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Oklahoma Medical Card

A medical marijuana card is a legal identification certificate that provides a person with legal access to obtain, possess, or cultivate cannabis for medicinal use under the doctor’s recommendation.

Why You Should Have One?

There are many benefits of having a medical marijuana card. Some of them are as follow:

To Access Marijuana at a Lower Age

With an Oklahoma medical card you can have access to high potency medical marijuana products which are only available at licensed medical marijuana storefronts.

To Shop Higher THC Products

Individuals over 21 can purchase marijuana from both recreational and medical shops. Those who lie between 18 and 21 can possess marijuana only after getting a recommendation for it.

To Save Taxes

Recreational Marijuana is Way pricy because of the taxes imposed by the government. With an online medical card in your hand, you can avoid all those taxes and charge that goes up to 15%.


Multiple Problems. Single Solution.

How to Apply

Follow these Steps to Schedule an Appointment.

Apply Online
Firstly, SIgn-up and apply for the card by answering a few questions, and schedule your appointment with the doctors.


Get connected
Get connected with our Physicians through an online video call session and get evaluated for the MMJ card.


Sign-up with OMMA After receiving your card via email, register with Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority by paying a charge of $100.


Receive your card
Finally, OMMA will review your documents, and after the verification, they will send your medical marijuana approval by mail in 14 days.


About us

We are serving thousands of people each day to get their medical marijuana cards online. All our applications for a patient card are made through the OMMA portal.

We provide security services in Oklahoma for the people who are seeking medical help for marijuana can trust our platform as our services are under HIPAA appliances.


Obtain Your Card

Fast Approval
Easy Process
2 Years Validity
24/7 Assistance
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Oklahoma Specials

Online Recommendation.

Validity of Two Year.

24/7 Verification.

Video Conferencing Evaluation Session.

Oklahoma Weed Laws

Oklahoma state government passed medical marijuana law on June 26, 2018. This law provides legal access to buy cannabis for medical use only. The law protects an individual who is suffering from any medical disability. It also allows a person to make purchases, possess, consume, and grow marijuana for medical purposes. Under this Act, a person can legally possess marijuana up to:

A maximum of three ounces of marijuana on their person.


Six mature marijuana plants.


One ounce of concentrated marijuana.


Edible marijuana of up to 72 ounces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Oklahoma Accept Out of State Medical Marijuana Cards?

Oklahoma State endows the adults with a temporary adult patient license that permits a person to consume legally, purchase, and possess medical marijuana. There are different rules for this policy; make sure you go through them.

When does the MMJ Card Expire?

The medical marijuana card has the validity of two years. The medical marijuana card people must renew their cards by visiting the OMMA site before their medical marijuana cards expiring.

How long Does it Take to Get a Medical Cannabis Card in Oklahoma?

After applying, the application will be scrutinized and reviewed by the OMMA. If the applicant meets all the requirements, the approval letter and the medical marijuana card will be mailed within 14 days of application submission.

Does Oklahoma Provide a Temporary Electronic Card While They Send a Permanent One?

Well, unfortunately, the answer is no. Oklahoma State doesn’t provide any temporary card, and the patient has to wait for 14 days for the verification process.

Can I Renew my Oklahoma MMJ Card Online?

Yes, you can renew your medical marijuana card online in Oklahoma. Your recommendations will be valid for two years. Once it expires, you can ask us to renew it.


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