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Medical Cannabis in Maryland

Medical Marijuana is a plant that is comprised of more than 100 diverse chemicals known as Cannabinoids. Each chemical leaves a different effect on an individual’s body. The primary chemicals that are used in the medicine comprised of medical Marijuana are Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). Though Marijuana is available in diverse forms, whether it be a plant, chemical, or in powdered form. THC can make you high by increasing the heart rate and triggers the mind cells that release a huge amount of dopamine that facilitates in diminishing pain, muscle control difficulties, and swelling whereas CBD may help in alleviating cancer-related symptoms, diminishes anxiety and depression.

The ample benefits of medical marijuana are the reason for the rise in the demand for it. The marijuana is generally available in an unprocessed plant form that facilitates treating numerous health conditions and provides relief from various health conditions. As the researchers are working on the health benefits of Medical Marijuana, some several states and cities have permitted the use of it with some qualifying conditions.

Marijuana is Not a drug, Its a leaf.
It Can Provide You The Medical Help You’re Seeking.

My MMJ doctor is a secure online portal to get medical marijuana card. You can follow our secure process for obtaining your medical marijuana card from licensed professionals.

Register Yourself Online for Evaluation

Fill up the online form for the evaluation by a Licensed Medical Professional. Consult the doctor and tell them about your medical condition. Let the doctor evaluate the condition.

Register Yourself With The MMCC

Sign up through the official website of MMCC where you need to upload the documents mentioned above. Make sure that you are ready with them. Upload all the documents carefully while applying for the card.

Get Approved

Once you are done with the consultation and got the approval for the card, the doctor will upload your MMCC ID card and this will certify you for the cannabis treatment. This card will be valid for the 2 years from the date of issue and that requires to be renewed later on. This card allows you to buy from any dispensary in Maryland.

Ailments that qualify for acquiring the MMID Card

  • Anorexia
  • Wasting Syndrome
  • Severe or Chronic Pain
  • Severe Nausea
  • Seizures
  • Persistent Muscle Spasms
  • Glaucoma
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Patients with chronic or debilitating diseases
  • Any other chronic medical condition that is severe and for which other treatments have been ineffective.


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My MMJ Doctor is a one-stop solution for all the questions arising in an individual’s mind. From applying for the card online to getting approved, My MMJ Doctors facilitates with everything.

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Keeping the ease of use in mind, My MMJ Doctor functions with the primary goal of acquiring an MMID card as easy as possible.

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With this, you can consult with the licensed doctor online and access further solutions for all your doubts.

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My MMJ Doctor endows with quick access to all the features essential with keeping the comfort for the clients in mind.

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Great Experience. The doctor was very nice. She explained me about the benefits of marijuana. I got her reference from Maryland medical cannabis commission website. She is registered with MMCC website. I was very nervous as I was new with the process. She made the process very simple and her support team was good.

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Very quick and pleasant service. I got my appointment confirmation same day. The doctor was very helpful. She answered my all questions related to marijuana. Everything over the video consultation was an amazing experience.

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Cannabis Legalization in Maryland

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) in 2015 has permitted the use of cannabis for treating several health conditions and permitted the dispensaries to initiate the process of applying for the licenses to distribute medical marijuana to patients. MMCC is responsible for managing and taking care of the licensing, registration, inspection, or testing; whatever is involved in the legal processing of medical marijuana is done under the supervision of MMCC.

Medical Cannabis Facilitates Subsequent Medical Conditions

According to the researchers, working on medical marijuana states that Cannabinoids being an active chemical present in medical marijuana might help in subsequent medical conditions.


Diminishes anxiety


Modulating the immune system


Reduce inflammation


Alleviate pain


Kill cancer cells


Promoting Neuroplasticity


Slower down the tumor growth


Stimulate appetite


Relax tight muscles in people with MS


Muscle Spasms

Maryland State Laws

  1. The possession of Cannabis in Maryland is based on a 30 day supply.
  2. The state allows the possession of around 4 ounces at any time.
  3. Individuals are restricted to 36 grams of THC per month.
  4. There are no purchase limits for the purchase of medical cannabis from a dispensary.
  5. Qualified individuals are allowed to consume medical marijuana via vaporizers, extracts, smoking, and tinctures.
  6. Consumption of cannabis is not permitted in public areas.
  7. Driving after the consumption of cannabis is prohibited
  8. The state permits legal cannabis individuals to travel anywhere in the state with the medicine.
  9. The sale of cannabis-infused foods or beverages is illegal
How do I get a certification?

An individual must register itself online applying for the MMID card. An appropriate procedure is followed in this regard. The individual must consult a certified doctor and explain the medical condition. If the individual has a qualifying condition, the provider issues the certification with the approval.

Is it lawful for a medical cannabis patient to own or possess a firearm?

Federal laws restrict Medical cannabis patients from acquiring or possessing firearms. As per the Federal Gun Control Act, an individual who is addicted to any controlled substance is prohibited from transporting or acquiring firearms.

What is a “bonafide provider-patient relationship”?

As per the Maryland Law, a Bonafide provider-patient relationship is a counseling relationship between the authorized provider and the patient. An authorized provider is responsible for evaluating the patient’s medical condition and medical records and decides on the approval and non-approval of the certification.

What do I do after I get the certification?

After the approval and acquiring certification from an authorized Medical Professional the individual is allowed to pick the Medical Cannabis from any licensed dispensary

Where can I obtain medical cannabis?

A Maryland patient is allowed to acquire legal medical cannabis at any state-licensed dispensary.

How much cannabis can I purchase today?

As per the Maryland laws, the certification issued by a certified Medical Professional for a patient finds out the quantity of dried flower and THC that the patient may acquire in 30 days. The restriction is intended as a ROLLING 30-day limit; not by a calendar month.

I lost my patient ID card, or it was stolen or damaged.

As per the state laws, an individual who lost the patient ID card is required to login to the MMCC account and must report about it. The replacement of the card will be issued by the authorities.

Can a caregiver be a family member?

A family member is allowed to be a caregiver for the patient that requires medical cannabis for relieving the symptoms.

How many caregivers can one patient have?

A patient can have up to two persons as caregivers, based on the medical condition of the patient.

What is the minimum age for a caregiver?

As per the State laws, caregivers must be 21 years old or older.

My child needs medical cannabis. Can he or she get it legally?

According to Maryland’s laws, children must qualify the eligibility criteria for the treatment. Conversely, children must have a parent or guardian who can serve as a caregiver.

Can patients cultivate their cannabis? Can a caregiver cultivate cannabis for patients?

As per the state laws, patients or caregivers are not allowed to cultivate cannabis in their property. Only state-licensed cultivators can cultivate cannabis.

14. Does the patient need to be registered with MMCC before the provider visit to obtain a certification?

Before obtaining an officially authorized certification, registration with MMCC is mandatory in Maryland.

Does the provider have to be registered as a certifying provider before the patient visit to provide a certification for the patient?

A provider must be a certified medical professional before providing an authorized certification to the patient.

How Long Must You Wait After Registration?

Completed and submitted applications are evaluated by MMCC and you will be given a confirmation via email regarding the application that has been approved or not. As MMCC receives ample applications for the card, patience by the applicants will be highly appreciable and asks for a maximum of 45 days since the date of submission.