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Finding medical marijuana doctors nearby is challenging, but connecting to a doctor is crucial for obtaining a medical marijuana card. Schedule an appointment with the state-licensed medical doctors and receive the card at your doorstep.

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Provide the basic medical history, and we will set up your appointment with the licensed medical marijuana doctor for the consultations. The marijuana doctors near you will contact you back, and you will have a video conferencing or a brief in-person talk for the medical evaluations.
Share your need for accessing the medical marijuana treatment and tell them openly what is wrong with you. There’s no need to hesitate while evaluations, as your hesitations can cost you a lot and obstruct you from accessing medical cannabis treatment.

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Every doctor associated with My MMJ Doctor is a state-licensed medical doctor. So they can recommend the patients for the medical marijuana treatment and approve them for obtaining a medical marijuana card. My MMJ Doctor is the safest, quickest, and securest way to acquire a medical marijuana card. Get connected to the state-licensed medical doctors and receive your green card for medical marijuana treatment straightforwardly.

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Once the doctor approves your medical condition for medical cannabis treatment, you will quickly be registered with the respective state’s medical marijuana program. After registration completion, you will be granted a soft copy of your card at your email address or receive a physical card at your doorstep. Access to the state-licensed dispensaries, but ensure that you have gone through your state’s rules and regulations before hitting the dispensary.

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If the doctor approves your debilitating condition, you will immediately get a card on your email and a plastic card at your doorstep.

But what if the doctor doesn’t approves your medical condition? Will your money get wasted? As you have already made the payments before the evaluations only! Horrible to hear, right?

Well, not really. Your hard-earned money won’t get wasted as if the doctor refuses your health condition; then you will get your money refunded. But don’t forget to be honest while talking to the medical doctor and openly share your need to have access to medical marijuana treatment.

Stay assured of the service transparency! We offer legitimate online services with no hidden terms and conditions.