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Receive your Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card via Mail.

After getting a physician’s recommendation, you need to register with the state Medical Marijuana Registry. After getting registered, it usually takes a few weeks to receive a card on mail. At last, you can buy medical marijuana from licensed dispensaries near you in Pennsylvania.
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Noah Burton
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Sebastian Lewis
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At first, I felt extremely nervous as I have never applied for a medical marijuana card before. However, the healthcare experts of My MMJ Doctor made me comfortable and efficiently analyzed my medical condition. I am happy to get their services and gladly recommend them. ★★★★★
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Florence Baker
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What is a Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card?

Pennsylvania medical marijuana card is a card that allows you to consume marijuana for medical purposes. Apart from consumption, a cardholder can also cultivate cannabis in Pennsylvania. For a medical marijuana card, you need a recommendation letter that states that you have a mental illness and marijuana may help you alleviate the symptoms.

Qualifying Conditions for Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Card

Becoming A Caregiver In Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, if a person is not able to get their medications, they can assign a caregiver for them. A caregiver is someone who can pick up medical marijuana at a dispensary on a patient’s behalf. In Pennsylvania, each patient can designate up to two caregivers. Minor patients must have a caregiver. Caregivers can provide care for up to five medical marijuana patients in Pennsylvania.

Requirements For Becoming A Caregiver In Pennsylvania

To become a caregiver in Pennsylvania, a person must fulfil these requirements as follow:
  • A person must be at least 21 years old,
  • A person must be a Pennsylvania resident with a valid driver’s license or identification card(with current address).
  • A person must complete a criminal history background check.
  • A person must not be convicted of a criminal offence relating to the sale or possession of drugs, narcotics, or a controlled substance in the last five years.
  • A person must register and obtain an ID card that will allow you to pick up medical marijuana at a Pennsylvania dispensary.

How To Get Registered With Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Registry?

To get your medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, firstly, you need to get registered with the state by creating your profile in Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Registry.
While creating your profile, you need to fill in your basic information such as your legal name, current address, and contact information. To get registered for the medical marijuana program, a person must have a Pennsylvania driver’s license or an ID card issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Registering As A Caregiver For An Existing Patient

Here’s how to register as their caregiver. You will need:
  • To have the name of the patient and caregiver Registry.
  • Patient ID number,
  • Date of birth,
  1. Click on the Patient and Caregiver Registry, • Go on the caregiver section and select ‘Adult Patient Caregiver Registration’ if the patient is an adult who has or will have a patient ID card to visit a dispensary. • Go for the caregiver section and select ‘Caregiver registering for an existing patient’ if the patient is registered and is a minor. These patients will not get an ID card of their own or visit a dispensary.
  2. Fill out all the information and submit to register and create an online profile. (A patient and caregiver will require different email addresses, and they cannot share the same email address).
  3. Wait for an email with the instructions for completing your background check.
  4. It will take four to six weeks for your application to go through the approval process.
  5. After getting notified on your email by the Department of Health, you need to return to the ‘Patient and Caregiver Registry’ to pay the fee to get your medical marijuana caregiver card.

Registering As A Caregiver For A New Patient

Here’s how to register as a caregiver for a person who is not yet registered in the medical marijuana program:
  1. Firstly, you need to go to the patient and caregiver registry. In the caregiver section, click on the ‘Caregiver Registering for a New Patient.
  2. Fill out the information and click on the submit to register and create a caregiver profile.
  3. You can check our email for instructions to complete the background check.
  4. It will take four to six weeks for your application to go through the approval process.
  5. After getting notified on your email by the Department of Health, you need to return to the ‘Patient and Caregiver Registry’ to pay the fee to get your medical marijuana caregiver card.
In case your patient is a minor, a person who needs in-home support, or a person with a disability. These patients will not get their own ID card or visit a dispensary.

Is Your Medical Marijuana Registration Expired?

Here’s how you can renew it again:
Well, before your patient Id card gets expired, you will receive an email 60 days before. At that time, you can renew your card.

How To Renew Your Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card?

  1. Firstly, submit an online application:
    • Log in to your patient account as a returning user,
    • At the top of the page, you can choose profile settings.
    • After that, you can review and update personal information. Make sure that all the information should match your PA driver’s license or state-issued ID.
    • Save your changes and click ‘Renew my registration.’
  2. Secondly, check your email:
    After renewing online, you will receive a verification email with the next proceeding steps.
  3. Third, get connected to physicians:
    Get patient certification from any licensed physician. You do not need to see the same doctor who issued your initial patient certification.
  4. Check Your Mailbox:
    At last, after getting certified by a practitioner, a new card will be mailed to you at the address you listed in the patient portal. The new card that you receive has an issued date for the day after your original card expires.

