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New York Medical Marijuana Card

Get connected with our licensed professionals and get your New York Medical Marijuana Card today. A medical marijuana card provides a person with legal access to consume marijuana to treat their ailments.

The Process To Apply For A New York Medical Marijuana Card Online.

If a person is looking to get a Medical Marijunanas Card NY, then the following simple steps can guide you through the process:

medical marijuana evaluation form

Apply Online By Scheduling An Appointment

Firstly, you need to apply online for your medical marijuana card by filling in your details on a medical evaluation form. After that, schedule your appointment with our physicians.

Medical Marijuana Card online

Connect With The Doctor And Get Approved

Next, you need to connect with the licensed physicians online by video conference for about 15-20 minutes. They will then evaluate you based on your ailments and provide your Medical Marijuana Card online by email.

Medical Marijuana Card

Register With The State And Receive Your ID Card

After that, you need to register with the New York State Department of Health (DOH) and complete your application online with the state. They will evaluate your application request, and you’ll have to wait for your New York medical marijuana card to come in the mail for one to two weeks.

Buy Marijuana MMJ Card

Buy Marijuana

Finally, you will have legal access to buy medical marijuana, and you can take it from the licensed dispensaries near you. You can buy any medical marijuana products with an MMJ Card.

What is Medical Marijuana Card?

A medical marijuana card is an official license that provides access to a person to hold, acquire, grow, and consume cannabis legally for medical purposes. An MMJ card must be recommended by a medical health care practitioner or a physician.

Why choose us?

Easy Online Process:

The online process to acquire a medical marijuana card is very smooth and quick as you only need to fill the form, and you will receive your approval from the physicians by the same day.

Easy Approval in just 24 hours:

After getting approval from a licensed professional, you will get your MMJ Letter by email in digital format within 30 minutes.

One year recommendation:

Your medical marijuana card recommendation in New York is valid for one year after getting approved.

100% of secure services:

We provide reliable and private services to our customers, as your data is always kept confidential as per HIPAA.

24/7 available:

We are available 24 hours to verify you for your medical marijuana card. You can contact us through live chats and calls.

Health Qualifying Conditions in New York

A person may be eligible for medical marijuana in New York if they have been diagnosed with at least one among the below mentioned severe debilitating or conditions:

HIV infection or AIDS
Parkinson’s disease
Multiple sclerosis
Spinal cord injury with Spasticity
Health Qualifying Conditions in New York
Inflammatory bowel disease
Huntington’s disease

What Are The Requirements To Qualify For New York Medical Marijuana Card?

To qualify for a NY Medical Marijuana Card, a person should fulfill the following requirements first:

  • Be a resident of the NY state during the time of the application with valid proof of residency
  • The residency proof could be a state Id, driving license, or
  • Need to have a debilitating medical condition.
  • Have a signed physician certification (until you are a veteran receiving medical care at a VA facility).
  • Must be aged at least 18.
New York medical marijuana program

A Medical Recommendation can be obtained from

A Primary Care Physician.

A Medical Specialist concerning the qualifying condition.

Essentials to Remember

Patients must obtain a recommendation letter from a licensed Physician within the New York State.

A recommendation is generally unacceptable if the diagnosis is written plus signature.

New York Marijuana Laws

Becoming A Medical Cannabis Patient In New York

To get a certification as a medical marijuana patient in NY, a patient needs to qualify for any medical condition. To help overcome a medical disability, the physician should recommend a patient to have a cannabis treatment.

Registering A Caregiver In New York

Firstly, a caregiver needs to prove his residency with valid Id proof or a Driver’s license. Along with that, a caregiver needs to be listed on the patient’s application to be approved. While a certified patient applies for a medical marijuana card, they may appoint up to two caregivers to help the patient obtain and administer medical marijuana.
To become a caregiver, an individual:
• Must be at least 21 years old,
• Must be a current citizen of New York State,
• Must not be a patient’s certifying physician.
• Must have a legitimate New York State issued driver’s license or a New York State ID card;
• Must pay the $50 application fee,
Once the patient application is confirmed, each caregiver must sign up with the DOH to acquire a registered ID card that the caregiver can use to get marijuana on behalf of the patient.
A caregiver can follow the same registration instructions that are available for patients.

Each assigned caregiver must also fulfill the following requirements of a patient:
• They must get a registry ID card for each certified patient;
• A caregiver must not provide care to more than five accredited patients at a time;
• Must not possess at any one time an increasing quantity of medical cannabis that exceeds the amount allowed for each certified patient;
• A caregiver must not include any form of medical marijuana other than the forms that are specifically recommended for the use of certified patients,
• A caregiver is not supposed to share, sell, trade, or otherwise deliver medical cannabis to anyone who is not a registered patient.

