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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Virginia?

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Initiate the process by registering online. Provide your basic details on the online form and book an appointment with the medical marijuana doctor in Virginia. Just ask us if you need any assistance in getting an appointment set. We would love to help you and are with you throughout the process.

Get in Touch With The Professional via Video Conference.

After the signup process, attend the appointment by clicking the link that we sent to your email. During the evaluation doctor will analyze your medical condition. Approval will based on the evaluation carried out by the professional doctor.

Important Note: Ask professional doctor any questions you may have during your video conference.

Receive your Virginia Medical Marijuana Card via Email.

If qualify for Medical Marijuana Card, you will receive a medical recommendation via email. After receiving a valid MMJ Recommendation, you can head to any state-licensed dispensary to purchase Medical Cannabis. As per the new law, You are not required to register with the state board in order to access medical marijuana.

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Cynthia Witt
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My MMJ Doctor has been so helpful and caring about my needs. They listen very patiently and prescribe the best way of treating depression. They also motivate and give positive advice. Fully satisfied with their service.


Leslie Ryman
Leslie Ryman
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My first consultation with My MMJ Doctor was unreal. I have wasted the last three years of my life with depression. After losing faith in all medications, when I consult with them, they recommend medical marijuana, and it’s working. After such a long time, feeling great just because of them. Highly Recommended


Joseph M. Cerna
Joseph M. Cerna
“They Are Understanding And Polite.”
My MMJ Doctor is understanding and polite. I feel good about them. The service has been excellent since the beginning and has benefited my health in many ways. I love their full-supportive service and highly recommend it.


What is a Virginia Medical Marijuana Card?

Virginia Medical Marijuana Card is a recommendation sanctioned to a patient with a medical condition by a state-licensed doctor so that they can consume marijuana to treat their ailments.

MMJ card gives you the right to consume and cultivate marijuana for medical purposes in Virginia. The state offers a variety of benefits to the cardholders, such as a low tax on the sale and purchase of marijuana, can buy a range of products, no penalties on cultivation, and much more.

Acquiring a Virginia Medical Marijuana Card

After the legalization in Virginia, obtaining a Medical Marijuana card is trouble-free and is comprised of a simple procedure to be followed. But before applying for the medical Cannabis card in Virginia, there is a list of documentation that is essential for registration. ensure that you have the following copies ready with you.

  • Certification from a registered medical marijuana doctor.
  • Soft copy of an individual’s identity proof.
  • Soft copy of the guardian’s identity proof.
  • An easily accessible email account.
  • A soft copy of an individual’s photograph.

Virginia Medical Marijuana Laws!

  • A Medical Health Professional must keep an updated registration with the Pharmacy Board.
  • Patients must be endowed with state-issued identity proofs and a valid MMID card whenever asked.
  • An individual must be a resident of Virginia, and the same must be provided.
  • The Virginia state government does not allow the consumption of Medical Marijuana in any form to all individuals.
  • Individuals consuming Medical Cannabis devoid of any prescription from a certified Medical Health Professional are illegal and are subject to imprisonment.
  • An individual must be 21 years or older to acquire Medical Marijuana.
  • Cannabis is allowed to minors who are less than 21 years but only with the permission of their parents.
  • A minor is permitted to have a caregiver who is acquiring Medical Marijuana.
  • The doctor can modify the dosage of Medical Marijuana as much as required for relieving the symptoms.
  • Driving after the consumption of cannabis is restricted.
  • Consumption of cannabis in public areas is illegal.
  • Consumption of cannabis is permissible on private property only, if the property owners haven’t banned the consumption.
  • Only state-licensed dispensaries are allowed to sell cannabis products.

Accessing Medical Cannabis in Virginia after HB933

HB933 amends the definition of “cannabis oil” to include oil derived from all parts of the cannabis plant and not just the seeds.

Virginia residents no longer need registration cards. HB933 demolishes patients, guardians, and parents to sign up with Pharmacy Board. The latest law enrolled on July 1, 2022, describing that a written recommendation is required from a state-authorized medical practitioner for accessing medical marijuana along with a state-issued ID card. Therefore, the overall procedure of accessing medical cannabis will turn efficient and optimum.

Key Points

  • Qualified medical marijuana patients, parents, and guardians can only acquire medical cannabis-infused products (described in §54.1-3408-3) of the Virginia State Code, once they get a written recommendation from Pharmacy Board’s registered medical healthcare expert.
  • Patients require a written recommendation from a registered doctor. If a recommendation is unavailable, an obstacle will be created while getting medical marijuana.

