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Each recommendation signed by our world-class marijuana professionals lasts for two years. We will notify you when the validity is about to end to renew it.
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Our Doctor will address your health concerns thoroughly and will help you to decide what is best for your health. If Marijuana treatment is what they deem suitable, they won’t hesitate to recommend it.
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Our team always make sure that you get what you paid for to the earliest. That is why we have delivery department built in that ensure quick and hassle free deliveries of your digital recommendations.

How to get a medical marijuana card in Massachusetts?

Getting a medical marijuana card with My MMJ Doctor is pretty easy and straightforward. Here are the steps to obtain a medical marijuana card online in Massachusetts

Step 1

Fill up an Online Evaluation Form

Begin the process of obtaining a medical marijuana card in Massachusetts by filling up an online evaluation form with accurate personal and medical details. Also, choose the feasible timings to set up the consultations with licensed medical doctors.

Step 2

Get Evaluated

The medical doctors on board with us will connect back by call or video conferencing at your chosen feasible timings to determine whether the health condition qualifies for the program. The evaluation process will take 15-20 minutes only.

Step 3

Receive Your Medical Marijuana Card

After getting approved by the medical doctor and post receiving the written recommendation, your application will further be submitted for the medical cannabis certification online the same day.

Step 4

Apply with the State

Apply with the state, and once the authorities approve the application, you will get a temporary card that will allow the immediate medical dispensaries access. Your physical card will be delivered in 7 to 10 working days.

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What else will you get using My MMJ Doctor Platform?

Apart from a medical marijuana card, you can get access to the following:

  • A written medical cannabis recommendation from a marijuana doctor
  • Marijuana consultation
  • Massachusetts medical license
  • New patients evaluations and card services
  • Renewals welcome
  • 24 X 7 Customer services

What Makes us Special?

Massachusetts is limited to a very few qualifying conditions when it comes to legalizing medical marijuanas. Check if your disability is in the list.

Easy Application

Getting Started is Very Easy, All you need to do is fill the appointment form.


Video Evaluation

Get Connected with our MMJ doctor and ask questions concerning your health.



You don’t pay if you are not approved during the Online 420 Evaluations.

Qualifying Conditions for a Medical Card in Massachusetts!

The list of Massachusetts medical marijuana qualifying conditions includes:

Severe Nausea
Muscle Spasms
Persistent Seizures

About Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts!

The Medical Marijuana Program became effective in 2013 when a mass voter referendum with approval of sixty-three percent.

With its approval in 2013, the authorized medical cannabis retail sales started in 2016.

Later the Common Wealth of Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission worked on making medical marijuana registration and access easy to make the entire process streamlined.

In August 2020, the Commission proposed increasing the number of qualified marijuana patients a caregiver can assist to 10 at a time. Still, this notion was opposed by the Patient Advocacy Alliance of Massachusetts, as per MassLive.

However, efforts to permit the recreational delivery of cannabis on the recreation front were also underway.

The state representatives and Commission collaboratively work out the third phase of rulemaking concerning the matter.

Later in August, MassLive News reported that the Commission approved the delivery cannabis license structure in the fall and made the applications available in the month of May.

Now that Massachusetts has legalized the medicinal use of cannabis, it is likely that the state will continue to establish the procedures and policies concerning the creation of another $122 million in marijuana tax revenue from its sales.

Since both medical and recreational cannabis is legal in Massachusetts, the cultivation and possession laws are the same.

Advantages of Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card in Massachusetts

Lower Age Requirements
A medical marijuana patient can access marijuana treatment at lower ages as well. Though the minimum age requirement is 21 years or more, a medical marijuana patient can access the marijuana at a lower age.
Access To A Wide Range Of Cannabis Products
A medical marijuana card allows a qualified patient to access a greater range of high-quality cannabis products
Save On Taxes
With a medical marijuana card, save on some sales taxes that are required to be submitted by recreational users and get access to the high-quality medical marijuana strains at cost-effective prices.
Legal Protections
A medical marijuana card provides complete legal protection from getting trapped into any legitimate issues.

Requirements for Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card in Massachusetts (2022 Updates)*


  • An applicant must be a Massachusetts resident.
  • A medical recommendation obtained from a state-licensed medical doctor.
  • A qualifying debilitating condition.

Valid Identification Forms

  • Massachusetts ID Card with a visible photo
  • Massachusetts driving license
  • US military ID, US passport, or any other document proving the Massachusetts residency.

Medical Marijuana Possession limits in Massachusetts*

Being a qualified marijuana patient in Massachusetts, one can possess up to 1 oz or up to 10 oz in your home.

Medical Marijuana Cultivation limits in Massachusett

A qualified marijuana patient can cultivate up to 6 plants at home and up to 12 marijuana plants for two or more adults.


  • You cannot use cannabis in any form in federal or public places.
  • If you have more than one oz of cannabis at your home, it needs to be locked up well.
  • The medicine must be stored in a closed container.
  • Do not drive under the influence of marijuana.

Registering as a Medical Marijuana Caregiver in Massachusetts

Caregivers are crucial for minor patients to access MA medicinal marijuana treatment and obtain a medical marijuanas card MA.

A caregiver must be at least 21 years of age and a state resident. However, a caregiver must provide their state residency by using any of the following.

  • A valid driver’s license
  • A state ID card
  • A US passport or a Military ID card with a clear photo

Medical Marijuana Card Massachusetts Reciprocity Law

Currently, Massachusetts doesn’t accept any out-of-state medical cards.

However, Massachusetts is a recreational state for an individual over the age of 21. The state does permit out-of-state visitors to acquire medical cannabis for up to 1 ounce only.

Is it easy to obtain a medical marijuanas MA card?

