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Medical Marijuana Card Ohio

Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Ohio with My MMJ Doctor is quick and easy. Receive a valid MMJ Card from the comfort of your couch at your doorstep and get legal access to Medical Marijuana dispensaries in Ohio @ just $149.
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How to Get a Medical Cannabis Card in Ohio?

The process of getting a valid Medical Cannabis Card is not easy, but My MMJ Doctor has tried making it easier for you by providing legitimate services online. The process of obtaining a 420 Card Online in Ohio includes the following steps:


Fill an Evaluation Form

Start the process of getting a 420 Medical Card in Ohio by applying online with the evaluation form that includes the patient’s details and the medical need for having access to Medical Marijuana. Choose the time slot to schedule an appointment with the Ohio Medical Marijuana Doctors.

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Connect with Ohio Medical Marijuana Doctors

Connect with the Ohio Medical Marijuana Doctors through video conferencing to evaluate and receive a recommendation from them. After getting assessed, you will receive a recommendation letter signed from the Ohio Board of Pharmacy. The board will process the recommendation and process you to the patient registry.


Get registered with the Patient Registry

Register yourself as a patient with OMMCP to get an approval. Once the application is scrutinized, the waiting time starts to get your Medical Marijuana Card.

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Receive your Card at your Doorstep

Receive your card at your doorstep for just $149 with us and get legal access to Medical Marijuana Products.

Medical Cannabis Card Ohio

A Medical Cannabis Card is a patient identification card that gives you the legal rights to consume and possess Medical Marijuana in Ohio. The State Board of Pharmacy is responsible for the issuance of a Medical Marijuana Card in Ohio.

An Ohio Medical Marijuana Card endows the patients with the following benefits:

Ohio Medical Marijuana Dispensary Access:

With a valid Ohio medical card, you will be able to access all the state-licensed Medical dispensaries in Ohio. 57 licensed Ohio Medical Marijuana dispensary locations make Marijuana in Ohio available in different forms, and patients can purchase Medical Marijuana in various product forms.

Lower Taxes:

With a valid Ohio Marijuana card, get yourself a reward of paying lower taxes.

Get Access to a Greater Quantity of Medical Marijuana:

Get a valid MMJ Card in Ohio and access a higher quantity of marijuana in Ohio.

Legal Protections with Your Medical Marijuana Card Ohio

Ohio Medical Cannabis Card is easy for the patient to exhibit to law enforcement. The patient is registered with the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program. Therefore, the patient is allowed to consume, possess, and transport Medical Marijuana products.

Ohio Medical Marijuana Conditions!

The Ohio Medical Board has realized the crucial role of Medical Marijuana in treating ample health conditions. That is why the board has approved the list of medical ailments that makes a patient qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card. Medical Marijuana covers a total of 22 health conditions eligible for the treatment using Medical Marijuana. Though, there is a possibility of adding new health conditions shortly as every year there is a petition period to appeal the addition of some new qualifying medical conditions into the list. The current list of eligible health conditions includes:


Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Chronic Pain



Wasting Syndrome

Crohn’s Disease

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy




Medical Conditions

Hepatitis C

Inflammatory Bower Disease (IBD)

Multiple Sclerosis

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Sickle Cell Anemia

Spinal Chord Injury

Tourette syndrome

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Ulcerative Colitis


Alzheimer’s disease

General Considerations for Medical Records!!

An appropriate Medical Records must include the following attributes:

  1. Name of the patient with additional recognizing features like Date of Birth
  2. Name and details of the doctor providing the recommendation
  3. Location of service
  4. Date of issue
  5. Relevant to the qualifying health condition
  6. Under the section of Standard of Care that in found in OAC Rule 4731-32 (B) (11), the recommendation of a patients diagnosis can be obtained from the medical records endowed by a licensed MD or DO.
  7. The medical records must not be emailed until or unless the system is encrypted.
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A Medical Recommendation can be obtained from

A Primary Care Physician.

A Medical Specialist concerning the qualifying condition.

Essentials to Remember

Patients must obtain a recommendation letter from a licensed Physician within the Ohio state.

A recommendation is generally unacceptable if the diagnosis is written plus signature.

Laws for Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Program

The Ohio State has put forward a list of rules that govern Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Program. And to make sure that the patients seeking health benefits from Ohio Medical Weed are familiar with all the laws, we have compiled the rules here only.

The patients taking health benefits from Ohio Medical Cannabis are protected under Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Program. To ensure that they fully understand the rules created for the consumption or possession of Ohio weed, they must obtain a mandatory document that is a Medical Marijuana Card, a standalone document to have legal access to Ohio Medical Marijuana.

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  1. A patient must submit a mandatory patient registry fees of $50.
  2. The Caregivers annual fee for the registry is $25.
  3. The Pharmacy Board may diminish the registration fees by 50% for the patients who qualify for social security, veteran status, supplemental income, or disabilities.
  4. The patients qualifying for Veterans status must have their veteran card and some records to show honorable. discharge like a DD 214 form.

Ohio’s Marijuana Laws

Ohio state laws state that a patient must be 21 years of age or older to have legal access to Medical Marijuana.

But the question that arises here is “Can you get a Medical Cannabis Card at 18?

The minors’ patients must show their parents or legal guardians consent for consumption or access to Ohio Medical Weed. This can be done by submitting a caregiver’s registration form to the OMMCP’s official website. After registering with OMMCP and getting a caregiver, even minors can have legal access to Ohio Medical Marijuana.


