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How to Get a Medical Card in New Jersey

Complete the process in 3 easy steps

Sign-up and schedule your next appointment with a professional.

Start by briefing your medical condition and your personal information. You’ll have to input this information into a form specially designed for New Jersey medical marijuana card seekers. Lastly, submit the appointment form.

Get in Touch With The Professional via Video Conference.

In second step, you will be connected to an New Jersey Medical Marijuana Doctor who will diagnose your medical condition. After evaluation, the doctor will approve your request. Once approved, you will receive your registry ID and reference number from the doctor.

Receive your New Jersey Medical Marijuana Card via Mail.

In the final step, you will enroll yourself as a patient with New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program. Within 4 weeks of enrollment, NJMCP will reach you via email. The email will contain a your approval information. If approved, you will have to pay $100 registration fee using the payment link from email.

After successful payment, you will receive your card in mail within 1-2 weeks.

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Customer Reviews

Oliver Waggener
Oliver Waggener
“The Entire Process Was Easygoing”
The doctors at My MMJ Doctor are incredibly professional and made the entire process streamlined. Initially, I thought it to be cumbersome, but the platform’s experts made it simple and easy. ★★★★★
Grace Smith
Grace Smith
“Accomplished and Skilled”
I am glad to choose My MMJ Doctor as it is the best platform to get a medical marijuana card. The health professionals were skilled and assisted me in every phase of the process. I happily recommend them! ★★★★★
Archie Taylor
Archie Taylor
“Quick and Simple”
I received my appointment and recommendation the same day. The process didn’t take much time, and everything was settled within one day. Their services are highly progressive and well-managed. ★★★★★

What is a New Jersey Medical Marijuana Card?

New Jersey medical marijuana card allows you to cultivate and possess medical marijuana in New Jersey. Any person who is experiencing mental illness can take the help of a marijuana card to alleviate their symptoms. Valid medical marijuana card is approved by the state and recommended by a licensed healthcare professional.

Cannabis Legalization in New Jersey

Medical marijuana in New Jersey was legalized in 2010, after the approval of the Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana. Since political support was lacking and the medical cannabis regulations were rigid, this certainly had a substantial negative impact on program enrollment. New Jersey has the strictest medical marijuana programs throughout the country. Marijuana patients have also struggled a lot to find state-licensed medical doctors and dispensaries to sell cannabis products. However, the situation improves, and New Jersey residents are increasingly becoming new marijuana patients and caregivers. New qualifying debilitating conditions are added to the list. When Governor Chris Christie left office, a boosted effort to legalize cannabis use found more traction. While the initial attempts failed, the New Jersey authorities approved the proposals, which placed legalization on the 2020 ballot.

Laws Concerning the Use of Cannabis in New Jersey

In New Jersey, Marijuana is legal for both medical and recreational use. Medical Marijuana is regulated under the Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana Act (CUMMA).

Qualifying Conditions for New Jersey Medical Cannabis Card

New Jersey has approved a list of qualifying conditions for accessing medical marijuana treatment in NJ. This list includes:

How Much Marijuana Can You Buy at a Dispensary in With or Without a New Jersey Medical Card?

Due to the strict marijuana rules, New Jersey does impose a possession limit on medical patients. The rules mandate that:
  • The cannabis must be sold in packages of 1/8 or ¼ ounce amounts.
  • Cannabis patients are not permitted to acquire more than 3 ounces of cannabis in 30 days.
  • However, terminally ill patients do not have a possession limit of any kind.
While allowing the patients to possess a limited amount of medical cannabis, New Jersey authorities don’t allow growing the cannabis at home.

Who can become a Cannabis Caregiver In New Jersey?

New Jersey allows medical cannabis use for minors to treat their health conditions but with a designated caregiver only. However, a caregiver must be registered with the state and must apply with NJMCP.

If the caregiver is not an immediate family member of the patient, then they need to pass a criminal background check.

Registering as a caregiver for minor or disabled patients with My MMJ Doctor is convenient and straightforward. It is a procedure similar to registering as a patient. So, no more hassles for registrations and connect with MY MMJ Doctor to go with the simple process to register as a caregiver.

Who Can Get A Medical Card In New Jersey?

A patient with a qualifying condition for a NJ marijuana license mentioned in the state-approved list of marijuana treatment access can get a New Jersey medical marijuana card. Get evaluated by a state-licensed medical doctor and check whether you qualify for one!

Additionally, you must have a well-maintained relationship with an MMJ-approved medical doctor to qualify for a medical condition. This approved doctor is defined as the one who has:

  • Been treating the patient for at least one year.
  • Assessed the patient for their debilitating condition at least four times.
  • Comfortable with assuming the responsibility for providing care and management of the patients debilitating condition after checking the comprehensive physical examination and medical history.

