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Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Maryland

Getting a Medical Marijuanas Card in Maryland is not easy. But with My MMJ Doctor, it only takes four-steps and can be done quickly from the comfort of your home. Acquire legitimate online services from My MMJ Doctor and receive your Medical Cannabis Card at your doorstep @ just $199.
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Find Relief in Something Natural.

A Cannabis plant is pharmacologically active and has a considerable potential to treat several debilitating health conditions and their symptoms. As a qualifying criterion, Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) has passed a list of qualifying conditions. This includes:

Severe Nausea

Severe Pain


Wasting Syndrome

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As acceptable eligibility for a Maryland Medical Marijuanas Card, the state also allows any other chronic or debilitating medical condition for which the other treatments have been ineffective.

What is a Maryland MMID Card?

A Medical Marijuana Card is a state identification card that enables patients to have legal access to Medical Marijuana in Maryland. A valid MMJ Card allows the patients to consume and possess Medical Marijuana legally within the state boundaries. Acquire a valid Maryland Medical Card and stay protected from getting into legal troubles.

Marijuana Legalization In Maryland

Maryland State has realized the crucial role of Medical Cannabis in treating debilitating health conditions and has passed the decriminalization of Medical Marijuana due to its curative properties. The state government has established a Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) in 2015 responsible for scrutinizing the applications and maintaining patient records. MMCC also oversees all registration, licensing, and testing measures associated with Maryland’s medical cannabis program. The Maryland state university graduates created an application that tracks the Medical Cannabis strain effects to report to other Medical Cannabis users. As the state residents are generating advanced Medical Cannabis applications to track the results shared by the cannabis users, the state is also modifying the arrest protocols for Medical Cannabis consumption.

Maryland State has decriminalized the use of Medical Marijuana but not recreational cannabis. In March 2020, the state passed House Bill 550 that indicates the legalization of the increased possession quantity to 1 ounce by a patient with some debilitating qualifying condition. In July 2020, a state judge ruled that Baltimore Police Department is not allowed to arrest a Maryland resident based on the smell of cannabis. There are no secret ballot plans or any awaiting legalizations to legalize the use of Recreation Marijuana within the state. As the state is moving forward with the Maryland Cannabis applications, and the efforts in legalizing the use of Medical Marijuana, the residents continue to take up more health benefits from the herbal plants healing properties.

Marijuana Legalization In Maryland
Maryland MMJ Doctor
MMJ Doctor Maryland

Maryland Medical Marijuana Laws!

Maryland State has legalized the use of Medical Marijuana for treating several health conditions. Still, the state has also taken some bold measures to keep the use of Medical Marijuana safe and protect the patients from getting into legal troubles by providing them with the legal right to have access to Medical Marijuana with a valid MMID.

Maryland Medical Marijuana Possession Laws!

As per the Medical Marijuana Laws in Maryland, a resident can acquire the Maryland Medical Cannabis quantity as per the Marijuana Doctor’s recommendation. According to state law, the medical doctor’s certification for the patient recognizes the amount of THC content and the dried flower that a patient may purchase in 30 days.

You Must Know!!

  1. A caregiver in Maryland can serve up to five patients, whereas a patient can have a maximum of two caregivers at a time.
  2. Minor patients must have at least one caregiver at all times.

Documents Required to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in MD?

Before obtaining a Medical Marijuanas Card Maryland, make sure that you are ready with the following essential documents.

An Electronic Copy of Valid Government issued Photo ID Proof.

A Residential Proof of Maryland.

A valid, accessible email account.

An Electronic copy of a recent and a clear photo.

Full 9 digits of a patient’s Social Security Number (SSN).

Essential to note!!

Instead of the latest photo, Hospice patients may submit a letter obtained from the Attending of Hospice Record (AOHR) on a hospice letterhead.

Maryland Medical Marijuana Caregiver Laws

The Caregivers in Maryland State can apply to assist the Marijuana patients online after meeting some requirements. As per the marijuana laws in Maryland, a caregiver must be at least 21 years or more and must be registered with MMCC with a mandatory fee of $50.

Also, a caregiver must be a resident of the state proving with a valid identity card. Once a caregiver is registered with MMCC, they will receive a Caregiver ID card or MMCC card for purchasing medical cannabis from licensed dispensaries in Maryland.

Maryland Medical Marijuana Cultivation Laws!

According to the Maryland state legislature, a patient or a caregiver cannot cultivate Medical Cannabis in their personal space.

Maryland Medical Cannabis DUI Laws!

