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Through My MMJ Doctor, you may plan an appointment with a qualified medical marijuana doctor after providing your basic personal information or medical history. If you need any help, then our highly trained and experienced support team would be pleased to help you.

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Our MMJ doctor will contact you during the consultation and examine your medical condition. You can ask any questions about medical marijuana treatment, whether you are eligible or not! You will be determined during your consultation. If you are approved, the doctor will put your details into the Medical Marijuana Use Registry.

Get a Medical Marijuana Card.

You’ll receive an email permitting you to log in to the registry and apply for your Delaware medical marijuana card after registering with MMUR. After being accepted, you must wait 2-3 weeks for your card to come through the mail. Once you’ve received your card, you may buy your doses from any cannabis dispensary in Delaware.
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Delaware Medical Cannabis Program Updates

CBD Patient Card

When certifying medical marijuana patients, MMJ doctors now have another option. The CBD-rich patient card can treat anxiety and traditionally approved debilitating conditions. The CBD Rich card can be chosen by the treating medical cannabis doctor whenever they believe it is appropriate, but it must be used to treat anxiety. Patients who have been issued the CBD-rich card can only purchase products with low THC and high CBD concentrations.

Compassionate Use Card

From March 1, 2020, Delaware licensed MMJ doctors will be able to certify a patient with a significant severe medical condition who did not previously qualify for medicinal marijuana treatment under the Medicinal Cannabis Program using the newly developed “Compassionate Use Card” (CUC). The CUC is a Department-issued card that enables the use of medical cannabis under certain situations, including

The patient suffers from a severe condition.

  • The certifying MMJ doctor will re-evaluate and document the efficacy of medicinal cannabis treatment at the intervals specified in the program regulations.
  • Certifying medical marijuana doctors must create a comprehensive treatment plan for patients who are at risk of marijuana abuse or misuse as a treatment option.
  • The MMJ doctor will provide scientific evidence demonstrating the patient’s potential benefit from medicinal cannabis use. The department will examine relevant research articles or peer-reviewed studies for evidence that medicinal cannabis may help with the condition.

Delaware Marijuana Automated Renewal Notification

Participants in the Delaware medical marijuana program who have registered a valid email address with the office of medical marijuana will be notified through the BioTrack notification system when their patient card is about to expire. The message will include information about renewal for patients. Patients with no registered email address should supply one while renewing their card.

Qualifying Conditions for Delaware Medical Cannabis Card

According to Delaware medical marijuana card Laws, the following medical conditions may qualify a patient for a Medical Marijuana Card in Delaware: The state legislation may add some additional conditions to the eligibility list, about which we will keep you updated.

Who Can Get Medical Marijuana in DE?

To be eligible for an MMJ card in Delaware, you must meet the following requirements:
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must be a Delaware resident.
  • Must have one qualifying medical condition listed.
Those under 18 with a qualifying health condition can still obtain MMJ cards in Delaware. They must have a carer who will buy and get the cannabis. These are usually the minor’s parents or guardians.

Becoming a Caregiver in Delaware

To be a certified medicinal marijuana caregiver in Delaware, an applicant must be at least 21 years old, have never been convicted of a felony, agree to help the patient with the medical use of marijuana, and be a state resident with a driver’s license or state identification proving your current address. In contrast to other states where medicinal cannabis is legal, Delaware enables carers to have up to five eligible patients.

Possession and Cultivation in Delaware

Once licensed, patients are permitted to acquire and possess up to three ounces of marijuana every fourteen days, for a total of six ounces per month, under the Delaware medical marijuana law. Cannabis cultivation in any form is completely prohibited. Patients who are caught cultivating cannabis may face punishment.

Benefits of a Delaware Medical Marijuana Card

Many individuals across Delaware possess medical cannabis cards. These cards are packed with some exciting benefits that make them a must-have. Take a close look at the great advantages:
Lower Age Requirement
Individuals over the age of 21 can buy marijuana from both recreational and medical dispensaries. Those under 18 can possess marijuana and its derivatives by appointing a carer if their guardian permits.
Low Taxes And Costs
Recreational marijuana is expensive due to additional taxes on each purchase of marijuana. You can buy marijuana at a low cost if you have a medical marijuana card.
Higher THC Products Access
With a Medical Cannabis Card, you can purchase marijuana from authorized dispensaries in Delaware. They provide you with the highest quality marijuana because the products are tested before they are delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I consult with an MMJ doctor to determine whether or not I have a qualifying condition?

Yes, Delaware will require a certificate from a licensed MMJ doctor to prescribe cannabis.

Do I have to be a Delaware resident to apply for a card?

Yes. To apply for an MMJ Card in Delaware, you must provide proof of residency through a current driver’s license or identity card.

Is it necessary for me to see a primary care MMJ doctor to obtain a license?

Yes. Every Delaware medical cannabis patient must have a physical examination every 12 months to remain eligible for a legal cannabis license.

Is a physical medical marijuana card required in Delaware?

Yes, getting your medical marijuana card certification from a doctor online and applying for your card through the State of Delaware Medical Marijuana Program is perfectly legal.

What are medical marijuana products available in Delaware for medical card holders?

When you visit a Delaware medical dispensary, you may get quality flowers, THC oil (vape), topicals, and lotions. Medical card holders can also obtain concentrates and other THC-infused items.

Can minors obtain legal, medical cannabis in Delaware?

Yes. In Delaware, children (those under 18) can become medicinal marijuana patients. However, a parent or guardian must register as the child’s caretaker.

Can I cultivate my cannabis after receiving a Delaware medical license?

No. Cultivation is strictly prohibited. Patients can purchase cannabis at a dispensary.

Is it possible for a carer to have more than one patient?

Yes. A carer may have up to five patients and must have an ID for each.

Can a carer be a registered qualified patient as well?

Yes. A qualified registered patient may be a carer.

What if my application still needs to be completed?

The Medical Marijuana Program will not consider an application until it is not filled out. Your application will be returned with resubmission instructions.

Can I use my Delaware medical marijuana card in another state?

No, there are no reciprocity agreements with other states.

How can I get a renewal of my medical marijuana card in Delaware?

Up to 90 days before your expiration date, applicants may submit their renewal applications.
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