Requirements for New Jersey Medical Marijuana Card

  • A patient needs to be a New Jersey resident only.
  • A patient under the age of 18 requires a designated caregiver to register as a patient with the state and access New Jersey medical marijuana treatment.
  • The state residential proof.
  • A medical recommendation is mandatorily obtained from state-licensed medical doctors.

Guidelines for Smoking Marijuana in New Jersey

The medical cannabis legislation of New Jersey mandates that marijuana smoking must comply with the Smoke-free air act only. So, the legislation dictates the following! Medical Cannabis patients are not legally permitted to smoke cannabis:
  • Inside a school bus or any public vehicle.
  • On the school campus
  • In a motor vehicle except in those cases where the vehicle is not operational
  • On any correctional institution’s property
  • Any other area listed under NJSA 2C:33-13
  • Within any public park, beaches, or any recreational grounds.
Medical Cannabis patients are also not allowed to operate or navigate any vehicle or any other machinery while being under the influence of medical marijuana.”

Benefits of an New Jersey Medical Marijuana Card

Obtaining a medical marijuana card in New Jersey is packed with incredible benefits. Below-mentioned is the advantages that patients can get via a medical marijuana card:


With a medical marijuana card, patients can access top-notch cannabis-infused products at the best possible prices. On the other hand, when individuals purchase for recreational purposes, they are denied discounts and other financial benefits.

Efficient Products

Cannabis is well-known for its healing properties as it can effectively treat several health concerns. By acquiring a medical marijuana card, individuals can lay their hands on efficient marijuana products without spending more bucks. Hence, potent products at the most affordable costs are available.

Taxation Freedom

A medical marijuana card allows individuals to acquire top-notch cannabis products without paying more taxes. In New Jersey, individuals with medical marijuana cards are not required to pay a sales tax of 12 percent on marijuana purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cost of Medical Marijuana in New Jersey?

The cost of obtaining a Medical Marijuana NJ is purely based on the strain and marijuana product you are choosing. Check out the nearby dispensaries to check on the marijuana products costs.

How to find a medical marijuana doctor in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, most doctors are not comfortable recommending patients with the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program as the marijuana remains illegal on federal grounds. Additionally, the state laws indicate that the medical doctor must be registered with the state to certify the patient for the program. As the complexity of finding a medical doctor is more and getting on is pretty challenging, My MMJ Doctor has brought the certified medical marijuana doctors in NJ, so you do not have to search for one. The onboard medical doctors will quickly evaluate the need for having access to the treatment and provide recommendations for the same.

How long are the New Jersey medical cannabis cards valid for?

The medical marijuana card in New Jersey is valid for two years from the date of the issue of the card.

Are the New Jersey patients on any government lists?

Nope! The medical cannabis patients are not placed on any government lists when they register as a patient. Instead, the information concerning a patient’s status is not available to anyone other than the Department of Health and New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program.

How long must I wait for my New Jersey Medical Marijuana application to be processed?

The New Jersey patients must wait up to 30 days for their application to be processed. However, most people find that their applications are processed in about 7-10 days only.

Does New Jersey's medical marijuana program recognize out-of-state cannabis ID cards?

Not yet! As of now, New Jersey’s medical marijuana program doesn’t recognize out-of-state cannabis ID cards, but this is set to change for sure! There are still plans for the new medical cannabis commission that accepts out-of-state ID cards.

Are there any marijuana delivery services in New Jersey?

Nope! Currently, there are no delivery services, and the patients are required to access the cannabis products from state-licensed medical dispensaries only.

How do I set up an appointment with a state-licensed medical doctor in New Jersey?

Setting up an appointment with a state-licensed doctor with My MMJ Doctor is quick and easy. You need to visit the online platform, fill up an online evaluation form with medical and personal details, and choose the timings feasible for you. The doctor will connect back to communicate and evaluate the need to access the treatment.

What is the total cost of obtaining a medical marijuana card in New Jersey?

The cost of obtaining a medical marijuana card in New Jersey with My MMJ Doctor is affordable; it is just $199 with no additional hidden charges.

What is the total cost of obtaining a medical marijuana card in New Jersey?

The cost of obtaining a medical marijuana card in New Jersey with My MMJ Doctor is affordable; it is just $199 with no additional hidden charges.

Is the approval by a state-licensed medical doctor guaranteed by My MMJ Doctor?

Nope! It is not guaranteed as the approval purely depends upon your health condition. However, we have a maximum percent chance that you will get one.

Will my insurance company cover my marijuana certification process?

Well, you need to ask your medical company for this, but in general, the insurance companies do not cover any charges associated with medical cannabis due to its conflict-ridden status on the federal level.

How much medical marijuana can a qualifying patient possess at once?

A qualified marijuana patient can possess and purchase up to 3 ounces of medical cannabis from state-licensed medical dispensaries within 30 days.

Can I grow my own medical marijuana, or does my caregiver grow it?

Nope! Currently, the Department of Health does not allow caregivers or patients to grow marijuana. Only state-licensed cultivation can cultivate marijuana.

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