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Are you wondering how to get a valid medical marijuana card in Florida? Are you curious to know whether you qualify for the health condition?

My MMJ Doctor has made it easier for you! Acquire your Medical Marijuana Card with My MMJ Doctor and get the legal rights to access Medical Marijuana within the state boundaries with a few confinements.

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Florida Medical Card

What Is A Marijuana Card?

Medical Marijuana Identification Card or medical marijuana card is a state identification card that gives legal permissions to the patients taking health benefits from Medical Marijuana. It lets the patients consume, possess, and cultivate medical marijuana within the state boundaries.

All About Medical Marijuana In Florida!

In 2016, the Florida state legislature legalized the use of medical marijuana for treating several debilitating health conditions within the state boundaries after getting the majority of votes with the passing of the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative. The initiative is also known as Amendment 2. Since the legalization of Medical Cannabis within the state boundaries in 2016, more than 360000 residence got relief from their debilitating conditions with the consumption of Medical Marijuana.

A few months later, Senate Bill 8A passed, delineating the laws for consumption of medical marijuana and its administration. Later in March 2019, Governor DeSantis signed Senate Bill 182 that came into effect. As per this Senate Bill, smoking of Medical Marijuana got legal. Forwarding to 2020, US Sen Jeff Brandes is compelling for the passage of Senate Bill 1860 that will legalize the use of recreational cannabis. Efforts for this legalization are made, and results were on the Florida residents, but they failed.

Qualifying Conditions In Florida

As delineated by Amendment 2, the below-mentioned health conditions qualify for medical marijuana treatment in Florida.

In addition to the qualifying conditions mentioned above, Senate Bill 8A also allows the consumption of medical marijuana for other diagnosable and debilitating diseases, including chronic pain, anxiety, migraines, depression, or any other.

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Card Laws Florida

  • Florida’s permanent and seasonal residents with a debilitating qualifying condition may be eligible for a Medical Marijuana Card.
  • The seasonal residents must reside in the state for at least 31 consecutive days each year.
  • The person will get the Medical Marijuana Card only if the medical Doctor approves the debilitating condition.
  • Medical Marijuana is accessible only to patients of age 21 years or more.
  • The minors must have recommendations from two medical doctors, and their legal guardian must provide consent.

Caregiver Requirements In Florida

As per the Florida legislature, an individual must meet the state’s specific requirements to assist a minor or disabled patient for medical marijuana use.
A caregiver must have valid residential proof and must be of a minimum of 21 years of age or older.

Growing Of Medical Marijuana In Florida

Florida doesn’t allow patients to grow medical marijuana in their private space. Florida legislature only allows the licensed dispensing organizations to cultivating, processing, and dispensing of medical marijuana.

Want To Become A Medical Marijuana Patient In Florida?

Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida is not a complicated process, and My MMJ Doctor has made it easier for you. It is just a four-step process.

Schedule An Appointment:

Begin the process of getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida by filling up the evaluation form and scheduling the appointment in the preferred time opted by the patient.

Consult With A Medical Doctor:

Connect with the medical Doctor, and share the requirement of having the medical use of marijuana. Be honest with the Doctor while talking about it.

Get Approved:

Once approved by the medical Doctor, Head to the state registry identification card. Register with the Florida Department of Health Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) with a valid recommendation from licensed doctors.

Receive your Medical Marijuana Card:

You will receive your medical marijuana card once done with the above process. Don’t hit directly to the dispensaries, as you need to wait five to seven days to make a move toward medical dispensaries.

Residency Requirements

Qualifying patients must submit the residential proof in Florida. To get a permanent residency in Florida, patients must obtain any identification cards along with a photo ID. This includes:

  1. Utility bill that must be no more than two months old
  2. State ID Card
  3. Driving License
  4. Copy of a lease agreement or a house deed
  5. Passport

Along with the permanent residents, Senate Bill 8A also indicates that the patients who meet the definition of being a seasonal resident may qualify to hit the dispensaries and can possess and consume Medical Marijuana within Florida state boundaries.

The term “seasonal resident” means any individual who temporarily resides within the state for at least 31 consecutive days each year. Also, the individual maintains the temporary residence in the state and visits its jurisdiction each year. It is also notable that the individual is registered to pay income tax or vote under some other state’s jurisdiction.

Essentials to note!!

  1. The patient must recertify the medical marijuana card every 70 days by consulting the medical Doctor.
  2. The patient must apply for the Medical Marijuana Consumption Registry Identification Card with the Florida Department of Health Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) with a mandatory fee of $75.
  3. A Medical Marijuana Card in Florida is valid for 210 Days.
  4. You need to renew the card within the time frame.

The state legislature will send you a physical and a hard-copy medical marijuana card once the application is approved.

Essential to note!

  • Certain areas in Florida have made considerable efforts in the process of decriminalization of Medical Marijuana Consumption.
  • Few cities cite fine rather than imprisoning the residents who acquire 20 grams of Medical Marijuana or less.
  • The state remains in an indeterminate state when the licensing for dispensing medical marijuana comes into focus.

Who Can Qualify For Medical Marijuana?

Senate Bill 8A identifies a qualified patient as a resident of Florida. To qualify for the consumption or possession of medical marijuana in Florida, a patient must:

  1. Be diagnosed with a qualifying by a licensed medical doctor.
  2. Have a temporary or permanent residency in Florida.
Medical Cannabis

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