Registering as a Caregiver in Virginia

Registering as a caregiver in Virginia requires a different procedure. If an individual who is a minor that is less than 21 years old, or some disabled adult is recommended to possess Medical Marijuana, in such a case the caregiver must be registered and must acquire a valid certificate issued by the legal authorities. The online application for the patient and the caregiver must be submitted in subsequent order.

  • The guardian or parent who is willing to be the caregiver must be living with the patient.
  • The request should be submitted by the guardian or parent residing with the patient.
  • The caregiver registration must be submitted to the board that has been awarded a written certification.
  • Each guardian or parent must receive the registration of the particular board.
  • Applications must be renewed annually.

Qualifying Conditions for Virginia Medical Cannabis Card

A Cannabis plant is pharmacologically active and has a considerable potential to treat several debilitating health conditions and their symptoms.

Benefits of an Virginia Medical Marijuana Card

Here are some incredible benefits individuals can derive in Virginia by getting a medical marijuana card.

Ease of Accessing Dispensaries

The medical marijuana card allows individuals to ideally access licensed dispensaries all across Virginia. Besides, the licensed dispensaries account for several cannabis-infused products like gels, capsules, sprays, oils, patches, and more. However, individuals can only obtain these products once they get a medical marijuana card.

Legal Hedge

Individuals can legally purchase different marijuana products from licensed dispensaries with a medical marijuana card in Virginia. Additionally, the card safeguards them from different legal troubles that generally arise during the non-availability of the card. Moreover, it represents you as a licensed and registered patient in the eyes of law. Therefore, individuals can legally purchase, consume, and transport the products across Virginia.

Access To Registered Agents

Registered agents or more commonly called caregivers can purchase medical marijuana products on behalf of their patients. For example, if an individual’s health does not allow them to visit a dispensary, caregivers can purchase the medicines from licensed dispensaries. Besides, the registered agents can serve two patients. Such a facility is unavailable to patients who don’t own a medical marijuana card in Virginia

Relief From Taxation

The significant benefit of owning a medical marijuana card in Virginia is that the holders get maximum tax benefits. It is a matter of fact that medical marijuana is highly beneficial in treating several diseases, however, it is expensive. With the medical marijuana card, the financial burden of paying taxes becomes null and patients can get the best treatment without burning holes in their pockets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need A Virginia Medical Marijuana Card?

With a valid Virginia medical marijuana card, an individual is allowed to:

  • Purchase Medical Marijuana from state dispensaries
  • Acquire Medical Marijuana
  • Consume Medical Marijuana in permitted places.

Can My Doctor Make A Recommendation For Me?

A registered Medical Professional who is also registered in the State Medical Board is allowed to prescribe medical cannabis for treating any symptom in the patient.

Are Caregivers Allowed?

Caregivers are allowed only for minors or disabled adults. A caregiver can apply for the registration on the board and must live with the patient.

What Documentation Is Required to Register as a Patient?

Completed Certification from a registered practitioner.

  • Patient’s Residential Proof
  • Patient’s Identity Proof
  • Patient’s Guardian/Parent’s Proof

If My Registry Identification Card Expired and I didn’t Submit My Renewal Application Before the Deadline, am I still eligible to purchase Medical Marijuana?

As per the Virginia Medical Act, when the valid card expires, and the individual didn’t submit the renewal application before the deadline, in such a case the individual is not allowed to purchase Medical Marijuana. In this situation, the individual requires to apply for the renewal first.

How Do I Get A Virginia Medical Marijuana Card?

To acquire the medical marijuana card in Virginia, an individual must be diagnosed by a licensed Virginia Medical Professional, with a medical condition that the physician deems can benefit from medical marijuana treatment.

Is My Personal Information Kept Confidential?

Keeping the patient’s privacy safe and secured is the topmost priority. All the patient information is stored safely and securely in our HIPAA file repository. Your information will not be disclosed to any third party.

What’s the Current Law in Virginia Regarding Cannabis Containing Products?

In Virginia, as per state law, the medical use of cannabinoid oils with a valid certification from a certified doctor is allowed. These oils are only accessible from certified Pharmaceutical Processors after the verification of the MMID Card. Only CBD Oil is permitted for medical usage in Virginia.

Are Patients Allowed to Grow their Own Medical Marijuana At Home?

