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Get A Medical Marijuana Identification Card in Louisiana

Apply for a medical marijuana card online in Louisiana, get evaluated by licensed marijuana doctors, and receive your legal permissions hassle freely.

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Advantages of Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card in Louisiana

Access To A Wide Range Of Cannabis Products
A medical cannabis card allows a qualified patient to access a greater range of high-quality cannabis products
Lower Age Requirements
A medical marijuana patient can access marijuana treatment at lower ages as well. Though the minimum age requirement is 21 years or more, a medical marijuana patient can access the marijuana at a lower age.
Legal Protections
A medical marijuana card provides complete legal protection from getting trapped into any legitimate issues.
Save On Taxes
With a Louisiana medical marijuana card, you can also save on several sales taxes and get access to high-quality medical cannabis strains at cost-effective prices.

How to get a medical marijuana card in Louisiana?

Getting a medical marijuana card with My MMJ Doctor is pretty easy and straightforward. Here are the steps to obtain a medical marijuana card online in Louisiana

Step 1

Fill up an Online Evaluation Form

Begin the process of obtaining a medical marijuana card in Louisiana by filling up an online evaluation form with accurate personal and medical details. Also, choose the feasible timings to set up the consultations with licensed medical doctors.

Step 2

Get Evaluated

The medical doctors on board with us will connect back by call or video conferencing at your chosen feasible timings to determine whether the health condition qualifies for the program. The evaluation process will take 15-20 minutes only.

The written recommendation by the medical marijuanas doctors in Louisiana is proof that your qualification condition is entitled to the medical cannabis treatment in Louisiana.

Step 3

Receive Your Medical Marijuana Card

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry oversees the grower permits.

After getting approved by the medical doctor and post receiving the written recommendation, they will access the Board of Pharmacy’s Medical Cannabis Registry and enter your record into the same.

Step 4

Visit the Licensed Pharmacies

After getting entered into the board, you can use your written recommendation in the licensed pharmacies and access the various forms of marijuana products. The staff will verify the recommendation with the Prescription Monitoring Program Database.

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Essential To Note!!

Once the licensed doctors enter your name into the Louisiana Medical Marijuana Registry, you can easily possess, purchase and use medical Cannabis.

You must refill the prescription every 90 days, and the maximum buying limit is a 30-day supply.

You must have noticed that we use “pharmacies” instead of “dispensaries.” Because in Louisiana, Marijuana is distributed through pharmacies. This is because the Louisiana pharmacies employees show a higher knowledge level of MMJ as compared to the dispensary workers in other states.

What Makes us Special?

Louisiana is limited to a very few qualifying conditions when it comes to legalizing medical marijuanas. Check if your disability is in the list.

Easy Application

Getting Started is Very Easy, All you need to do is fill the appointment form.


Video Evaluation

Get Connected with our MMJ doctor and ask questions concerning your health.



You don’t pay if you are not approved during the Online 420 Evaluations.

Qualifying Ailments for a Medical Card in Louisiana!

Any debilitating condition may qualify for treatment. However, the most commonly approved list of Louisiana medical marijuana qualifying conditions includes:

Severe Nausea
Muscle Spasms
Persistent Seizures

About Medical Marijuana in Louisiana

In August 2020, the Bayou State made a significant modification to the Louisiana state’s Therapeutic Marijuana Act by broadening HB819 to permit any state authorized physician to recommend medical marijuana treatment to a patient who believes in seeking benefit from it.

And since its 2016 legalization, the state cannabis program took almost four years to start the legalization.

Although the legislators had a list of qualifying ailments that made patients seeking benefit from treatment eligible for the program.

Since the higher treatment costs have kept many people from affording the treatment, however, after a long hold up of four years, the state broadened the program permitting medical doctors to recommend Medical Cannabis for a patient who believes that treatment would help.

Later in 2019, the state eased the ways to obtain a medical marijuana card in Louisiana, with all the state-licensed doctors prescribing the marijuana plant access in various forms, including extracts, tinctures, oils, capsules, sprays, suppositories, topicals, transdermal patches, pills, and gelatin-based chewable.

However, it was essential to be noted that the state laws don’t permit smokable marijuana forms.

Later in June 2021, the state also worked on passing new measures for medical cannabis use. HB 391 is functioning well on its way, and this will also expand the MMP by permitting qualified patients to buy up to 2 and a half ounces of medical marijuana flowers every two weeks.

Requirements for Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card in Louisiana (2022 Updates)*


  • An applicant must be a Louisiana resident.
  • A medical recommendation obtained from a state-licensed medical doctor.
  • A qualifying debilitating condition.

Acceptable ID Proofs

  • A state identification card
  • Passport
  • A valid and unexpired driver’s license

Acceptable Residential Proofs

  • Utility bill
  • Bank statement
  • Correspondence with a state department

Age Requirements*

There is no minimum age requirement within the state, but patients under 18 years of age still require a guardian or parent to access the treatment.

What forms of medical marijuana card permit in Louisiana?

A qualified patient with a valid medical marijuana card is allowed to be in possession of a maximum of a 30-day supply.

The products or the cannabis forms that a qualified patient can possess:

  • Oils
  • Extracts
  • Tinctures
  • Pills
  • Chewables
  • Solutions
  • Suspensions
  • Patches
  • Suppositories
  • Sprays
  • Lotion

Why do you need a Medical Marijuana Card in Louisiana?

There were legitimate ramifications for even the small amounts of marijuana possession in Louisiana until recently.

Luckily Governor Edwards signed HB 652 into law, legalizing the possession of marijuana up to 14 grams. And now, this crime is classified as a misdemeanor with a fine of $100 only with no possibility of jail.

What else will you get using the My MMJ Doctors platform?

