulfill the criteria, will I receive a refund?
Yes, we do offer refunds. After a video consultation with a qualified physician, if the applicant is found not eligible for the health condition, they will receive a full refund.

What precisely is a Medical Marijuana Identification Card?

A doctor licensed to recommend medicinal marijuana may issue a medical marijuana card on behalf of the state. A medical cannabis card protects you from the legal consequences of obtaining, consuming, or cultivating marijuana.
medical marijuana card from MY MMJ DOCTOR

Benefits of Getting a Medical Marijuana Card

Although you might be aware that an MMJ card is available, very few people are aware of its advantages. Obtaining a medical cannabis card may be helpful for the following reasons, especially if you have serious health issues.

Possession Limits Increased

Patients are permitted to purchase, carry, and own more marijuana than recreational users. Medical card holders in several states are allowed to cultivate at home.

Tax Exemption

Cannabis is essential for therapy, but it is also costly! Every state that has legalized cannabis exempts patients from paying certain taxes, so getting an MMJ Card can help you save hundreds of dollars. Every state has different restrictions.

Legal Protection of Consumption

You can legally purchase, store, and consume cannabis with a medical card if you purchase it from a licensed dispensary.

Spend Less on Medical Cannabis

Marijuana goods are heavily taxed in the majority of states. Most of these taxes do not apply to medical card holders.

How Can a Medical Marijuana Doctor Help You?

Consulting an MMJ Doctor is the best way to deal with a medical condition. If you’re finding it difficult to manage your medical condition, it’s time to stop taking excessive amounts. An expert in medical marijuana may be helpful in the following ways.

  • I suggest you use medical marijuana.
  • Guiding you in selecting the best strain for your treatment.
  • Make your wellness plan.

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