When a patient turns 18, they must renew their card or wait until the yearly coverage.

Ohio Medical Marijuana Laws for Consumption forms

When it comes to the consumption of Medical Marijuana for treating several health conditions, Ohio state has decriminalized the use but didn’t allow the consumption of Medical Cannabis in smoking form. As per the 86th page of Ohio’s Medical Marijuana bill, the state strictly allows the patients to consume Medical Cannabis in the following forms:

Vaporize Flower

Waxes and Oils



Topical cream & gel

Ohio Medical Marijuana Laws for Cultivation

Ohio State doesn’t allow the home cultivation of Medical Marijuana.

Ohio Medical Marijuana Laws for Caregivers

Individuals registered with the OMMCP are allowed to have legal access to buy, possess and administer Medical Marijuana in Ohio for the qualifying patients. They can purchase the Ohio Weed on behalf of their patients to serve as a caregiver.


Each patient can have two caregivers.

An Individual can serve as a caregiver for two patients.

Ohio Medical Marijuana Laws for Reciprocity

Many people ask questions like, “Can I use My Medical Card in another state”? Well, to make it clear to the patients, we have shared the best information on this, which includes:

The Ohio State has not established any reciprocity laws for the patients coming from other states. However, there is a possibility that this may be done soon as the laws updates every year and as per the Ohio Marijuana Laws 2020, there are no reciprocity laws. Still, in the next, it may get updated or later. The state has not yet permitted the reciprocity laws because the Federal laws have not made the use of Medical Marijuana legal. So, crossing over the state boundaries with the possession of medical marijuana products can still be considered as a federal crime. Well, whenever there is updated news concerning this, we will let you know about that.

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Ohio Medical Marijuana Laws for purchasing Medical Cannabis

Mostly people ask that “How much Medical Cannabis can I purchase at Ohio’s state-licensed dispensaries”? Well, coming on the point to it, the short answer for this is up to a 90-day supply. But yes, you need to have complete details concerning this. As per Ohio’s administrative code, a patient may purchase no less than a whole day unit at a time. The “Whole day unit” terms definition varies based on the form of Medical Marijuana opted.

  1. 2.83 grams of a marijuana plant material.
  2. 295 milligrams of THC content in the form of lotion, cream, ointment, or patch.
  3. 110 milligrams of THC content in the form of tinctures, oil, capsules, edibles for oral administration.
  4. 590 milligrams of THC content in the form of cannabis oil for vaporization.

Essential to note!!

Ultimately, each patient can purchase up to a 90-day supply for every 90 days. With the different forms of medical marijuana being more potent, the 90-day supply for each has been defined as the following:

Essential to note for Tier-1 & Tier-2 Marijuana Products!

  1. Tier 1 must include 23% or less THC concentration.
  2. Tier 2 must consist of 23-35% THC concentration.
  3. The concentrated oils must have a THC concentration of less than 70%.

Essentials in case of Terminal illness!!!

  • For Tier 1, it must be no more than ten ozs.
  • For Tier 2, it must be no more than 6 and 6/10 ozs.
  • No more than 33 3/10 of THC in patches, lotions, creams, or ointments.
  • No more than 11 and 7/10 of THC in oil, tincture, capsule, or edibles.
  • No more than 65 and 7/10 grams of THC in concentrated oils.

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I have a qualifying medical condition; How do I get approved for an Ohio Medical Marijuana Card?

If you have qualifying medical conditions, then you are eligible for getting treatment with Medical Marijuana Ohio. Before hitting the state-authorized dispensaries, obtain a valid medical marijuana card from an Ohio Medical Marijuana Doctors. Acquire the legitimate services from My MMJ Doctors and save yourself from getting trapped in any legal trouble.

How much an Ohio Medical Cannabis Card costs?

Receive your valid Medical Marijuana Card at your doorstep with My MMJ Doctor at just $149.

How to get Weed from a dispensary?

Obtain a valid Medical Marijuana Card in Ohio and get access to medical marijuana products. To get Weed from a dispensary, a Medical Marijuana Card is the standalone document that can iv you the legal right to access it.

How do I get an Ohio 420 Card?

Getting a valid 420 Card has never been easier, but My MMJ Doctor has compiled the whole process in four steps only.

  1. Fill the evaluation form: Fill the evaluation form with the accurate patient details and the need for having medical marijuana.
  2. Connect with the Ohio Medical Marijuana Doctor: Connect with the Ohio Medical Marijuana Doctor through video conferencing and get yourself evaluated for medical assessment. Once approved, receive a recommendation from state-licensed medical doctors.
  3. Register as a patient with patient registry: Once the recommendation is received, move forward to registering as a patient with OMMCP.
  4. Receive your card: Once endorsed, receive your medical marijuana card at your doorstep for just $149.
Are the patients in Ohio allowed to grow their own Medical Marijuana?

Nope, there is no provision of home cultivation of marijuana in Ohio. Medical Marijuana must be purchased from marijuana dispensaries in Ohio.

Why My MMJ Doctor?

My MMJ Doctor is a trustworthy brand that has excelled in serving legitimate services online for years. Being a reliable source for obtaining a valid Medical Marijuana Card at your doorstep, My MMJ Doctor has tried making the whole process even easier for you that we don’t need to say anything about it. Our reviews speak well. So, no more getting trapped into online scams and give yourself all the pleasure you deserve!

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