Get familiar with My MMJ Doctors’ process to obtain a medical marijuanas card in Massachusetts. You will definitely say, “how easy it is to get a medical card in Massachusetts.”

Though the manual procedures are pretty complicated and whom to trust online is a huge concern, obtaining a Massachusetts cannabis license with My MMJ Doctor is a win-win situation for you.

Connect now to get acquainted with the simplest way to obtain a Massachusetts card.

Find State-licensed MA medical Marijuana Doctors!

The most essential yet crucial step while obtaining a medical marijuana card is to get a medical recommendation from licensed Medical Cannabis doctors in Massachusetts.

However, finding a medical doctor is pretty challenging!

But not anymore!

My MMJ Doctor has brought it all to your fingertips!

How To Buy Marijuana in Massachusetts?

Buying medical marijuana and accessing the high-quality cannabis strains is now easier than ever.

With a valid medical marijuana card, you can now be hassle-free with cannabis products from the nearby state-licensed dispensaries.

As easy as it sounds!

Benefits of Obtaining Medical Cards from Us!

Privacy Guaranteed
Being HIPAA compliant, our services guarantee data privacy and confidentiality. So, none of your information will be shared with unauthentic access.
A Complete One-Stop Solution
Gone are the days to acquire different services from diversified platforms. Receiving services from My MMJ Doctor is a complete one-stop solution, so you do not have to hop from one location to another.
SSL Secured Online Process
No more trapping in online frauds! With the SSL secured online process, your process to obtain a medical card and their payments are going through a reliable platform only.
Legal Security
Get complete legal security for consuming, possessing, and cultivating medical cannabis in Massachusetts.

Related Questions

Check out the most recent questions asked by MA Marijuana Users.
How To Get Medical Marijuana Card in MA?
My MMJ Doctor is offering online telemedicine evaluations for the medical cannabis card in Massachusetts.

That means you can quickly get a medical marijuana card from the comfort of your

Call us {at} 888 281 8758 or fill up the online evaluation form to get started now!!

What is the cost of obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card in Massachusetts?
The cost of obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card in Massachusetts with My MMJ Doctor is $199 only.
How long is my Massachusetts Medical Cannabis Card valid?
A Massachusetts MMJ Card is valid for 1 year from the issue date. Ensure to renew it before the expiry date mentioned on the card.
How long does it take to get a medical cannabis card in Massachusetts?
After getting approved for the medical cannabis card, you will get an email at your registered email address. You can download and print it for legal cannabis access.

However, the Cannabis Control Commission will send a permanent one within two weeks from the approval date.

Can minor patients access medical cannabis in Massachusetts?

Yes, a minor patient can also legally access medical marijuana in Massachusetts but only with the help of a designated caregiver.

Where can I use my medical marijuana card in Massachusetts?
You can use your medical marijuana card to purchase medical cannabis products in any of the state-licensed dispensaries that offer the Medical Marijuana Program.
Do I always need to carry my Medical Marijuana Card?
The qualified patients and caregivers must carry their Medical Marijuana Card whenever they are in possession of approved medical marijuana products.
How can I become a medical marijuana patient in Massachusetts?
Suppose you are a resident of the state with a qualifying debilitating condition that could benefit from medical marijuana use. In that case, you are most likely to qualify to become a medical marijuana patient.
How can I set up an appointment with a licensed medical cannabis doctor in Massachusetts?

Setting up a prior appointment is not compulsory; however, you can schedule a connection with the medical doctor at your feasible time by filling up an online evaluation form here.

Do I have to live in the state to become a medical cannabis patient in Massachusetts?
Yes, to begin with, the registration process and becoming a patient in Massachusetts must be a resident of the state. The individual needs to prove the state residency by showing a state license, US Passport, or any document like a utility bill to confirm the residency.
How to get a medical marijuana card in MA?
You can now get a medical marijuana card in Massachusetts pretty easily.
Devoid any hassles from your end, one can now quickly get their medical marijuana card from their home’s comfort.

Wondering how?

Well, visit My MMJ Doctor website and just go with the flow.

What does a medical evaluation from My MMJ Doctor include?
A medical evaluation by a medical doctor in Massachusetts includes the following benefits, all from your home’s comfort!

  • A video or telephonic consultation with a licensed medical doctor
  • 12 months written medical cannabis recommendation
  • 24 X 7 verification through a phone call or online modes
Are there any restrictions concerning medical marijuana card use?
Yes!! Patients are at a higher risk of getting stuck with legal troubles if they violate the state Medical Marijuana Program guidelines.

For instance, if a medical marijuana patient is caught driving under the influence of medical marijuana consumption is likely to get troubled by legal issues.

During evaluations, how to talk and what to share while speaking to a medical doctor?
Once you are connected to a medical doctor, you need to be honest about the necessity to access medical cannabis treatment. Make sure to share everything with the doctor, answer the queries, and listen patiently to the doctor’s advice. The entire session will take around 15 to 20 minutes, so you need to be accurate and share everything throughout the session. This will increase the chances of getting qualified.
Will my insurance programs cover any Medical Marijuana Card costs in Massachusetts?
Nope! The insurance programs do not cover any of the costs associated with obtaining a Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Card due to its federal-level illicit status.
Can any medical doctor issue the medical cannabis recommendations?
Nope! Only the registered medical doctors that are associated with the state’s Medical Marijuana Program can issue the medical cannabis recommendations.
Can I grow marijuana in my personal space in Massachusetts?
Yes! You can now grow your own medicine at home for your personal use. The state allows the cultivation of up to 6 plants at home and up to 12 marijuana plants for two or more adults.

Are you confused about getting started?
My MMJ Doctors team will help and walk you through the entire process of obtaining a medical cannabis card.
Get in touch now to get started!