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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in North Carolina?

Our process

Schedule an appointment with marijuana doctors in North Carolina.

Book your appointment by filling out the registration form on My MMJ Doctor and book your appointment with a licensed marijuana doctor.

Attend your virtual evaluation.

One of our marijuana doctors will contact you to examine your qualifications for a North Carolina medical marijuana treatment.

Get certified and start your treatment.

After a successful evaluation doctor will write your medical marijuana recommendation. Now you can start purchasing cannabis extracts with less than 0.9% THC and at least 5% CBD, by weight, to treat your medical conditions.

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Customer Reviews

Darnell Vala

Darnell Vala

“Exceptional marijuana services”
Marijuana treatment in Noth Carolina is a little complicated, but My MMJ Doctor helped me start my treatment quickly. I appreciate their exceptional support. I highly recommend them!


Emmet Elton

Emmet Elton

“Extremely quick and easy.”
The process is swift and easy to do. The staff is friendly and professional. The doctor assigned to me was very knowledgeable and ensured I understood the benefits and consequences.


Randall Perry

Randall Perry

“Very efficient and friendly service.”
The consultation was quick and easy, and my approval came minutes after ending the call with the doctor. I also appreciate the doctor asking me if I had any questions. I highly recommend using My MMJ Doctor.


Why Only My MMJ Doctor

My MMJ Doctor is a healthcare platform delivering standards complying with HIPAA and protecting patient information. Our system connects patients to physicians where they can virtually consult their medical conditions and need for a medical marijuana card. Our company has integrated and automated the medical marijuana recommendation process to get what you need without the hassle. Some of the reasons to join hands with My MMJ Doctor are:

We have licensed marijuana doctors.

With an integrated and discrete medical platform, My MMJ Doctor offers consultation with some of the best and most experienced marijuana doctors in the US. Our doctor knows how medical marijuana will help treat your medical conditions.

Straightforward process.

We know how it feels when you are already suffering from medical conditions and have found a complex process for your treatment. That’s why My MMJ Doctor offers a simple way to start your marijuana treatment. Get started by submitting your basic information, and we’ll connect you with a licensed medical marijuana doctor.

Money back if not approved.

We are not behind your money, but with the help you need. At My MMJ Doctor, our service is backed up with a 100% money-back guarantee if our doctors do not approve you.

Your privacy is protected.

We value our patient privacy. That’s why we designed our infrastructure with HIPAA compliance. My MMJ Doctor never discloses your information to a third party. It’s just between you and us, no one else.

Affordable service

We always believe in providing safe and affordable access to medical marijuana. So that before starting the consultation, you don’t need to look at your wallet. Our evaluation process is far cheaper than the other marijuana platforms because we aim to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does North Carolina currently have a medical marijuana program?
No, North Carolina doesn’t have an active medical marijuana program, but medical marijuana is legal in North Carolina. However, the state only permits minimal medical marijuana usage.

The patient can use marijuana products containing less than 0.9% of THC. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) regulates the state’s medical marijuana program.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in North Carolina?
Yes. Medical marijuana is legal in North Carolina, but the state only allows Low THC products. North Carolina legalized the medicinal use of marijuana in 2015. Now medical marijuana patients diagnosed can legally use marijuana products containing less than 0.9% of low-THC cannabis.
How to get a medical marijuana card in NC?
The state does not provide guidelines for NC medical marijuana card issuance to patients. Therefore, the department does not require medical marijuana patients to apply for North Carolina medical marijuana cards under the state’s medical marijuana program. Only caregivers are required to register with the state department.
How will I set up my appointment to be evaluated by a North Carolina medical marijuana doctor?
It’s too easy. Just fill out an evaluation form on the My MMJ Doctor and schedule your appointment with the North Carolina medical marijuana doctor. The evaluation form will require only your basic details, and you can book your appointment at your convenient time.
What will I need to provide for my evaluation appointment?
You need to provide proof of your age and North Carolina residency. You must be 18 or over to use medical marijuana in NC.
What will the total cost of obtaining a North Carolina medical marijuana card be?
As there is no medical marijuana program in North Carolina, The NCDHHS does not issue medical marijuana cards to patients in the state. Therefore, patients are not required to pay for medical marijuana cards. So you only need to pay the medical marijuana consultation fee.
Is approval by the marijuana doctor guaranteed by My MMJ Doctor?
Yes. with over 99% approval rate, you can get your approval with My MMJ Doctor. Furthermore, you will get 100% money back if we can’t certify you.
Can any doctor in North Carolina certify me for an NC medical marijuana card?
No. Only licensed healthcare professionals can certify you for medical marijuana treatment in North Carolina.
How do I register as a patient for medical marijuana card in North Carolina?
North Carolina doesn’t have an active medical marijuana program, so you don’t need to register as a patient in North Carolina. However, only a doctor consultation is enough to start medical marijuana treatment in North Carolina.
Will my insurance provider cover the certification process, consultation, or medical marijuana application in North Carolina?
Although only low-level marijuana is legal in North Carolina, marijuana is still illegal at the federal level. So insurance companies do not cover medical marijuana certification in North Carolina.
Will anyone be able to find out if I become a North Carolina medical marijuana patient?
No. We strictly believe in protecting our patient records. You don’t need to worry about your details. We designed our platform with HIPAA compliance. My MMJ Doctor does not disclose your information to third parties apps or websites.

Benefits of medical marijuana card

A medical marijuana card allows you to treat your medical conditions and has many other benefits. Here are some of the benefits of a medical marijuana card which attracts more patients to treat their medical conditions with a medical marijuana card.

Legal Protection of Consumption

With a medical marijuana card, you can legally purchase, possess, and consume cannabis as long as you buy from a licensed dispensary or you adhere to the limits set by the state medical marijuana program.

Fewer Restrictions

In most states, recreational cannabis is typically limited to people over 21 years of age and comes with strict rules and regulations. A medical marijuana card has fewer restrictions and allows you to access your medication in more significant quantities.

Access to any weed dispensaries

A medical marijuana card allows you to shop in recreational and medical weed dispensaries. It will not only give access to many weed dispensaries but also offer access to more products and the freedom to compare prices and find the best deals.

Better Prices

Medical marijuana cardholders won’t be subject to the same sales or excise taxes required of recreational buyers. Tax exemption or ease would save you hundreds of dollars throughout the year. You save 10% or more on every purchase. Even some states lift the taxes on medical marijuana purchases.

How Can A MMJ Doctor Help You?

My MMJ doctor helps thousands of patients to start their medical marijuana treatment. We help you to book appointments with licensed marijuana doctors willing to recommend marijuana to treat their ailments. So that you can treat your medical conditions more naturally, we believe it can be a proven treatment for many medical conditions. My MMJ Doctor is aware of the use of marijuana as a medication for recognized ailments under state law.

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