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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Montana?

Complete the process in 3 easy steps

Schedule an appointment with a licensed doctor

Provide basic information with your state ID and schedule your appointment with a licensed medical marijuana doctor in Montana through My MMJ Doctor.

Speak with the doctor

Consult with the doctor to evaluate your symptoms, and ask any questions you may have related to the medical marijuana treatment. After getting evaluated, if you are approved, the doctor will fill out a medical marijuana recommendation form.

Get your Montana Medical Marijuana Card

Once you have a recommendation, you will need to submit your recommendation to the Montana Department of Health. The Department will review your application and send your Montana medical marijuana card via mail within 3-4 weeks. Once you have your MMJ card, you can purchase medical cannabis from the dispensary.
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James Caan

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Darrell Dennis

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Must Know Marijuana Laws in Montana.

In 2004, the I-148, or Montana Medical Marijuana Allowance initiative, passed with nearly 62% approval. Lawmakers sought to repeal it in 2011, but Gov. Brian Schweitzer vetoed it.

Later that year, the state senate enacted Senate Bill 423. Until August 2016, the bill was challenged in court when the Supreme Court of Montana upheld most of the law’s provisions.

Three months later, voters approved the I-182 or Montana Medical Marijuana Initiative. The initiative amended SB 423 and removed many of its stricter requirements. The initiative also added chronic pain and PTSD ( Post-traumatic stress disorder) as qualifying medical conditions for medical marijuana approval in the state.

On November 3, 2020, Two complimentary ballot initiatives, I-90 and CI-118, were passed to legalize recreational cannabis in the state for adults 21 and over. It legalized the possession and use of 28 grams or an ounce of marijuana with no more than 8 grams in concentrate form for adults aged 21 and older. It also imposed a 20% sales tax on cannabis.

Qualifying Medical Conditions for Montana Medical Cannabis Card

The qualifying Medical conditions for medical marijuana in Montana are:

Documents Required for Getting a Medical Cannabis Card in Montana.

You need to gather these documents to complete your application for medical marijuana card in Montana.

  • A clear passport-size photograph:

1. The photo must be in color and without any alteration.
2. The photo must have been taken within the last six months, reflecting your current appearance.
3. The photo’s background must be plain, light-colored, and clutter-free.
4. No hats, face masks, or sunglasses are allowed in the photo.

  • Proof of Montana residency

1. Acceptable forms of documentation may include a Montana driver’s license, state or tribal ID card, voter registration form, Montana hunting or fishing license, etc.

  • A medical marijuana certification from a licensed physician.
  • Minor applications require the approval of two physicians unless the minor’s treating physician or referral physician is an oncologist, neurologist, or epileptologist.
  • Minor patients need a copy of the legal guardian’s ID

How Much Marijuana Can I Possess in Montana?

Montana allows a registered cardholder to have an ounce of marijuana at a time. However, they can purchase up to 5 ounces every 30 days. A recreational user can possess up to an ounce of marijuana in Montana.

What Are The Cultivation Limits of Marijuana in Montana?

A patient with medical marijuana card in Montana can cultivate up to 4 mature cannabis plants and 12 seedlings. Recreational users may grow up to 2 mature plants and 2 seedlings.

Remember, the cultivation of marijuana plants must be in a private residence, subject to certain restrictions. The plants may be hidden from the public.

How To Become A Caregiver in Montana?

A patient can designate a caregiver to handle their marijuana treatment for themself. The law restricts caregivers from assisting with marijuana treatment for more than three people.

To become a caregiver in Montana, you need to follow these requirements:

  • You must be a Montana resident.
  • You must submit fingerprints and background checks by the Montana Department
    of Justice and the FBI and agree not to divert marijuana to other persons.

  • You may not be allowed to register as the caregiver if you have been convicted of a felony offense or any drug offense. You are still not allowed if you fail to pay student loans, child support, taxes, penalties, or judgments due to a government agency.

Benefits of a Medical Marijuana Card In Montana.

Recreational cannabis is legal in Montana, but that doesn’t mean there are no benefits to having medical marijuana card in Montana. In fact, there are many benefits of having a Montana medical marijuana card. Take a close look at the significant advantages.

Lower age limit

Recreational cannabis is limited to adults over 21. Minors can also get a Montana medical marijuana card, which gives them more freedom to access their medication in significant quantities.
More Protection
Recreational users might face discrimination from their employers or landlords, but a medical marijuana card protects its owner from discrimination.
Better Prices
Medical marijuana patients won’t need to pay the same taxes required of recreational buyers. Montana cannabis cardholders may be able to save 10 to 15% or more on every purchase.
Greater Selection
With a Montana medical marijuana card, patients can access more potent marijuana products for their severe medical conditions and have more options to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to live in Montana to become a medical cannabis patient?

Yes. You need to be a resident of Montana to obtain a medical marijuana card in Montana. You can prove your residency with a valid driver’s license or state identification card.

Does Montana accept out-of-state medical marijuana cards?

Montana recognizes other states’ medical marijuana cards, and several other states accept Montana medical marijuana cards as well.

How long is the Montana medical marijuana card valid?

Montana medical marijuana card is valid for up to one year. After that, the MMJ card must be renewed, or it is no longer acceptable.

Where can you buy medical cannabis in Montana?

The state opened many licensed medical cannabis dispensaries that serve the medical marijuana patients of the state. You can buy your medical cannabis from any of these dispensaries.

Where can you consume medical cannabis in Montana?

You can consume cannabis in your private residence, consumption anywhere in public places is completely prohibited. Operating any vehicle while under the influence of medical cannabis is also illegal.

How old must I be to apply for a Montana medical marijuana card?

You must be 18 to apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in Montana. However, caregivers must be 21 years of age.

How long does it take to get registered with the state?

If the state approves your Montana medical marijuana card application, you’ll receive your Montana medical marijuana card via postal mail within 3-4 weeks. Once you have your medical marijuana card in Montana, you can visit dispensaries and purchase medical cannabis.

What forms of marijuana available for patients in Montana?

Medical cannabis patients in Montana can purchase various products, including raw flowers, concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls, tinctures, topicals, and more. Seeds or other growing products are also available for registered patients in Montana.
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