Apart from a medical marijuana card, you can get access to the following:

  • A written medical cannabis recommendation from a marijuana doctor
  • Marijuana consultation
  • Louisiana cannabis card
  • New patient evaluations and card services
  • Renewals welcome
  • 24 X 7 Customer services

Becoming a Medical Marijuana Patient in Louisiana

Becoming a medical marijuana patient in Louisiana requires a patient to be qualified for the treatment and obtain a written recommendation for the same.

Becoming a Caregiver in Louisiana

A caregiver must be at least 21 years or older to administer medical Cannabis on the patient’s behalf.

Just like a qualified patient, a caregiver must also prove the state residency by submitting the identification proof of the state.

How To Buy Marijuana in Massachusetts?

Buying medical marijuana and accessing the high-quality cannabis strains is now easier than ever.

With a valid medical marijuana card, you can now be hassle-free with cannabis products from the nearby state-licensed dispensaries.

As easy as it sounds!

Louisiana Medical Marijuanas Laws

In June 2021, the state made a massive step concerning cannabis access. Governor John Bel Edwards signed HB 652 into law, indicating a reduction of jail time threat for low-level cannabis possession offenses. However, starting from 1st August 2021, the penalty of possessing up to 14 gms of marijuana leads to a $100 fine only, eradicating the jail time threat.

Medical Marijuana Possession Laws Louisiana

Louisiana permits the patients to acquire up to a 30-day supply of medical marijuana in any form other than the cannabis flower.

The state has, in total, nine state-wide pharmacies that sell different permitted cannabis forms available at patients’ convenience.

Medical Marijuana Growers Law

Louisiana currently does not permit the home cultivation of Cannabis.

Who can Apply for a Louisiana Medical Card?

To apply for a Louisiana medical card, one must be a state resident.
Since there is no restriction on the marijuana application submissions, patients under 18 can also apply for a medical card with the help of a designated caregiver.

Benefits of Obtaining Medical Cards from Us!

Privacy Guaranteed
Being HIPAA compliant, our services guarantee data privacy and confidentiality. So, none of your information will be shared with unauthentic access.
A Complete One-Stop Solution
Gone are the days to acquire different services from diversified platforms. Receiving services from My MMJ Doctor is a complete one-stop solution, so you do not have to hop from one location to another.
SSL Secured Online Process
No more trapping in online frauds! With the SSL secured online process, your process to obtain a medical card and their payments are going through a reliable platform only.
Legal Security
Get complete legal security for consuming, and possessing medical cannabis in Louisiana.

Related Questions

What is the cost of obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card in Louisiana?
The cost of obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card in Louisiana with My MMJ Doctor is $199 only.

After approvals, the qualified patient must pay $75 as a state registration fee to validate the medical card.

What is a medical marijuana card?
A Medical Marijuana Card is a state identification card that permits a qualifying patient to access, consume, possess, and cultivate medical marijuana legally.
How to get a medical marijuana card in Louisiana?
Currently, the state doesn’t permit online consultations. Still, a highly regarded service like My MMJ Doctors can be a highly reliable choice while obtaining the legal rights to access Medical Marijuana in Louisiana.
How long is my Louisiana Medical Cannabis Card valid?
A Louisiana MMJ Card is valid for one year from the issue date. Ensure to renew it before the expiry date mentioned on the card.
How long does it take to get a medical cannabis card in Louisiana?
After getting approved for the medical cannabis card, you will get an email at your registered email address. You can download and print it for legal cannabis access.
Can minor patients access medical Cannabis in Louisiana?
Yes, a minor patient can also legally access medical marijuana in Louisiana but only with the help of a designated caregiver.
What forms of marijuana can I purchase?
A qualified patient can purchase the following cannabis forms

  • Pills
  • Tinctures
  • Therapeutic oils
  • Gummies
  • Liquids
  • Topicals
  • Suppositories
  • Sprays
Can I grow Cannabis at home?
No, Louisiana doesn’t allow the patients to grow their own medicine.
Where can I use my medical marijuana card in Louisiana?
You can use your medical marijuana card to purchase medical cannabis products in any of the Louisiana Medical Marijuanas Dispensary that offer the Medical Marijuana Program.
Do I have to live in the state to become a medical cannabis patient in Louisiana?
Yes, to begin with, the registration process and becoming a patient in Louisiana must be a state resident. The individual needs to prove the state residency by showing a state license, US Passport, or any document like a utility bill to confirm the residence.
How can I become a medical marijuana patient in Louisiana?
Suppose you are a state resident with a qualifying debilitating condition that could benefit from medical marijuana use. In that case, you are most likely to qualify to become a medical marijuana patient.
How can I set up an appointment with a licensed medical cannabis doctor in Louisiana?

Setting up a prior appointment is not compulsory; however, you can schedule a connection with the medical marijuana doctors in Louisiana at your feasible time by filling up an online evaluation form here.

Can I assign a caregiver?
Yes, minor patients can assign a caregiver that must be a legal guardian or the patient’s parent who is a state resident with a minimum of 21 years of age. The law only permits caregivers to access and purchase Cannabis on the minor patient’s behalf.
Where can I use Louisiana medical marijuana?
The consumption of medical marijuana is illegal in public places, and you must choose to consume the medicine in private spaces only.
What if I am not eligible for a Louisiana Medical Marijuana Card?
Suppose you are not eligible or didn’t get approval for medical cannabis treatment in Louisiana. In that case, you still have an option of buying CBD oil with a maximum of 0.3 percent of THC content.
Does Louisiana state permit MMJ patients from other states to purchase Cannabis?
No. At present, the state does not have a reciprocity program. Only state residents with a valid Medical Marijuana Card can use and purchase Cannabis.