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Medical Marijuana Card Washington DC

Get Connected with a Licensed Medical Marijuana Professional, Consult Online, and Get approval. Our Doctor will guide you throughout the process and will also acknowledge you about the various health benefits of medical marijuana that you may not know about.

Apply Your Medical Marijuana Card

What is Medical Marijuana

Marijuana refers to a plant that contains around 540 chemical substances that are used in the treatment. Medical Marijuana utilizes two primary constituents Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) that are used in the treatment of various health conditions. THC is the primary constituent that is responsible for the effects of medical marijuana on an individual’s mental state and makes an individual high. THC facilitates in reducing pain, swelling, and controls muscle difficulties whereas CBD is responsible for easing the cancer-related symptoms, reduces anxiety and depression.

Medical Marijuana is available in diverse forms. As per the researcher’s study, medical marijuana proffers ample health benefits to the individuals by relieving the symptoms triggered in their health condition. With the rise in the health benefits of medical marijuana, the demand for medical marijuana is also increasing and numerous states have allowed the consumption of medical marijuana with some conditions.

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How it works

Whether you are a new user looking to get a card in Washington, DC, or an existing user to renew your medical marijuana card. All you have to go through the following steps:

Book Your Appointment

Firstly, you will need to book your appointment with a licensed health professional by filling your details, including your health issues, and schedule a session of about 20 minutes to get approved in Washington, DC.

Consult with an MMJ Doctor

After getting evaluated by the doctor, you will receive a patient ID.
This patient ID is later used to register with the DC DOH to complete your application online or in person. After that, you can visit any nearby dispensary to complete the process of the state application.

Get Your Approval Online

Finally, while you got approved and complete your registration with DC DOH, you have to wait to receive your card via mail. After that, you can buy marijuana from any dispensary in DC.

Technology made it Easy

With the enhancements in technology, it has become easier to apply for a valid MMID Card and acquires the legal authorization of acquiring usable Cannabis. An individual can easily consult and apply online with the soft copy of the proofs mentioned above. With the rise in health benefits of Medical Marijuana, the demand is also increasing and so the consumption. For all these requirements, there’s a one-stop solution. My MMJ Doctor have got all the answers!

Laws for use of Medical Marijuana in DC

  • An individual must be 21 years or older for acquiring Medical Marijuana
  • A purchase of up to one ounce of usable Marijuana is allowed for the cardholders.
  • The type of usable Marijuana allowed in Washington DC are Solid, Liquid, Cannabis concentrates.
  • Medical patients may acquire.
    1. 3 ounces of usable marijuana.
    2. 48 ounces of marijuana-infused product in solid form.
    3. 216 ounces of marijuana-infused product in liquid form.
    4. 21 grams of marijuana concentrate.
  • Consumption of cannabis is not prohibited in public areas.
  • Driving after the consumption of cannabis is prohibited.

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Do You Know??

The Alcoholic Beverage Control board pursuant to Section 14 of medical Marijuana legalization and Mayors Order 2020-099 on Sept 2020 provides an adoption notice on an emergency basis of various amendments.
On 1st October 2020, Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) assumed regulatory authority for the District’s medical marijuana program.
On 2nd Nov 2021, The council of the District of Columbia authorized the Medical Cannabis Patient Emergency Amendment Act of 2021 to address the associated costs with the medical marijuana registration process, which makes it challenging for several patients to buy cannabis legally while driving patients to illicit ways.
The state has newly created a two-year registration card at no cost until 30 Sept 2022 to all the qualifying patients and their caregivers.
Bill 24-629 declared a medical marijuana sales tax holiday a week envisioned to retain and bring patients back to MMP. This sales tax holiday functions on the period of 15 April 2022 through 24 April 2022.
In response to the Bill, the board has adopted the Medical Cannabis patient registration fees notice of second emergency rulemaking, and now the board desires to maintain the emergency rules to further encourage the patient access while increasing the cannabis program participation
These emergency rules make the medical registration cards available at no cost for additional 120 days during emergencies and temporary legislation permitting the issuance of 2 years registration cards.

