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Currently, we are not offering the service in the state. Are you thinking of getting a medical marijuana card in Wisconsin? My MMJ Doctor has the perfect guidance for you. Talk with one of our medical marijuana doctors who practice in your state and get support online anytime. Just fill up the form to sign up for a Wisconsin Medical Marijuana Card when it is available.
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How to Get a Medical Card in Wisconsin?

Complete the process in 3 easy steps

Sign-up and Schedule Your Appointment With a Professional.

You can begin the process by briefing your medical condition and personal information requested in the specially designed Wisconsin state application form.

Get in Touch With The Professional via Video Conference.

Secondly, we will set up a video call with a licensed medical physician practicing in Wisconsin. A 10-15 minute diagnosis would be enabled by discussing the effects and causes of medical marijuana.

Receive your Wisconsin Medical Marijuana Card via Email.

Finally, if you are approved by the doctor and the state, your registered email address will receive a medical marijuana card.

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Theodore Whales
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James Levi
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What is a Wisconsin Medical Marijuana Card?

Let us get this straight. Usually, a medical marijuana card is the only legal way to purchase marijuana for medical purposes in many states. Even if the state has decriminalized small amounts of weed for recreational purposes, the prescribed dosage for a patient may not be legal without a medical card. This method applies to all the states where medical marijuana is recognized practically as an ailment.

Weed Legalization in Wisconsin

Marijuana, in general, is illegal in Wisconsin. Recreational and adult use is strictly prohibited, and criminal charges apply if found guilty. Several attempts carried out by people to legalize at least medical marijuana, but the Senate has voted them down.
  • However, in 2014, Wisconsin Act 267 was enacted, in which the state nominally legalized the use of cannabidiol (CBD) for treating seizure disorders. It was renamed “Lydia’s Law” by an act a month later in honor of a seven-year-old girl who suffered from a rare form of epilepsy; the girl’s parents had pushed for CBD legislation in the state.
  • Later in 2017, Governor Scott Walker signed a bill that amended Lydia’s Law to legalize access to CBD oil for people whose doctors certify that the oil treats a medical condition.

Qualifying Conditions for Wisconsin Medical Cannabis Card

As it is still illegal for Wisconsin people to use marijuana, there are only limited qualifying medical conditions.

However, some of the other extreme medical conditions for which other states have legalized medical marijuana. These can be expected in the future laws of Wisconsin when medical programs initialize.

Weed Laws in Wisconsin

It is illegal to possess cannabis in Wisconsin except for the non-psychotic CBD oil for epileptic patients. It is also illegal to grow any marijuana in the state.

  • Possession of any amount (first offense) is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to 6 months in prison and a $1,000 fine.
  • A subsequent offense is a felony punishable by up to 3.5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. This penalty is the same for selling 200 grams or less.

Necessary Things for Registration with the State

We will keep you updated if the legislation makes any amendments to the regulations surrounding the restrictions on the usage of marijuana. Medical marijuana, if legalized, will be made available through a systematic registry program established by the government. This process is followed in many other states to overlook the patients and misuse of weed. Here is a tentative list based on our experience from the other US states:
  • Age Proof (must be 21 or older)
  • Residential Proof (must be a Wisconsin resident)
  • State ID or photo proof (any document provided by the government)
  • Medical Records (if any)

Caregiver in Wisconsin

Currently, there is not any medical program in place for people to register for medical marijuana usage. But, if the state legalizes marijuana, minor and differently-abled patients will need a caregiver to assist them. Such caregivers are usually a parent or legal guardians. Like in many other states, a caregiver should also meet some requirements, for example, being 21 or older. Once a program is made official, we will let you know all the details.

The Benefits of Medical Marijuana Cards in Wisconsin

Legal dependability

Laws and regulations on the possession and cultivation of marijuana or cannabis are upcoming in Wisconsin.


Medical conditions that are severe enough to treat can alleviate with medical marijuana. According to your diagnostic doctor’s recommendation, intaking marijuana to treat the symptoms or effects of a disease can give better results.


There might be a drastic reduction when considering registered patients to access medical marijuana.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A Wisconsin Medical Marijuana Card Cost?

Because marijuana legal programs or registries do not exist, you cannot pay for a card or certificate in Wisconsin yet. It might be considered a violation of laws and regulations.

Where Can I Apply For A Medical Card In Wisconsin?

You cannot apply for a medical card in Wisconsin as of yet. But should there be a legalization act, telehealth service can be a way to claim your registration.

Does Wisconsin Accept Out-of-state Medical Cannabis Cards?

No, reciprocity is not acknowledged in Wisconsin.

Who Is Eligible For Legal Weed In Wisconsin?

Since 2017, severe epilepsy patients with uncontrollable seizures are only allowed to intake marijuana in the form of non-psychotic CBD oil.

When Will Wisconsin Legalize Medical Marijuana Cards?

Attempts are being made but it has been shot down continually. Although penalties have been reduced and small bills were passed for very restricted medical marijuana, the criminalization of weed is still upheld.

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