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How do I Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Mississippi?

Complete the process in 3 easy steps

Book Your Appointment With a Doctor.

Schedule your appointment with a licensed healthcare professional in person. You will need medical records and a valid state ID.

Discuss Medical Marijuana with your doctor.

Now consult your doctor about your medical conditions and why medical Marijuana may be a good option. Based on your evaluation doctor will decide whether you qualify for medical Marijuana or not.

Receive your Mississippi Medical Marijuana Card.

Once approved, the doctor will fill out your marijuana certification form. Once you have this, you can apply to the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program (MMCP) and complete your registration process. The Program will process your application and mail your Mississippi Medical Marijuana Card. Once you have your card, you can purchase Marijuana from licensed weed dispensaries.
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Jake Gyllenhaal

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Marisa Tomei

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Angourie Rice

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I had a seamless experience with My MMJ Doctor. I had questions about a payment mode and immediately got a live chat! The other person on chat was professional and concerned about my query as I explained my situation to them. ★★★★★

How Did Mississippi Legalize The Medical Marijuana Program For Its People?

In 2014 House Bill 1231, Harper Grace’s Act, legalized CBD oil for patients with severe epilepsy to treat their medical condition. The state approved Initiative 65 in November 2020, which legalized cannabis as a medical treatment for certain qualifying conditions. Now, physicians can recommend medical Marijuana for patients with debilitating illnesses and allow those patients or their caregivers to consume, possess, and purchase cannabis medicine. In 2021, The Mississippi Supreme Court overturned Initiative 65 because of the fundamental flaw in the state’s ballot initiative process. The mayor of Madison had asked the state’s Supreme Court to invalidate the petition for Initiative 65, but the court found the petition invalid. In February 2022, Gov. Tate Reeves signed the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act, which made it legal for qualified patients to purchase Marijuana for medical purposes. It also designated the Mississippi Department of Health (MDOH) to oversee healthcare practitioners’ registration process, issuing ID cards for patients, and other marijuana-related tasks. Recreational Marijuana is illegal in Mississippi, and persons caught using or carrying Marijuana attract fines or jail time.

What Are The Qualifying Conditions for Mississippi Medical Cannabis Card?

The following medical conditions or related treatments can qualify you for a medical marijuana card in Mississippi:

You can also qualify if you are suffering from a debilitating disease or medical condition that produces one or more of the following:

Did you not find your medical conditions on the state qualifying list for medical marijuana cards in Mississippi?

Any resident of Mississippi may petition the Mississippi department of health (MDOH) to add serious medical conditions or their treatments to the list of debilitating medical conditions in Mississippi. The Mississippi State Department will consider the petition and approve or deny the petition within 60 days of submission.

What Document Should I Gather While Applying For A Medical Marijuana Card In Mississippi?

1. A medical certification from a licensed healthcare professional.

2. A current photograph of the applicant

3. Identification issued by the state of Mississippi.

  • A driver’s license, passport, or state-issued ID card
4. Proof of residency in the state of Mississippi. You can show any of these to show your proof of residency in Mississippi:
  • Ownership, lease, or rental documents that shows resident in the Mississippi
  • Utility billing such as power, gas, or water bills.
  • Mississippi vehicle registration

How Much Medical Cannabis Can I Possess With A Medical Marijuana Card In Mississippi?

In Mississippi, possession purchase limits are calculated based on Medical Cannabis Equivalancy Units (MCEUs) instead of grams and ounces. Qualified patients shall not obtain more than 6 MMCEUs (approx 21 grams, or less than ¾ of an ounce of dried flower) of allowable medical cannabis in a week from a dispensary or a combination of dispensaries. They shall not obtain more than 24 MMCEUs (approx 84 grams, or less than 3 ounces of dried flower) of allowable medical cannabis in 30 days from a dispensary or a combination of dispensaries.

Can I Cultivate My Marijuana With A Medical Marijuana Card In Mississippi?

Unfortunately, you can not cultivate cannabis plants in Mississippi, whether it’s for medical purposes. The state does not legalize cannabis cultivation.


Out-of-state patients with valid medical marijuana cards can apply for a nonresident marijuana ID card. The cards are valid for 15 days and can be renewed. Nonresidents can purchase the marijuana limits sets by the state medical marijuana program.

How To Become A Medical Cannabis Caregiver In Mississippi?

The state allows the registered patient to designate a caregiver to assist them in medical marijuana treatment. Caregivers can legally visit a dispensary on a patient’s behalf and transport medical Marijuana to the patient. However, caregivers can not legally consume patients’ cannabis. Caregivers can individually register them in the Mississippi medical marijuana program. During the registration process, patients can change or add a caregiver through Mississippi’s online portal. A caregiver can assist up to five patients at once. The qualifications to become a caregiver in Mississippi are as follows:
  • Be over 21 years old
  • Be a Mississippi resident
  • Agree to help the patient with their medications
  • Pass a criminal background check

Benefits of a Mississippi Medical Marijuana Card.

Getting medical marijuana card is the only way to consume cannabis legally in Mississippi. Some of the other benefits of getting medical marijuana card in Mississippi are:
Access to enhanced marijuana products
Speedy recovery begins by consuming efficient cannabis products. With a Mississippi marijuana card, patients can easily access top-notch marijuana products.
Shield Against the Law
In Mississippi, recreational Marijuana is not legal. However, with a medical marijuana card, patients can protect themselves from legal troubles.
No age restriction
Minors can also treat their medical conditions with a medical marijuana card. They can legally possess and consume medical Marijuana. However, minor patients need parents or legal guardians as caregivers to use Medical Marijuana.

Better Prices

With a medical marijuana card in Mississippi, you can access your Marijuana at a more affordable price as the state reduces some taxes on the purchase of medical Marijuana.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cost Of a Medical Marijuana Card In Mississippi?

An in-person consultation with a licensed healthcare professional will cost around $150 to $200. The state also charges a $25 non-refundable registration fee ($15 for Mississippi Medicaid participants) for your medical card. The registration fee can be waived entirely for a 100% disabled veteran.

If I Am Not A Resident Of Mississippi, Can I Participate In The Mississippi Medical Marijuana Program?

Yes, if you have been a Mississippi resident for less than 45 days, you can register with the state medical marijuana program to purchase and use medical cannabis there. You must have a medical marijuana card in your home state. You can register for 15 days. After that, you can renew it. The cost for an out-of-state medical marijuana card is $75.

Can Patients Use Medical Marijuana Anywhere in Mississippi?

No. The law prohibits consuming Marijuana in public places, vehicles, workplaces, near any educational institution, or in the presence of anyone under 18. It also prohibits the use of Marijuana that endangers another person’s health.

Can I use My Mississippi Medical Marijuana Card Outside Of The State?

Every state has its medical marijuana policies. It is essential to contact the state you are visiting to check their medical marijuana rules and regulations.

Where Can I Consume Medical Marijuana In Mississippi?

The safest and most secure place to consume Marijuana is your home. Medical Marijuana in public places is strictly prohibited, which can land you a hefty fine and even jail time.

Can A Minor Apply For A Medical Cannabis Card In Mississippi?

Minors can also get their medical marijuana card in Mississippi but the help of a caregiver. Their caregivers must be their custodial parents or legal guardian. Documentation of custody will need to be uploaded with the caregiver application in the form of a birth certificate or legal documents designating custody.
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