In Short!

The previously implemented program modifications will remain in effect while including the following!

  • Issuing of registration cards for 2 years from issuance date at no costs for all the applications by 18th August.
  • Telehealth recommendations are permitted.
  • Applicants of age 65 or more may self-certify the cannabis use for medicinal purposes in the lieu of securing recommendations from a healthcare provider through 30th Sept.
  • Patients may now purchase up to 8 ounces of medical marijuana products within a rolling period of 30 days.


The district has expanded the reciprocity by 5 states including Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, Utah, and Virginia for a total of 32 states.
The reciprocity permits non-DC residents enrolled in active MMP of another jurisdiction to buy cannabis at licensed dispensaries.

Change of Information!!

The caregivers and patients are required to maintain the profile information with ABRA including the home address, designated caregivers’ information, first and last name, and the details of recommending physicians’ information.
A patient is required to fill in the change of information form within 14 days of any new changes.

Cultivation of Medical Cannabis in Washington DC

Earlier cultivation of medical marijuana in Washington DC at home is not permissible. Only state-authorized farmers in Washington DC are permitted to cultivate medical cannabis. But in 2015 with the legalization of Medical Marijuana, it becomes valid to grow Medical Marijuana at home if an individual is 21 years or above. For cultivating Medical Cannabis, a valid Grower’s License is essential. Acquiring a Grower’s license in Washington DC is easy and entails a simple procedure to be followed.
Patients were obligated to acquire their marijuana from permitted dispensaries, restraining access to those in pain. Fortunately, things have amended and any adult can possess and cultivate a certain amount of marijuana with authorization.

Growing Limits

It is permissible for an individual who is at least 21 years old to grow within their abode up to six marijuana plants, no more than three of which are mature.
Requirements to be fulfilled by the Individual Cultivating the Medical Marijuana.

  1. Individual must practice good hygiene.
  2. An individual must wear protective clothing as essential to protect the product.
  3. The doctors have the right to modify the addendum to augment the limit.

Client Testimonials



Great experience all around. Started with a little nervousness. But once things started working, everything got so simple and easy. I received my card on time.

Brena Dreyer



Top-notch service! I’m so happy with My MMJ Doctor’s online services. Highly appreciate the efforts made by them to provide the services in such an effortless manner.

Cammie Achter



Highly professional and quick services. Totally worth it. Highly recommended!

Sophia Miller

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions In Washington DC?
Washington DC has passed a list of qualifying conditions that allow a patient is suffering from any debilitating health conditions to have legal access to Medical Marijuana with a valid Medical Marijuana Card. The list of qualifying conditions includes:

Do I Need To Be 18 Years Old To Get A Medical Marijuana Card?

Nope! Patients under 18 years can qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card and Medical Marijuana consumption with their parent’s consent or local guardian’s consent. A caregiver must be assigned to the patient that is available all the time.

Can I Become A Caregiver In Washington?

Yes. You can qualify as a caregiver in Washington DC. But to be eligible as a caregiver, you must meet the following requirements:

  • The patient must designate you to serve as a caregiver to them and as an authoritative person to buy and possess Medical Marijuana from state-licensed dispensaries,
  • You must be registered with the Department of Health as a Caregiver.
  • Have never been convicted of possession or sale of any controlled substance.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age.
Is My Privacy Protected If I Become A Medical Marijuana Patient?

Yes. Your privacy is protected as the Department of Health maintains a few strict measures to protect the patient’s records and identity. And at My MMJ Doctor, being HIPAA compliant, we take care of the privacy and confidentiality of records.

What Is I71?

According to initiative 171 in Washington DC, adults who are 21 years or more are permitted to cultivate up to 6 Marijuana plants, out of which three plants must be mature at a time. This also states that an adult can acquire 2 ounces of Medical Marijuana in public and cannot sell it. 

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