As per Virginia State laws, an individual is not allowed to cultivate Medical Cannabis on private land. Only state-approved farmers are permitted to grow Medical Cannabis on the land provided by the State Government.

How Will Patients Get Medical Cannabis Products?

After acquiring the Medical Marijuana recommendation from a certified medical health professional, the patient is allowed to purchase medical cannabis from a state-licensed dispensary. Only registered providers to the Pharmacy board are permitted to dispense Medical Cannabis to the patients after verifying the recommendation from a certified Medical Professional.

Do I need to carry a medical marijuana patient ID card in Virginia?

No, as of July 1, 2022, state registration is not required for treating medical conditions with marijuana in Virginia. A recommendation letter from a licensed marijuana doctor is enough to purchase from weed dispensaries.

Does My MMJ Doctor guarantee approval by the medical marijuana doctor?

Approval is based on your medical conditions and evaluation, but if our doctors do not approve you, you will get your money back.

Where can I find Virginia Medical marijuana Doctors near me?

You can contact My MMJ Doctor. We offer online consultations with licensed medical marijuana doctors in Virginia. Our online consultations are convenient, confidential, and accessible from the comfort of your own home. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about medical marijuana cards in Virginia.

Can I renew My Marijuana Cards if I was seen by a different doctor last year?

Yes, you can contact My MMJ Doctor anytime. We evaluate patients who have seen other doctors initially. Our medical marijuana doctors and prices are genuine.

Can I get my MMJ card online via medical marijuana doctors in Virginia?

Yes, you can get your medical marijuana card in Virginia online. MMJ doctors in Virginia offer online consultations for the recommendation. You can easily complete these consultations from your home or workplace.

Places to Visit in VA After Enjoying Your Medicine

For relaxing, enjoy the sandy beaches, boardwalk, and amusement parks. Get close to nature and explore the natural wonders of the underground caves with crystal-clear pools, stalactites, and stalagmites. Also, discover the “Saddle of the Mountain,” a hidden valley with breathtaking views, farms, and wildflowers. Explore Virginia’s past by walking the grounds of the historic Civil War battlefield and learn about its significance. Virginia has so many amazing places to explore and indulge in self-love! Don’t miss out on checking out the spots we’ve listed below.

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is famous for its long stretch of beautiful sandy beaches, a vibrant boardwalk that stretches along the Atlantic Ocean, and its family-friendly attractions. The beach is known as the “resort city” of Virginia and is a popular vacation destination for tourists, particularly during the summer months. Virginia Beach can be considered an affordable vacation spot, as there are various accommodations and activities available for different budgets. Overall, Virginia Beach is a beautiful, clean, and safe beach with plenty of activities to keep visitors entertained.

Luray Caverns

Luray Caverns is special due to its underground natural wonder of stunning rock formations, including stalactites, stalagmites, and crystal-clear pools. Visitors can also see the Great Stalacpipe Organ, the world’s largest musical instrument, using the natural acoustics of the caverns. It takes about 1.5 hours to walk through the caverns, and visitors should wear comfortable shoes as the terrain is uneven. Luray Caverns is definitely worth the visit as it is a unique experience with breathtaking views. The caverns can be chilly, with a constant temperature of 54 degrees Fahrenheit (12 degrees Celsius), so it is recommended to bring a light jacket or sweater.

Burke’s Garden

Burke’s Garden was not a volcano; it is a crater-like valley nestled within the Appalachian Mountains, which was formed by a geological phenomenon known as a sinkhole. The sinkhole occurred millions of years ago due to the erosion of limestone, which caused the land to sink and form a basin-shaped valley. The valley has a rich history, with evidence of Native American settlements dating back to the 1500s. Burke’s Garden is approximately 21,760 acres in size and is often referred to as “God’s Thumbprint” due to its unique shape and location within the surrounding mountains.

Manassas National Battlefield Park

Manassas National Battlefield Park was the site of two significant Civil War battles, the First Battle of Bull Run (Manassas) in 1861 and the Second Battle of Bull Run (Manassas) in 1862. The park was established in 1940 to commemorate these battles and is home to a museum, visitor centre, and several historic landmarks. Visitors can walk the grounds and visit historic sites related to the Battle of Bull Run, including the Stone House, Henry Hill, and the Bull Run Mountains. Manassas is famous for its significant role in the Civil War and is considered an essential site for Civil War history enthusiasts.

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