New York Medical Marijuana Possession/Use Limits: 
Patients or caregiver is qualified to possess only up to 2 ounces of cannabis in various forms in 30 days. The state has up to eight dispensaries that supply multi-level CBD and THC products like a tincture, vape pens, and powder.


Cultivation Limits
The cultivation of cannabis is completely prohibited in New York State. The use of cannabis within the state borders in any form is a punishable crime.

About New York Medical Marijuana Card

New York State Department of Health (DOH) aims to provide medical marijuana card access to all its patients to get the best possible care they are looking for. My MMJ Doctor is a trustworthy brand that has excelled in serving legitimate services online for years and a reliable source for obtaining a valid Medical Marijuana Card at your doorstep.
We have tried making the whole process much easier for you. We serve 100% of secure services to our users. We won’t let you fall in the trap of online scams and give yourself all the comfort you deserve!

New York Medical Marijuana Card

Facts Regarding Medical Marijuana New York

Recreational marijuana is not legal in New York, but the possession of medical marijuana is legal in certain circumstances.

  • New York restricted the use and possession of medical marijuana as they started requiring a prescription from those who are looking to acquire marijuana as per the Boylan Bill. This law continued till 1927. After that, the state displaced medical purposes and banned the use of cannabis.
  • The decriminalization of marijuana started in mid-1977. As per the new bill, possessing 25 grams or less at a time may subject to an infringement of a $100 fine.
  • In 2014, legislation permitted the use of cannabis for medical purposes when Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed a bill regarding the legalization of marijuana.
  • Passed in 2016, as per Article 221 of New York State Penal Law, all parts of the Cannabis plant either cultivated or not, or the seeds of it, or the resin extracted from any portion of the marijuana plant, or any mixture, composite, production, salt, derivative, its roots, or polish, Stalks from the adult plant, grain, oil and cake prepared from it, cleaned seeds and compounds or preparations from them are not considered as cannabis.
  • New York legislators struggled and failed to pass an adult-use legalization act during the 2018-2019 sessions. Governor Andrew Cuomo was in favor of legalizing the recreational use of marijuana to all, but due to some budget plans, the legalization measures were delayed.
Medical Marijuana Card Evaluation

What People Say

I am using their services regarding my chronic pain, and they were beneficial, provided my medical marijuana recommendations within a day. Now, I am using medical marijuana regularly as prescribed by physicians. Finally, I get relief from the pain I’ve been suffering from.

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What Documents I Require To Upload For My Medical Marijuana Card Evaluation?
A person who is looking to get their medical marijuana recommendation will need to provide their medical records, proof of identity, and a valid proof of residency. The proof can be in the form of a driver’s license or ID. If you don’t have a driver’s license, you can provide a current utility bill, mail from the government addressed to you at your current address to show residence.
What Types Of Cannabis Can I Purchase From The Medical Marijuanas Dispensary in NY?
You can buy marijuana in different forms. Such as:
• Capsules
• Oils
• Sprays
• Vaporizer products
• Liquids
You are not allowed to buy edibles from a licensed dispensary and also can’t smoke cannabis flowers.
How Much Quantity Of Cannabis Can I Buy & Possess in NY?
A person is qualified to possess only up to 2 ounces of cannabis in various forms in 30 days. 
Can I Get A NY State License Renewal?
Yes, you can get a NY state license renewal online. 
You only need to request a med card application for your renewal, and the process is the same as your initial application. The recommendation of MMJ card in NY Is one year. So, you can renew your medical marijuana card every year.
What Are The Penalties For Possessing Marijuana Without A NY MMJ Card?
Possessing marijuana without a medical marijuana card is a crime. Anyone holding marijuana without a card will subject to a $200 fine as per state law. If anyone takes hold over 2 oz. of marijuana, you may get a penalty of $1000 and a sentence for one year.
Passing the defined limits for possession is considered a felony, subjecting you to a jail time of up to four years on the cards.

Why My MMJ Doctor?

My MMJ Doctor is a trustworthy brand that has excelled in serving legitimate services online for years. Being a reliable source for obtaining a valid Medical Marijuana Card at your doorstep, My MMJ Doctor has tried making the whole process even easier for you that we don’t need to say anything about it. Our reviews speak well. So, no more getting trapped into online scams and give yourself all the pleasure you deserve!

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