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How to Apply

Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Puerto Rico is very complex. We have tried our best to make it as simple as possible for you.


Sign Up with My 420 Evaluations

Sign up for the video conferencing session with a physician accredited by Medicinal Cannabis Regulatory Board. Our MMJ physician will contact you at a time that fits your schedule. They will ask you what makes you believe that MMJ could help.

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Consult with our Doctor Via Video Conference

During the time of the video session, the doctor will ask you questions concerning your health. They will approve you based on your answers. If you have other queries too, feel free to ask them. The overall consultation session may take 15-20 minutes.


Sign with MCRB and Complete the Process

After the doctor approves, Register with State, fill-up the required documents, and “Submit”. Nowadays, it is easy to submit all forms at the official MCRB Portal. You’ll have to submit residential proof, State I.D., and other info mentioned in the application.

Did you Know?


In Puerto Rico, Every recommendation made by the needs to be certified by lawyers who act as legal notaries.


Once you have passed the whole process, you’ll enter into a database created by the Island’s DOH to find your nearest storefront dispensary where you can make all of your cannabis purchases.


The Government of the Puerto Rico is taking steps that have improvised process over time. Now, If you are a visitor on the island, you too can buy marijuana from a medical marijuana dispensary.


After getting a medical marijuana card in Puerto Rico, you must select one dispensary where you will shop for marijuana later.


Using Marijuana for Recreational purposes is an illegal activity. Possession or distribution of cannabis without recommendation can result in a sentence of 5 to 20 years. Along with that, the State also imposes a fine of $ 5000 to $ 20000.


Once you submit the document to MCRB, they will review it. After approval, they will send a sealed package to your doorstep via mail. This process usually takes 4-6 weeks. If you do not receive the package within two months of your submission, you will have to visit MCRB.


Even if it for Medical use, you can only possess it privately at your home and not outdoors.


Puerto Rico allows children under 18 to consume cannabis. For that, the consent of parents is a must. And the process for that such patients is totally different.

Do You Qualify for Medical Marijuana in Puerto Rico

Here are some debilitating qualifying condition that MCRB has included into their list. If a person is experiencing one on more from such conditions, they can apply for a medical recommendation.

History of Marijuana in Puerto Rico

As per Puerto Rico’s Legislation, there was a complete ban of possession, distribution, and cultivation Since 1932. This ban was removed in 2015, when the Governor of Puerto Rico, Alejandro J. García Padilla, signed an Executive Order OE-2015-010 plants to treat ailments afflicting the Puerto Rican population.

Puerto Rico is one among a few territories that have legalized the medical use of marijuana. Since 2015, as per the signed enactment, only those experiencing several debilitating medical conditions like HIV/AIDS, Cancer, etc., are allowed to use marijuana. Possessing, distributing, and cultivation of marijuana for recreational purposes is still a criminal offense.

In mid-2017, Alejandro Padilla passed Act 42-2017 which is termed “The Medicinal Act“. The Act succeeded in the governing order creating a legit framework for MMJ in Puerto Rico. The Medicinal Act proffered protection for MMJ Patients and ordinances for dispensaries and those involved in the marijuana business. After this Act, many state-licensed dispensaries became operational.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How Much Marijuana Can I Purchase and Occupy?

If you are Registered as an MMJ Card Holder with MCRB, you can consume up to 1 ounce (28 grams) of marijuana flower or 8 grams of concentrated marijuana.

Can I Smoke Marijuana in Public Place?

In Puerto Rico, Smoking Marijuana is Illegal(Even in a private place), and Vaporizing isn’t. Also, Consumption of Marijuana is strictly prohibited in public place, you can only consume it in private homes or private places.

Can I Grow Cannabis in Puerto Rico?

Even if you have a recommendation, you still can’t grow marijuana for your own. Laws only permit buying weed from selected dispensaries only.

Can I Assign a Caregiver for Myself in Puerto Rico?

No, You can’t. Puerto Rico does not have any provisions that say you can assign one for yourself.

What Is the Age Limit to Legally Access Medical Marijuana?

18. If you fall under 18, parents consent is a must.

Where Can I Purchase Marijuana for My Treatment?

You can buy marijuana products only from from licensed dispensaries. Currently, there are 100’s of dispensaries available on the island.

I've a Medical Card from my Home State, I'm Just a Visitor Here, will it work in Puerto Rico?

Yes, Puerto Rico dispensaries welcomes recommendations from home state of the patients.

What Marijuana Products can I purchase from Dispensaries in Puerto Rico?
  1. Capsules.
  2. Cannabis Concentrates.
  3. Oil or Edibles.
  4. Oral drops or inhalers.
  5. Suppositories.
  6. Ointments and Creams.
  7. Transdermal patches.
  8. Flower or concentrate Vapors.
  9. Any other means that the DoH Permits.

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