Maryland State has taken a foot forward to remain an authoritarian state when obeying the laws. One such rule is that it is illegal to drive under the influence of Medical Marijuana in Maryland state. Driving under the influence of Medical Marijuana is a similar case to those involving drugs. Though the possession of fewer than 10 grams of Medical Marijuana is legal in Maryland but driving while impaired by medical marijuana is still considered a violation.

Get Medical Marijuana Card with My MMJ Doctor

We have simply divided the whole process into 4 easy-to-go steps. You can acquire a recommendation by following these.
Maryland Online Application

1. Apply Online with My MMJ Doctor

Start the process of getting an Online Medical Cannabis Card by filling up an online evaluation form with accurate patient and medical details.

Get Evaluated by a state-licensed Marijuana Doctor

2. Get Evaluated by a state-licensed Marijuana Doctor

Connect with Medical Marijuana doctors for further evaluation. Be honest while sharing the need for having access to Medical Marijuana.


3. Register as a patient with MMCC

Once approved and the recommendation is obtained from the Medical Doctor, register yourself as a patient with MMCC Maryland with a mandatory fee of $50.

Adult Patients: A patient of age 18 or more lies under an adult patient’s category. For registering as a patient with MMCC, an individual must prepare themselves with the required documents.

Minor Patients: Minor patients are only allowed to acquire Medical Cannabis if they have at least one caregiver all the time. In the case of minors, only parents and local guardians are permitted to serve as a caregiver with a minimum of 21 years of age or older. A caregiver must register with the Commission before registering the minor patient.

Medical Marijuana  ID card

4. Receive your Medical Marijuana Card

Receive your plastic ID card at your doorstep once done with the registration process. Receive your card on a working email id and print it for further use. Wait for 3-5 days to get a plastic ID card.

Essential to note:

A recommendation not utilized to purchase medical Marijuana in Maryland at the state-authorized dispensaries within 120 days of the issue will represent as null and void.

While Maryland only registers residents into the statewide program, “a person from out-of-state who is in the state to receive medical care can be issued a written certification and access medical cannabis, but the state does not accept ID cards from other states“.

Places to visit in Maryland!!

Maryland State has realized the crucial role of Medical Marijuana in treating several health conditions and the need for visiting various places after taking medicine. So, visit the center of attractions after taking medication and give yourself the pleasure you deserve.

National Aquarium

National aquarium with the attraction of around 800 species and more than 20,000 animals makes it a fascinating stop in Maryland. Visit the aquarium to get fun-filled memories with a variety of creatures.

National Harbor

National Harbor is a heavenly place to visit in Maryland with more than 40 restaurants and 150 shops on the Potomac River. It has so much to do that includes perusing public art, daily atrium fountain shows, annual festivals, and many more. So, give yourself the treat of enjoying the whole day and night events.

Ocean City

Ocean City is a beach town with a walking boot. Along with the water fun area, you can choose from fishing, surfing, water-skiing, boogie boarding, and any of the fun-filled activities to let you enjoy yourself to the fullest. Family beach games, movies on the beach, sunset park party nights, and fireworks can turn a day into a lifetime of memories.

Frequently Asked

How Long Must You Wait After Registration with MMCC?

Completed and submitted applications are evaluated by MMCC and you will be given a confirmation via email regarding the application that has been approved or not. As MMCC receives ample applications for the card, patience by the applicants will be highly appreciable and asks for a maximum of 45 days since the date of submission.

What Is The Minimum Age For A Caregiver?

As per the State laws, caregivers must be 21 years old or older.

What is a “Bonafide Provider-Patient Relationship”?

As per Maryland Law, a Bonafide provider-patient relationship is a counseling relationship between the authorized provider and the patient. An authorized provider is responsible for evaluating the patient’s medical condition and medical records and decides on the approval and non-approval of the certification.

What do I Do After I get the MMJ Card Permit?

After the approval and acquiring certification from an authorized medical marijuana doctor the individual is allowed to pick the Medical Cannabis from any licensed dispensary

I Lost My Patient ID Card, Or It Was Stolen Or Damaged.

As per the state laws, an individual who lost the patient ID card is required to login into the MMCC account and must report it. The replacement of the card will be issued by the authorities.

Why My MMJ Doctor?

My MMJ Doctor understands the need to have access to Medical Marijuana for treating several debilitating health conditions and the requirement of having legal access to it. My MMJ Doctor has tried its best to deliver legitimate services online to protect the people from legal troubles. With My MMJ Doctor, receive your Maryland Medical Marijuana Card at your doorstep at cost-effective prices. My MMJ Doctor team is functioning with accurate measures, so you get the very best at the comfort of your home!!

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