7 Facts About Medical Marijuana In Pennsylvania

  1. In Pennsylvania, medical marijuana is legalized in the year 2016, signed into law by Governor Tom Wolf.
  2. The recreational use of marijuana is illegal, but the possession of small amounts is decriminalized in several of the state’s largest cities.
  3. On 1 August 2018, the state allows the sale of cannabis flowers after receiving overwhelming feedback from patients.
  4. The smoking of flowers remains illegal in Pennsylvania state.
  5. Pennsylvania prohibits any smokable cannabis, only allowing other specific forms including pills and capsules, oils, gels, creams, ointments, tinctures, and liquid. The flower can only be consumed in vaporable form.
  6. Both patients and caregivers are allowed to possess up to a 30-day supply of medical cannabis.
  7. Growing is not yet permitted in Pennsylvania.

Benefits of a Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card

Legal Protections

A valid card verifies that the individual is registered with the Medical Marijuana Program, allowing them to consume and possess Medical Marijuana items.

Access To Marijuana Dispensaries

By holding a medical marijuana card, a person can get access to all state-licensed medical dispensaries in Pennsylvania.

Low Cost and Taxes

Individuals will need to pay lower taxes and costs than recreational users after holding a medical marijuana card.

High Quality of Medical Marijuana

By holding an MMJ card, a person will get access to more significant quality of Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania.

Benefits Of Getting Medical Card From My MMJ Doctor

Simple Process with No Hassle

The process of getting a medical marijuana card is very simple and easy. You do not need to visit any physician, and with all your comfort at home, you can apply for the card.

100% Money Back if Not Approved

If a person does not get approved for their MMJ card, all their money will get return to them with a 100% moneyback guarantee.

Secure and Private Services

Everything you shared at MyMMJDoctor is kept confidential under HIPAA compliance, and we provide secure services to every patient.

One-Year Recommendation

In PA, we provide one year of recommendation to each of our patients, and after one year, we will renew it for you.

24 Hour Online Services

At MyMMJDcotor, we provide 24-hour service to our patients, you can contact us anytime, anywhere via chats or calls.

Instant Approvals

We do not want you to wait for your approvals and once you get approved, we instantly send your MMJ card via email.
Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card New Look [Printed after January 01, 2023]
PA MMJ card New Look

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go to a dispensary before my card arrives in PA?

During your first visit to a weed dispensary in Pennsylvania, you’ll need to have your Pennsylvania state ID or driver’s license and medical marijuana card. After the first visit, you will only need your marijuana card. Security officials will check your marijuana card before allowing you in.

Can you fail a drug test if you have a medical card Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania medical marijuana law doesn’t protect marijuana patients from drug tests. You can consult with the officials (taking drug tests) that you are a medical marijuana patient then it’s up to them whether they allow you a drug test. It’s nothing related to state law.

Can you drive if you have a medical marijuana card in PA?

Yes, but remember, while driving, ensure you are not carrying marijuana and don’t take marijuana dosages just before driving. If you are found impaired, you will be penalized with the DUI laws. Medical marijuana cards don’t protect from DUI laws.

Does Pa medical marijuana card show up on the background check?

No, because when you obtain your medical marijuana card from a licensed healthcare professional, they use HIPAA law. HIPAA law prevents information from being disclosed. The medical marijuana status of a person is a part of a person’s health records, which are considered personal records and hence cannot be shared. There’s a little chance a medical marijuana card will show up on a background check if you are a federal employee because marijuana is illegal under federal law.

What disqualifies you from getting a medical marijuana card in PA?

If you are experiencing a severe medical condition, live in Pennsylvania, and are certified by a licensed healthcare professional, you can easily get a Pennsylvania medical marijuana card. The only conditions that restrict you from the medical card in Pennsylvania are,
  • You are not experiencing a qualifying medical condition
  • Not being 21 years old at the time of application
  • Your doctor doesn’t have the authority to write medical marijuana recommendations.
  • Prior felony charge
  • You Provided the wrong information during registration.

Are Patients In Pennsylvania Are Allowed To Grow Marijuana?

In Pennsylvania, patients are not allowed to grow or cultivate marijuana as growing is not yet permitted in Pennsylvania.

Is Recreational Marijuana Legal In Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, the use of recreational marijuana is not legal, but possession of small amounts is decriminalized in several of the state’s largest cities.

What Is The Cost Of A Medical Marijuana Card In Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, the cost of medical marijuana card is $199.

What In Case I Am Not Approved For PA Medical Cannabis Card??

In case, if you do not get approved then all your money will get refunded back to you with a 100% guarantee.

Do I Need A Physician To Apply For My Medical Marijuana Card In Pennsylvania?

Yes. You will need a physician to apply for the card first but make sure your practitioner is licensed

In Pennsylvania, A Person Can Assign How Many Caregivers?

A patient can designate up to two caregivers at one time.

Can I Smoke Marijuana In Public Places In Pennsylvania?

Currently, it is legal to smoke marijuana only in private residences, not in public places. Whether cannabis is used for a medicinal purpose or for a recreational purpose.

How Much Time Will It Take To Approve A Request For Medical Cannabis In Pennsylvania?

In PA, it will take four to six weeks for your application request to go through the approval process.
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